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Hank Green: Hello, and welcome to Games with Hank, I'm Hank, and this is games with me.  Today, we're gonna be playing a game called Neverending Nightmares, last time I played this game and it was terrifying and gross.  So if you don't like terrifying and gross things, if you enjoy that stuff, though, here we go.

Here we are, last time I acquired an axe, um, it just, uh, ended up in my room with me, so now I've got a bloody axe, that's good, I got it, uh, through a lot of hard work and scaring the pants off of myself.  Uh, this wasn't a door originally, it is now, uh, we're gonna head down here and we're gonna break the--the wood off of a door.  EAUGHH.  That was a really weak swing there buddy, just, ehh.  Ehh.  Yeah, good job, Jeff.  

Alright, let's go up some stairs with a bloody axe.  I'm sure that if there's anybody up there, they won't be completely scared out of their mind and not shoot you in the face.  We just--again with the candles in extremely unsafe places!  Also, I've stopped just in time to see the edge of the hanging girl's head and her hair, so I kinda don't wan--but I guess I will.  Oh, that's too bad.  Oh, that's too bad.  Ughhhhh, I don't know about this!  Things are getting worse in my house and the closet is a closet again!

There's a bureau where there was no bureau before.  Oh, you got in the wardrobe.  Hello?  You got out of the wardrobe and into the war--that's weird.  Was there no Narnia back there, you could have a little bit of Narnia, game.  I wouldn't have minded a goat-man at this point.  Heyyy, painting.  That's fine.  That's not scary.  The art is still very nice in this game.  Wait I'm confused.  Am I back--have I been here before?  I don't know.  I think so, possibly.  It all looks very similar and terrifying. The music is getting scarier.  

Oh, man, if I'm going places I've been before, I apologize.  That's just not--ahh, the wardrobe.  Dang it.  Let's try to get into the wardrobe again, just in case.  I don't know, maybe it's a dif--maybe it's different now, maybe it's got a new mechanic and I can in fact--AAAAAAH GAAAZARPA go in the wardrobe, get in the wardrobe!  Okay, there's a Giant Baby Man, oh he's got a lot of veins.  He's--he's got a lot of veins.  That's a lot of--oh, jeez, I did not expect that!  At all!  Okay.  No, I'm not in there.  Why are you so controlled by your smell, Baby Man?  I'm gonna go this way while you're going that way, let's, let's just part ways, you and I, we're gonna be a dif-- just, um, yeah, just, we're not gonna, let's not hang out, you and me.  I don't think that we're gonna get along in the end.  I just don't--hokay.  

Got away from Baby Man, everybody, everything's fine.  Giant Baby Man and I, uh, we, we, you know, we resolved our differences, and he didn't eat me or just bleed anywhere at all.  Oh, that--whoo!  I just don't know what to feel about that.  Uh, okay.  Oh, it's you again, with the--the eyes.  Yeah, that's worse than you were before.  That's worse.  Veils are--oh, there's like rotting meat carcass in a painting.  Why would you paint that?  Oh, so many dolls!  Unacceptable number of dolls!  You gotta know how creepy that is.  Hello.  I'm stinky baby.  Ehehehehe.  Do you wanna play a gaaaame?  Oh, God.  Yeah, I don't wanna play a game.  

Okay.  Oh, a wardrobe.  Another wardrobe.  Get in there before the Giant Baby comes.  Okay, there's no Giant Baby coming, apparently.  Apparently.  Maybe there is, I don't know!  You never know.  There could be a Gi--any moment now.  You know never when there's a Giant Baby working about, hey!  Heyyyy.  IIIIIII'm pretty sure that this is new territory, at least, so hopefully I'm reaching the end of my nightmare, it's gonna end somewhere soon, please.

Oh, it's you again.  Oh, that's not so bad.  Uhhhh.  At all.  Okay.  Oh, are we gonna keep going lower down into the deeper house?  Keep on going downstairs, Jeff.  Lots of stairs.  Keep on going downstairs.  Oh, great, the windows that are always terrifying, things always running in front of them, that never fails to freak me the frick out!  Oh, that baby doesn't even have a face!  No face at all.  

Alright, do the thing where you run in front of the window and it freaks me out, it's fine, I'm ready for it!  Ready for it this time!  Okay, fine, you're not gonna do it?  Fine, that's fine.  Man, this game was a lot of work!  They were not messing around.  AAH, Giant Baby!  Faster, walk faster, you freakin' Jeff, God dang it!  You gotta get--ohhhh, jeeez.  Why didn't you walk faster, Jeff?  

Well, the room is different now, so apparently I did the thing I was supposed to do.  At least to some extent.  Ugh, you had to get eaten by a Giant Baby, didn't you, Jeff?  Let's go upstairs, that's a new option, I've never been upstairs.  Okay.  Why--why--it seemed like I slowed down when the Giant Baby got there, I mean, that's a totally normal nightmare thing, but a really annoying game mechanic when you're trying to hide from a Giant Baby.  Somebody get me a really big ladder.  Okay, do I have to look at all of their faces?  Is that a thing, do I have to keep doing that in order for something to happen, to wake up and not be having a nightmare anymore?  'Cause that's--would be great.  If I didn't have a nightmare anymore.  Ever again.  If I just like, had a sister and we hung out and we were friends and everything was fine.  

Is that a weird noise?  Hello?  That's terrible!  I did not like that noise, you guys.  It's really quiet right now, it's really quiet right now.  It's really, really quiet, a little too quiet. Why has the game got so quiet all of a sudden? There's only one reason things get quiet in horror games. It's a jumpscare, right?  Oh, that's a lot of babies.  That one on the right there is pretty happy.  Okay, I would love to wake up, that's an awesome idea!  Let's do that!  Let's do the--that--that was an excellent suggestion.  Let's wake up, okay, let's look at the frickin'--oh, God, yeah, it's creepy, okay, I confirmed--confirmed creepy.  Confirmed.  Then there's that rotting bug carcass thing on the wall again, as per usual.  And gonna keep going upstairs, 'cause that's what I do, apparently, in this game, I go up and down stairs.  

Hey, Jeff?  Wake up.  Can he do that, just like, ehh, hit him on the face, just pah!  Give him a good slap there.  Oh, am I going back up the way I came?  I remember that pile of detritus.  AAH, Giant Baby, Giant Baby, Giant Baby, Giant Baby, Giant Baby, Giant Baby, Giant Baby, Giant Baby!  Ha-da-dup-bup-do-do-do--Giant Baby, Giant Baby, Giant Baby, Giant Baby, Giant Baby, Giant Baby, Giant Baby, Giant Baby, Giant Baby, Giant Ba--Giant Baby, Giant Baby!  (mumbles)  Hello?  Giant Baby, Giant Baby, Giant--Giant Baby, Giant Baby, Giant Baby, Giant Baby, Giant Baby, Giant Baby, Giant Baby, Giant Baby!  Noooo, Giant Baby.  Okay.  But I feel like I have to go this way.  Okay, should I just let him kill me?  Alright, GIVE ME A HUUUUUG!  

Thanks for watching this episode of Games with Hank.  I'm Hank, this has been games with me, this is Neverending Nightmares is a neverending nightmare.  A very accurate title for a game.  Thanks for watching and DFTBA.