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Good morning, John.

Gosh do I love Pizzamas! Why?

Why do I love Pizzamas?  Because I get to do stuff I would never normally do on this channel.  Like, for example, play Trombone Champ! It's been a long time  since I've done a "Let's Play" I hope I'm still capable of it.  Not enough disk space to record? Still some glitches to work out.

Okay, I just deleted 12GB of stuff. I'm recording now! So Trombone Champ, if you haven't heard about it,  is like Guitar Hero, but with trombones and it's absolutely unhinged.

I played a very tiny bit yesterday. I'm going to start out, John,  with one of your favorites: It's Auld Lang Syne The facts, by the way, they are wrong.  I learned that early. Let's go! [Game trombone sounds of Auld Lang Syne] You gotta concentrate!

It came at me fast.  It did not give me a lot of  time to prepare for this. [Game trombone sounds of Auld Lang Syne] [Trombone tempo intensifies] [Trombone tempo reduces] [Trombone fart noise] ha, ha, ha, ha.... Alright, hey! Oh my god!

I-- oh, almost! My forearm hurts from hitting the space-bar. I could not relax!

And now you have to choose  what you're gonna do next.  I don't know what this song is, let's see if it's good.  My alarm just went off and I'm wondering if I'm gonna miss a meeting right now? no. Oh god, oh god. [Game trombone noises of Eine Kleine] Oh, I have heard this one. Everything I know about classical music, I learned from Trombone Champ. [Game trombone noises of Eine Kleine] Hahahahah. [Game trombone noises of Eine Kleine] I feel like I kinda got, I got  it together there at the end! [In game celebration noises] A C!  It really does do a number  on the old forearm though. [

Music: "The Entertainer" intro] bahbahbahbahbah... doodoodoodoodoo! [Game trombone noises of The Entertainer] I'm killin' it! [Game trombone noises of The Entertainer] hahahah! [Game trombone noises of The Entertainer] Hahahaha! [Game trombone noises of The Entertainer] I feel like that was better than the last time. And it was! Barely! Let's go ahead and see what I'm really made of. [Game trombone noises of William Tell Overture] I vastly overestimated my abilities! [Game trombone noises of William Tell Overture] Pretty bad, pretty bad.

I got to C though!  That's astounding! John, everyone thank you for Pizzamas, without which I would not have a   chance to get this goofy. I will see you tomorrow.  And not through a computer screen!