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Michael Aranda: It's live.

Hank Green: Are we live?

M: I can hear you.

H: Are we live at the Project For Awesome livestream 2014? What's this blond stripe here? [touching Michael's hair]

We're trying to look at a mushroom from Domino's Pizza in Michael's microscope. Mike's microscope.

M: That's weird... 

H: That I called you Mike?

M: No, there's just a weird thing sticking out of it's head...

H: It's a goober's... It's a hair.

M: There's goo on it, as well.

H: Is that on of my hairs or is that a Domino's pizza delivery driver's hair?

M: I don't know...

H: We're on Project for Awesome Livestream Air. You probably haven't arrived yet because you weren't fast enough. I'm pretty fast. We're going to see how fast we get. We're trying to do it here on another computer. So if you can see effectively.

How many people have we got? What does it say? Does it say on here?

M: It's about a (?)

H: there's a lot of comments!

M: So there has to be some people.

H: Oh. Yeah. So there's people. Hello people. Welcome back. Women in science. Woo. I have a lot of pizza inside of me, I feel weird. I would like a Sprite, but there aren't any.

Um, let's look at the #P4A and see what's up. Matthew Gados should be joining us any moment, we might actually have another guest. We have just, uh... we have been jam-packed.

M: 117.

H: We've got 17 people?

M: 117. What? The total money raised for the Project for Awesome is almost at $1.07 million. That means we've raised $0.07 million fairly quickly here. It's pretty impressive. Fairly quickly!

LukeHolmes says: "6 billion people divided by 25,000 miles is 2 million people per mile, 450 people per foot." Fer- per foot. Per foot. Pretty costly. Pretty COSY, it says, not costly.

"My mom won't let me use her card to donate to the Project for Awesome and my card is blocked!" No! (2:18)