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Don't Starve, Part 3: Today Hank Green jumps back into Wilson's body and continues surviving. Can he make it to night 7?
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Game Played:
Hank Green: Hello, and welcome to Games With Hank, I'm Hank, and this is games with me.  Today, we're gonna be goin' back into the world of Don't Starve, with my buddy, Wilson, who I called Maxwell almost all of last episode.  So for people who know anything about Don't Starve, I'm sorry I made you cringe so many times.  Maxwell's a different person.  Maxwell's the guy I called Jeff, the tall one.  

Am I on day 5 already?  Oh my goodness.  Okay, let's head north on the path, random grave, I bet there's all sorts of good stuff in graves.  That's just not cool, dude.  Ooh, gold, I can't just walk by gold and not take it, you know?  Oh, my God, what a waste of a day already.  It's getting dark.  Alright, I should probably just go through the night.  Ohh, carrot.  I should go through the night with--aw, this is what I need, I need all these grasses.  Why don't I have grasses?  Why hadn't I been collecting any grasses at all.  What, did I just drop them on the ground or something?  What did I do with all my grass?  I'm trying to get back over here, 'cause this looks like a really nice place to make my base camp, like, between the--I think there's Beefalos here, and I think there's pig people down there, and so that seems like a good place to make my camp, and, uh, let's just--I'm getting rained on, that's no good.  I think that there is probably a path some--a path somewhere around here.  Pick up manure.  Manure is important and good, I've heard.  So, good, we got Beefalos here, we've got some, some stink piles, make sure we collect as many piles of stink as we can, because I hear that that's important in making farms and transporting different things around.  Hello.  Do not attack the important.  I think I scared that one a little, but that was not my intent.  Alright, I only got four poop balls, uhhh, there's another one.  Oh, there's so many Beefalo here!  Okay.  What's that, green mushroom?  I don't know what green mushrooms do, but I'm gonna take it and it's gonna--it's apparently edible, it seems dangerous, but, you know.  

Alright, so it's dark now, and I've got my torch, and apparently it still works at night, which is good, uh, because I don't want to die.  Uh, 'cause that's basically--oh, I can light it on fire!  Well, that seems like matches are very easy to acquire then, if you can just light any old thing on fire.  Um, what is the glowing pieces of ground for?  Ahhh, ahhh, ahh, why did my light go out?  Ohhh no worries.  If only I could catch some fireflies.  Well, I was surprised just now to discover that my torch went out so fast, it is possible that it, it goes out more quickly when it's raining out, uh, I don't know how to see--66%.  Okay, we've got 60%, 66%, uh, let's move a little bit more inward here, and we're gonna make our base camp.  Yeah, actually, like, let's just make it right around these bees.  Bees are good.  

Yay, we made it through the night!  Okay, excellent.  So let's--we're just gonna make our base camp, umm, here.  This looks nice.  Um, so let's put down a new science machine, because I am not--I don't know how to move science machines around.  Alright, well, we're gonna be collecting a lot of things, um, trying to get ready for, trying to get ready for bad, bad stuff to happen to me.  We need a lot of grass.  I feel strongly about my need for grass.  
Oh, you can only carry 40 grass at a time.  Well.  That's a surprise, this is something I did not know.  There's only a certain amount of grass you can collect.  I only have three sticks.  I have so much grass now, I have 40 grass, but I am like super low on sticks which I, yeah.  Give me those seeds, yeah.  Excellent.  Oh, some berries as well, yes, excellent, oh yeah, delicious berries.  

Alright, now we're gonna build some new things.  We got a--we can build a farm, basic farm, I can grow some seeds with it, uhh, that's good, but I--I wanna make some uh, first things first, I wanna make--no, I don't want to make a hay wall, that sounds nice, and I wanna refine some rope.  Yeah.  I can't do anything with it right now.  Uh, I'm just gonna throw my razor on the ground right here.  And I wanna keep refining--I wanna keep refining--no, refine, make some more rope.  Oh, I don't have to do--I don't have to be using the science machine anymore.  How is it getting late already, jeez?!  

I'm gonna make a fire pit here next to my science machine.  This is now officially my base camp, I have it, I just punched a bunch of stuff, I have an official base camp and I'm gonna throw some logs on the fire as well, just for good measure, so the--yeah, I know what is--I know what's up with the--just give me a break.  Boards, like logs, but flatter.  Yes.  Let's--yes, I need--I need that, what this, some beard hair?  Why do I have beard hair?  Oh, I'm sure that's gonna come in handy, let's keep it.  

Let's just eat--eat this.  Let's cook that, cook it up.  And then that looks delicious.  Did I just--what did I--did I eat it or did I burn it?  I'm confused.  Uhhh, let's eat some berries.  Let's eat some toasted seeds, 'cause I have fewer of them and I'll need to clear out some space in my inventory, 'cause I'm doing science, you guys, I'm doing science!  I can build a trap, that's important.  I can build another backpack, and I can build a straw roll and sleep through the night.  I don't wanna sleep through the night, I want to work through the night, to whistle while I work through the night.  

