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Emma Approved is a modernized adaptation of Emma, a novel by Jane Austen. It is a Pemberley Digital Project, a company founded by Hank Green and Bernie Su.
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[Harriet]: Hi everybody! Welcome back to my music club. The response to my first song was overwhelming.

Thanks to Shayla, MissLittleThings, Amethyst and everyone else who followed with their covers and videos and instrumentals. You are all so talented! Be sure to check out the playlist of all of the videos in the link below.

So the song for this month is about building your confidence and believing in yourself.  I was inspired to write this song by some of the things going on at work. I hope you like it.

[Playing Song - Maybe I Can]:

There was a song that I never could get,
Called "I can do that".
But now I've done something I can't forget
and learnt what it's getting at,
Maybe I can [2x]
Couldn't when it began
But now I think I can.

There are some songs that I'm starting to get,
Like "I can do better than that".
And anything you can do makes more sense to me,
So, maybe I can [2x]
For the first time in, well, never ever,
I think I can.

Maybe I can [2x]
Couldn't when it began
But think I can.

[Harriet]: Well that was it. Thanks to everyone for being a part of this music club. I'm really looking forward to see what you do with this song.

If you want to send in a video with just instrumentals, like just violin or just guitar or even just vocal harmonies, I'll see if we can edit the videos together to make a compilation.

Remember the sheet music is in the description. Thanks for listening.

[End Title]