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In which Hank accepts punishment.


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Good morning, John, it's Monday, July 16th (holds up Goth picture). OK, I need to recreate this photograph so first thing's first: I need to shave. Different chins. Very different chins. (Fully shaved) That's better. I can't find any eyeliner or lipstick, especially no lipstick that color, so I think I'm gonna have to go out and try and find some. Though I'm not entirely sure where one buys lipstick. I have good news. I found eyeliner and lipstick in Katherine's little bag, and hopefully she won't mind me using them. But she's not here to ask. But I don't want to wait until she gets home to do this. Is that similar colors there? Hmm, it's about the same color. Uh, it is so strange how difficult this is. I feel really weird. A-About this. (Eurythmics Sweet Dreams plays as he applies lipstick) Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, Hank, that's not nearly dark enough (adds eyeliner as lip liner) (Applies eyeliner) My goodness do I look funny! We must now continue to recreate this photograph. Now for the final pose we're going to have to move the camera, so here goes nothing. (lights lighter) So here I am in the basement. Umm, it's dark, it feels kind of Gothy. Not really Gothic. At all, but Gothy. There's definitely a flash when this picture was taken so, um, I'm not sure how I'm gonna recreate that effect, but we'll figure it out. (Adjusting hair with bright light on) And there- that way. My right hand is out and limp. (does pose, cuts back and forth to photo) Success! (Beatboxes) I think that I should take some time to reflect about what I've done today. And how it's made me feel. Mostly it's strange how weird it was to actually be doing the lipstick thing because that was like, this is a girl thing. I can't do the girl thing I'm a boy. Then the eyeliner after getting over the whole, like, poking myself in the face thing, uh was fun. I liked kinda- I kinda liked doing that. I sang a little bit. John I will see you in your extremely embarrassing picture tomorrow. (Brotherhood 2.0 logo) (applying eyeliner and whistling) (sings) just doin my make up here on the floor in the living room. Hope the mail lady doesn't come by, cause she'll see me doin my make up. And she'll think I'm a pretty weird guy. (spoken) I am a pretty weird guy. (in basement) (sings and dances) My Hump, my hump my hump my hump!