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Hank Green: Hello, and welcome to Games with Hank, I'm Hank, this is games with me, Hank. Today, we are going back into the neverending nightmare of Neverending Nightmares. Hopefully I will stop walking the wrong direction for half an episode and go the right direction away from the Giant Baby.

Oh, man, you guys. The--huh. If you're not wearing headphones while you're watching these episodes, you're not understanding why I'm so freaked out, because the sound in this game is so great. The sound is amazing, the graphics are amaz--like, the art is amazing. It's hard to say that the graphics are amazing, because, you know, that doesn't, it's not exactly what you usually mean when you say the graphics are amazing, uh, so I'm headed down this hallway, not going back upstairs, going, going in the direction--oh, there's this over here, the crackly dry wall looks like a Giant Baby might come rushing through there at any time. And indeed he is, and I'm running away, I'm running away, I can see the Giant Baby's arm, oh go in there, in there, go, go inside, go inside, oh my God almighty jeez. Oh jeez, he's trying to get in, he knows where I'm at.

I don't like Giant Babies is a thing I've learned about myself while playing this game. Oh! This doesn't look safe, can I walk on that? I can't walk on it, I can't just jump off the edge, which I was trying to do, I was trying to just kill myself, ohhhhhh! Didn't matter is what--oh great, goin' through a different door, now there's no door in that wall at all! What's this way, should I even look? It's just darkness and detritus and debris, other d-words as well. Destruction, desolation, depression, desperation. Badness. That's a B. Oh, hey there, little girl, hey! WAAAH. Thanks, that's great, loved it, thanks for the extra, just, just a--'cause it wasn't bad enough already. Alright, let's go down this.

Alright, we got another bureau of extraordinary events. Let's go in there. Alright. You can run, I learned that. OH GOD, oh god, oh god, other way, other way, other way, other way, lalaalalaalala. Oh, where is he, I don't know, where did he go? Maybe in the bureau, I don't know? Possibly not, it's just a wardrobe, who knows! What are you gonna do? Are you gonna--you're just gonna walk away, right? We're gonna not have this conversation anymore, you're gonna go that way and I'm gonna go this way. Oh no no no no no, run run run, Jeff, run, Jeff, run! Get in the thing! Okay. This is a big baby, you guys, he is a big baby. Alright, you're headed that way, I'm alright, oh, no, you're not, you're not, you're not, you're not headed that way, you're gonna--you're sniffing, sniffing for Jeff. Sniffin' for Jeff, and we're gonna--I gotta--I want you to go that way. That way. That way. That's the wrong way, Baby Jiggles. Why'd you go that way, Baby Jiggles? Should I just follow him? Baby Jiggles, Baby Jiggles, Baby Jiggles, Baby Jiggles, ohhhhhh, alright, I'm learning, I'm learning how to deal with Baby Jiggles here. That's his name. It's less terrifying if I call you Baby Jiggles. Why is there toilet paper stickin' out of your pants? Alright, move along. Did someone just knock on my door? It was Katherine. Hi.

He's doin' the moonwalk. It's a really amazing dance, Baby Jiggles, I'm just gonna go, you can just keep doing that, that seems like a--works out well for both of us. Again, with the bookshelves! Ahh, with the candles on them! Master Lorren would be infuriated. This girl is trying to burn her hand on it, too. She's just trying to burn herse--there's more bureaus, which makes me think there's more Baby Jiggles comin'. Any more Baby Jiggles? I hear--I hear Baby Jiggles comin'. Oh, God, get in there! Get in it! Okay, that shouldn't have worked, but it did. There's another Baby Jiggles. How many Baby Jiggles are there?It's clearly more than one. I cannot believe I survived that. I just went right--right in. God, sometimes there is a noise that is really extra terrifying. Yeah, yeah, I know, Baby Jiggles likes to sniff. Okay, are you gonna go away now? Go--are you gonna do the moonwalk or are you gonna keep walking? Okay, you're gonna keep walking. Let's do--alright, you just keep on--Jeff is gonna walk the opposite direction of Baby Jiggles, which seems to be the right thing to do, because usually, when Baby Jiggles hangs out with Jeff, uh, Jeff tends to spurt blood out of his neck is what I've learned from my limited experience with Baby Jiggles and Jeff.

Headed on up. Can't go this way, too many dolls. Too many dolls in my way. Also there's a pit. Oh, did I get to the place where I just fell and died? Is that where I've ended up? Okay, I have to go in here, so I'm pretty sure this is gonna be terrifying, that's my guess. God, stop putting candles on bookshelves! Oh, it's the dead person again. Hi, Gabby. Why do you keep getting stabbed--aaaaah. AAAAAH. Why has God forsaken me?

Ho-kay! I'm awake, and I'm in a padded room, I am clearly crazy, I am not surpri--huhhhh, huhhhh, huhhh! Okay, why is there anyone out? Why are you out? Don't be out, go--can I go anywhere, no, just screamin--there's gonna be terrifying screaming, they've locked up the lamp so that I can't burn myself to death, but that would not be effective if these are flammable pillows at all. Oh, did you just open? The door opened, okay. Did it sound like, squishy? Sounds kinda squishy, like somebody's--alright, we're movin' through.

