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The art at is from actual, real, human artists, and all of it is much better than the AI stuff!

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Good morning, John!

I'm in your home!  It's the Pizza John All Stars, everybody! How embarrassing, we're wearing the same outfit!  Look at the detail quality!

Our world needs to increase access to healthcare Like in Sierra Leone, where all of the proceeds  from Pizzamas sales are going! Orin says that this is the  tiniest statue in the world.  It's only available for the next couple days! Hank, what are we doing today?

Well, John, I put Pizza John  into an AI art generator And then, I just, slowly lost my mind  and I want to walk you through the process that I went through  Great! Without all of the trial and error

H: This was Pizza John

J: Ok 

H: I put in this, what do you think?  What is your first reaction?

J: It's devastating. When an AI  thinks about a Pizza-person the AI thinks Pizza Person Because AIs only have nightmares.

H: So then I put in Pizza John vector,  which was a little bit better

J: hmmm 

H: and it did get that you  have glasses and a mustache! 

J: It guessed the mustache

H: I didn't tell them that To be fair, a better mustache This was later when I put in Pizzamas Mustache glasses 

J: Wow

H: It's actually quite nice I might buy that as a t-shirt, which

H: Is a problem! 

J: Is a little concerning to me It's just stealing from what   people have created Right  It's just getting very good at it For example,  From here, I was like, I need more! And so I typed in Pizza John Green by Van Gogh

J: It made me look a little bit like Van Gogh

H: Yeah! 

J: Which I'm alarmed by It was like, oh, maybe 

H: yeah it kept doing that

J: and then I like the fact  that it doesn't show one of my ears That was a bold choice

H: John Green the Author made entirely of pizza

J: It's like a pizza quilt 

J: It's like they made a quilt that has my-- 

H: I don't know; I like this one a lot The AI really wants me to be handsome I, for one, appreciate it.

H: John Green wearing a pizza as  a hat, a Renaissance painting.

J: The pizza looks vaguely quilted.  It's like the AI has never actually eaten a pizza and doesn't know  what makes a pizza a pizza

H: Right John Green pizza art Andy Warhol I don't think it looks like  Andy Warhol, but I do think it's actually pretty cool.  I thought this one did too good of a job at actually capturing the  you-ness of you so-- It looks too much like me  I needed to depart Ahh  And so I did John Green pizza boy drippy cheese with glasses  which, I liked a lot, but doesn't look like you at all  so I tried to reign it in and I just did Pizza John again 

J: Oh, no!

H: and then I lost my mind. 

J: Oh god!

H: This one is John Green's face  inside a pizza, hyper realistic creepy vibe so I was leaning into it. 

J: Can't believe they gave me spirals for eyes

H: yeah 

J: I've always felt like I had spirals for eyes! How did they know that? 

H: All of the ingredients on the pizza are like little animals and eyes. So then, I said John Green as a pizza monster,  just absolutely terrible, worst  thing ever, but still John Green  And I think it got it spot on!

J: It's a little bit Salvador Dalí 

H: yeah

J: But with more Shrek

H: So then, I did John Green made of pizza wearing a crown colored pencil illustration.  I like that they made the crown out of pizza.

J: Yeah, and I like that I have two noses, again 

H: Your nose has a nose.

J: Well, when you really love pizza,  wanna be able to smell it twice.

H: So then! 

J: ooooo

H: I went with John Green pizza propaganda poster 

J: Mmmm... they're great

H: And THAT made me think  I need to do more words. So here, are some Pizza John restaurant signs

J: Joizza!

H: There's The Piza the Pizzzzaa John'n's 

J: With your proprietor: Johns Moochrias Poerturs!

H: Hahahahahah! Under new management  And then, the culmination of everything I did during this madness His Eatniss Ioheta Tuit Oi Pizzzi Johns Johnaiurant! From now on, I only refer to restaurants as Johnaiurants  Johnaiurants! Cause, when I'm in one,  it's not a restaurant anymore, it's a Johnaiurant!  I also love that it's like,  His eatin joheta toit oi Like, as if to say,  this is a home of eating for you: Pizzzi Johns Johnaiurant!

We're gonna do a, uh, show now Yeah.  And I have to edit this video and upload it.  Yeah It's like the old days!  It's like the old days. It's pff, it's a lot of pressure! I'll see you right now Alright!  Hank's not gonna say it, so I will: