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In which, via a pizzamas miracle, Hank and John are reunited in Indianapolis and play a game called "Got it!"

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Good morning, Hank, it's Tuesday and I've decided to come out --  Surprise!

Oh, he's here; It's a reunion spectacular! I mean, I look like the hobo version of you Hank and I are gonna play a game today  it's called Got It.

Uh, I saw it on TikTok  Now, YouTube is just TikToks, but horizontal, Yeah. so we're  going to do the game The rules are: we both say a word and then we find the intersection  between those two words until we say the same word I just remembered something important.  What? You can only get Pizzamas stuff for a few more days at! Got it One, two, three  

John: Chair

Hank: Umbrella One, two, three

John: Beach

Hank: Picnic Dang it! Grrr.... Alright, but! One, two, three

John: Ocean

Hank: Blanket Ugghhhh! How is there a picnic in the ocean!? That happens all the time, Hank!  You do it on a blanket at the beach! What do you think being lost at sea is!?  It's an ocean picnic!

Got it One, two, three

John: Life raft

Hank: Raft Yes! Yes! Yes! This time, can we start with two-word phrases?  Or is that too hard?

No!!  That's too hard. Definitely not!  That's too hard. You gotta go with one word!

One, two, three

John: Universal Healthcare

Hank: Cone ... What? That's three words  No, no, no, it's two at most and I think it could be hyphenated in a pinch Got it One, two, three

John: Bed

Hank: Needle One, two, three

John: Hospital

Hank: Hospital Oh, have you been following  the cheating scandals...  Oh yeah! in the world of chess? Oh my god!  Oh! Have you been following the  cheating scandals, like I have, in  In the world of poker? No?

No! Professional fishing!  Oh yeah No one trusts anyone anymore and they  think that they can just get away with whatever. I'm starting to think that the only thing worse than institutions is a lack of institutions.

Got it. One, two, three

John: Oxygen

Hank: Sun hmmmm ooooo Alright, I got it. I bet you do; I don't One, two, three

John: Fire

Hank: Hydrogen Aw, dang it! I get that, that makes a lot of sense Hydrogen and fire Hydrogen and fire I got one. Okay, One, two, three

John: Chemistry?

Hank: Hindenburg That's better! Yours is better We have moved to meet Hank's needs to be in the shade Got it. One, two, three

John: Electricity

Hank: Helium Dang it! Why are you sticking with chemicals! I'm trying to move us on!  How did I know that helium was involved!? There was definitely electricity involved.  That's why it blew up!

Was there? I didn't know there was electricity involved

There must have been an initial fu- spark! How do we get out of Chemistry and into, like, Shakespeare or Jane Austen, Toni Morrison novels Got it Got it One, two, three

John: Lightning

Hank: Party A lightning party is more fun  for me than helium electricity. Okay, lightning and party Three, two, one

John: Indoors

Hank: Golf Oh, that is what you should do if  there's lightning and there's a party!  You do it indoors! You definitely don't do golf.  I said golf! I've got it, but for the record, I'm  going with what I think you're gonna say  Not with what I think is the right answer.  Got it Then, I'll say what I think I'm gonna say. Three, two, one

John: Putt putt

Hank: Putt putt Which is outside, but I knew;  I knew that that was the only--  Sometimes it's not! Don't  you watch Brooks Holt videos?  I knew that was the only golf-related term  that might be vaguely indoors that you knew. Hey, leave us ideas for what we should do in  our last 3 Pizzamas videos in the comments--  I got it, I got it. I don't have my Thursday video  That's true-- And you shouldn't have your Friday video  because your Friday video should be, If you don't get this Pizzamas shirt,  right now, it will be gone forever!

Yeah  Or at least until we make a throw  blanket out of it next year. John, I'll see you tomorrow  I feel like we're gonna continue  to see each other right now. Do you have a Pizzamas dad joke before we go?

I have one  You know Pete Davidson and  Kim Kardashian broke up?  Did you hear about it? No  Pete's-a-mess Pete's-a-mess!  .com Nice! Nice!