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In which Hank says thanks to the 10,000 people who have subscribed to Brotherhood 2.0 on YouTube and then talks about the Secret Awesome Project.


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Hank: Good morning John, it's Monday, December 3rd.

Welcome to December. (Pulls out guitar) Here's my guitar, I've been playing my new song. (begins to play song) (Shows business card) This is a misprinted business card. Now I just have them sitting all over my house because I still haven't figured out what to do with them. (smacks face with business card) But that's not what I wanna talk about! Because there's news! (happy dances) We just got our 10,000th subscriber!

Actually, we just got our 10,022nd subscriber. I just went to try and find our 10,000th subscriber. 10,000th subscriber! That is not easy to say.

And that person is Tgi86. (mini slideshow of Tgi86's pictures) He's just a 21-year-old guy with nothing but skydiving on his mind. Hoo-hah Nerdfighter..? So if anybody wants to go to his MySpace and say thank you, it's at

If you think I just found some really hilarious fashion shots from MySpace, no, that is actually our 10,000th subscriber. Thank you Tgi86, and thank you to everyone, all 10,000 of you who subscribed to Brotherhood 2.0 videos. I don't know what we're going to do to thank you, except, umm, I have to ask a favor.

Since there are 10,022, I'm kinda hoping that like 22 of you can unsubscribe. It's kinda bugging me. So, just 22 of you, unsubscribe and then I'll have an even 10,000 and I will feel much better.

That would be great, if you could do that. Please. No, no, no, not really.

What would be better is if 9,988 of you. (jump-cut edit) 78 (jump-cut edit) could subscribe and then it would be an even 20,000. Either 22 of you unsubscribe, or 9,988 (jump-cut edit) 78 (jump-cut edit) of you subscribe. Obligatory center screenshot!

It's party blower solo fanart from Allie. Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok. I actually have a real favor to ask of you people.

I told you last week about the all-time awesomest nerdfighter project ever. And I have realized this is going to have to be a secret project. So I'm sorry about that, I can't tell you out in the open like this, because people who are not participating in the project shouldn't be allowed to know about it yet. (whispers) Because it has to be a surprise.

So, in order for you to find out what it is, you have to go to right now or click on the link in the sidebar and sign up for the secret project e-mail list. We promise not to use your information for anything except Brotherhood 2.0 and Nerdfighting purposes. We will not share your information with anyone, we promise. (singing) Go now, sign up. If they put an ad in the sidebar It's probably down there. Go now, sign up (talking) Ok. (laughs) If you're on, all of this gesturing probably didn't make very much sense. However, to participate in the secret project, you will have to have a YouTube account.

I'm sorry about that for you non-youtubers. I know that there are plenty of you, but this secret project is somewhat YouTube-centric. Seriously, I do feel bad about that, because we'd started with a very non-YouTube-centric audience and now we have more of a YouTube-centric audience.

But I do promise, not only will it be extremely awesome and on YouTube, but it will also be an effort to decrease world-suck in a really awesome way. So if you want to sign up for YouTube, this is a good time to do it, and if not, and if there is a lot of non-YouTube-Nerdfighters who want to get involved, we will definitely find a way to get you involved. Don't worry! (end title) Today’s scavenger hunt clue is online-only, and it has something to do with the secret project.