I need a lo--oh, I don't have enough logs.  I only have five logs, aaaaaaaah, dang it!  We have to quickly, quickly, where are the trees?  I don't wanna dieeee.  Oh, my frickin' axe broke!  Are you serious right now?  Hehehehe, okay.  Okay, we got 11, and the night is coming on fast, I'm gonna have to make a freakin' torch.  Equip it!  Thank you.  Heheheh, well that was no fun. 

Alright, can I just throw my torch away now, cause I don't want it.  Can I unequip--how do you unequip things, you guys?  There we go.  Just throw that on the ground.  Uh, now I'm gonna try and build some--I need to make some boards.  I don't need the science machine to do it, but I did it anyway, and now I'm gonna--now I'm gonna make a chest, I think?  Wood wall, hay wall, sign, chest!  Yes!  

Alright, we're gonna put a chest down, and I don't know what we're gonna put in it, but something, uh, so this crank thing, we can put that in there.  Oh yeah!  Oh yeah, this is excellent.  We're gonna put that crank thing, and we're gonna put this in there, and flower petals?  Nahh.  Probably put our gold in there, I don't know how often that's going to come in handy.  Pinecones, uhhh, rocks, this stuff, I don't know what that is, this blow dart thing, I don't--I'm not in the mood for fighting at the moment.  Okay.  Yeah, look at all the space I got.  What else, what else should I throw away?  I can probably just eat these--no, I shouldn't!  I should cook them!  Cook it.  Cook it.  Cook it.  And now eat them, eat them, eat them, eat them.  Excellent.  How much, I'm up to 95 health!  I feel accomplished and also like nothing at all has happened to me for an awful long time.  

Okay, store that in there as well, excellent, okay.  Alright.  Now I'm gonna do some more wood chopping, 'cause it turns out I don't ha--wait, wait, wait, wait, I need, wait, how is my sanity so high?  I have no idea.  My sanity is amazing.  I've just got great sanity, you guys.  Just harvesting, you know, it's really boring for you, but it's great for me.  How else am I going to survive in Don't Starve if I don't--if I don't harvest?  I'm just basically holding the space bar and things just happen, I don't have to--I don't have to think about anything ever.

This is a pretty bountiful area, though, I like it.  I like my area.  Um, if I go to here, I think now I can make a hat for my head.  Look at me, I got a cute hat!  I got a hat, you guys!  Whoo!  Okay, now that I have a flower hat and a bunch of berry bushes to plant, I think my life is going--I could just plant this.  Oh, I just dropped it.  I want to plant it.  Plant.  And plant.  And plant.  Where did it--why didn't you plant it?  Plant it.  Plant it.  No, I dropped it.  Plant it.  Oh, God.  No, I don't want to examine it, I want to plant it.  There you--NO!  God dang it, plant the frickin' bush!  Thank you!  Okay.  And I have to put manure on these.  Fertilize, fertilize, and fertilize, yes, whoo!  

Um, I wanna--since it's getting dark, I'm gonna head over just to see if I can find some more manure, 'cause that is important and there are Beefalos around here.  Where are you at, Beefalos?  Hello, Beefalos?  Hello?  Beefal--Beefalos?  Where did you go?  They were all around here before!  Beefalos?  I hear you.  Hey, there you--ohh, they're sleeping.  Do not attack Beefalos.  That is important.  Do they--do they show up on the map at all?  They do not show up on the map at all.  So I only got two--oh, like, oh, what are those guys?  Spiders.  Oh, so those--why are you making them--oh, I put a trap here, apparently, and I never used it.  This is just a bad place--placement for a trap, apparently.  Hey, shh, stop being creepy.  Can I actually fight?  I mean, I assume I can fight you, but what happens if I kill you?  Okay, I get a gland.  I got a gland.  And I got some monster meat.  Well, I just had to make things interesting, so I attacked--I attacked some things.  Oh.  It broke my--it broke my frickin' axe.  Ooh, silk!  Why, thank you.  Oh, well, now I've lost that, now there's no--the music got really dramatic.  Equip the torch, thank you.  I like that the Beefalo are all sleeping.  It's very cute.  Thank you for the seeds.  

Okay, it's getting dark, so I'm going to end this episode, I'm gonna like this on fire.  Yeah!  Oh God, I hurt myself, I burned myself a little bit.  Um, thank you for watching this episode of Hank Green plays Don't Starve, I hope it was interesting.  If it was, there's a way for you to show that you liked it, and it's called the like button, and you can click it if you'd like, okay, goodbye and DFTBA.