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In which John is well and truly punished.

The Jonathan Coulton is used via Creative Commons license.


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Good morning Hank it's Tuesday, July 17th, the day of my punishment. Hank in your punishment video, by the way pretty hilarious, you said that you didn't know where to get green hair dye that you can spray on. I didn't know where to get green spray on hair dye either, but fortunately Indianapolis has something called 86th Street. 86th Street is like a normal street except it contains all possible commercial entities. So this morning I got up, I got on 86th Street, I went to the Walgreen's, I went to the Salvation Army, I went to the Goodwill, and I went to the party store. I got green spray on hair dye but I think that that's gonna have to actually wait until Thursday, since you didn't do yours yet.

I have really really really really big pants look Hank. (sticks arms down pants up to mid arm) They're huge! And I got a belt for my really really really huge pants. I think it's a girl belt, but I don't think it matters, I mean, you just wore lipstick.

Now since my punishment is to recreate a mix of two pictures. First this picture: Oh boy. And secondly this picture, I've also had to find some medals. Hank I have three medals: First my Alabama Library Association author award. Second the medal I got for being an Audie Award finalist. And third a medal I created myself using an Ethernet cable and a button that a Nerdfighter gave me that says ask me how you can join the Evil Baby Orphanage. Oh, and also I got a bow-tie.

Alright Hank, let's do it! (dances) I know what you're wondering Hank, you're wondering first why is your chest making noise and second where did all the medals go? (Taps chest, which clinks) OK, OK, I gotta get psyched up. Oh! I forgot about the glasses! I can't very well recreate this picture without the glasses! (has giant ones on) Do you like these? No. These make me look like the bastard child of Harry Potter and Harry Caray. Fortunately I have these (new glasses) unfortunately I can't see anything out of them! Where are you?

We're gonna do it this time. (Music, dancing, slowly takes of shirt) Really Hank, is this a punishment for me or the audience? (Does pose) Hank, I'll see you tomorrow.

(Brotherhood 2.0 logo) I'm dancing, I'm dancing, I can't see anything, I'm dancing, I'm dancing, and (poses and falls) OK! I'm OK! Nothin's broke.