That's the thing about padded cells is that if any fluids just stay there forever, it's just--it's a nightmare. Oh, can I look through this? That seems like a terrible idea, but let's do it anyway. Oh, there's nobody there. Okay, that's good. Baby Jiggles! Jiggles babily. That one's much nicer, it's in better shape. Uh, there's--oh, I didn't realize I could move so far down into the--into the game palette there. Okay, I'm gonna look at this one, it's gonna scare me, right? It's gonna be the scary one? Oh, God, I keep expecting something terrible to happen. Cell 5, Block A Security. Just--moving right along.

Hello? Baby Jiggles? Probably not. Probably that was the end of Baby Jiggles, that's my guess. I'm not gonna have to deal with that anymore, I'm gonna have to deal with something completely different. Do I have to look in all these, 'cause I don't want to. I don't--like, I feel like I'm gonna do it, there's gonna be nothing, and then there--there will, suddenly, very quickly be something. It's too scary--it's too scary to look into things, why would you do that, I don't know, why--let's run a little bit, this is taking forever, let's just run. Okay. Medical reception. Okay, receive me, medically.

Dispensary. Oh, there's like a--just a syringe sittin' out and uh, cocaine extract in alcohol, which uh, seems like a bad idea. But you could just--you could just--hydroptherapy is a bad thing, that's a bad idea and don't do it, and it's just here just to show off the amazing art in this game. Man, when he runs, he gets really freaked out, he just starts making bad noises. Alright, Block A, Row 3, just keep goin' through the rows. Oh, blood, good, there's blood on the wall. Alright. There's blood in there. Who's talking?Crutches...oh, that's not good. I can't go in any of these things, so I don't--I don't know why I would even look. Blood, blood everywhere. Blood in here? No blood in that one. Block B Security. Okay, so we've moved into the second Block.

Oh, man. Stop, God, the soundtrack! It's terrible. (Shudders) They're good at this. They're good at the creepy in this game. Alright, can we run downstairs? Now, if I shift on the stairs, nothing happens. Oh, somebody's very sad. Understandably. I would be sad if I was here. I am here. I'm sad. This is not a good idea. This just a--whoo, that was a long staircase, that took a long time.

Alright, still blood on the walls, let's just--movin' right along. Ahhhhh hahahaha hah ha ha ooh, that sounds like an animal. I don't wanna look at anymore of the cells, I just don't want to. More cocaine extract and alcohol, could I just take a drink of that, could I just get a little--just gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp, I mean, just alcohol, honestly, I would prefer if it was just alcohol, that might be better.

E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g-i-s-a-l-i-e-e-v-r-y thingstalie. Alright, yeah, lots of--lots of storage. Here's a storage closet. Is anything gonna be terrible in here? We've got some things. Arsenic capsules, that's a bad idea, you shouldn't have those, why would you have those here? Wh--why? That's just--no. No. Okay, goin' through. Oh, man, any day now, things are gonna get really terrible. This is just--there's a lot of walking involved in this game. Alright, I looked in that one, I don't know why. What does that say? "Purified Lead Tablets", another terrible idea, did they--did they really treat people with--AAAAAAH. Why did you kill me, Bloody Eyes?

You are scary, Bloody Eyes. I think Bloody Eyes can't see me because his eyes are blood. Alright, we're just gonna be...uh, shh, nope, nobody's tal--nope. Doody-do-do-doot-doot-do. Ba-da-boop-pa-doop-oop. Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo. Huhhh, ooh, ohhh, he doesn't like it when you move. Oh, why'd you turn around, Bloody Eyes? Why didn't you keep going? Keep going! Go away! Oh. Okay, maybe Bloody Eyes only turns around when I move. Nope, nope, no, just keep movin' right. Nahmeeving! Stop! Gojurjah! God dang it! It's okay. Everything is fine. Okay, yaaaaay! Success from Bloody Eyes.

Ohhh, that was some Bloody Eyes. Let's just move along here. Ohh, just an arm! Just an arm! Oh, sometimes, Jeff gets tired. Alright, sorry, Jeff, oh, you--you really need to get in shape. That was not a long jog, gotta say. That was a quick--that was a brief jog that you couldn't handle. Bloody Eyes? Are you here? Okay, goin' down another really long staircase, it's a re--oh, no, wrong way, keep doing down, go down, down the staircase there, yep, yep, that's the right way. Geringdernthester. Yerdinerp. Juskerpgeringdernthestercas. Very long staircase.

Okay, whatever. Bottom of the staircase, okay, we did it, we--we successfully went down the staircase. Alright, so the--the rule of Bloody Eyes is just DON'T RUN! Don't, Bloody Eyes doesn't like running, he doesn't like running, ahhhh, I freaked out and I closed the game. Oh, God. Open the game back. I can't--I closed the game. Okay, well, I guess that's--why can't I open the game back up? Open the game. I broke it. Hello, game? Can we play please? Alright, well, that's gonna be the end of this episode of Hank Plays Neverending Nightmares on Games with Hank. This has been Games with Hank, that means games with me, and the game has been Neverending Nightmares. It's available on the Steam store, it's terrifying, if you wanna keep seeing me play it, you can like this video, I'll probably keep playing it anyway even if you don't, but, if you do, that will at least let me know that you do like me, which is important to my self-esteem. Thank you, and DFTBA.