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John Green tells MTV News all about that 4-second cameo in ‘Paper Towns.’

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John: I have a cameo, yes.

Justice: He played my dad.

Nat: He plays Lacey.

John: I don't play either Radar's dad or Lacey. It's a less important role than Lacey but a more important role than Radar's dad. And last I saw of the movie it was still in the movie. Jake, director of the movie, is it still in the movie?

I thought I delivered a fantastic performance, much better than my performance in The Fault In Our Stars. I really, working with Nat as my acting coach has been huge for me and I really think that I'm getting there.

Nat: Can't get blood from a stone, you know what I mean? (John laughs) It's like do your best. I don't want to be judged as an acting coach by John's abilities but I mean, it's just like you do your best. No, John got great. We did a lot of Meisner work and he really, he just pulled it together at the last minute.

John: Yeah.

Nat: I'm really proud of you, man.

John: Thanks man.