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In which Hank introduces a special guest player and they muck around a bit in Diagon Alley and at Hogwarts.

Hank: Hello, and welcome to Lego Harry Potter, wait, what is it called? Hank plays Lego Hanky Potter years one through four. I have a special guest with me today co-playing with me, my wife the Katherine.

Katherine: Hello

H: She is playing as well.

K: I am playing. I do not have very much experience.

H: You have a lot of experience playing LEGO Harry Potter.

K: No I don't. I have a lot of experience playing LEGO Indiana Jones 

H: Oh, and Star Wars.

K: and LEGO Star Wars, which neither one... neither of those were on the Wii I don't think.

H: Oh, right right right, yeah you played them on the Xbox for sure.

K: So, it's a little different.

H: Why isn't my jump workin'?

K: I don't know, I'm Harry.

H: What about me? I pressed ... oh, I had to press + to start.

K: I thought you were number one.

H: I thought I was too but I'm not. I'm the lady, you're the boy. That's just how it's going to be.

(both chuckle)

Katherine: I'm okay with that 

Hank: Hey! what did I do... what did I.. I don't care about that. 

Katherine: It's like some sort of cut scene.

Hank: Oh, I should wait so you can watch your cut scenes.

Katherine: I forget how the buttons work. Which buttons am I looking for? oh, hey.

Hank: That's how you shoot. Where is this chalkboard that you were telling me about. Katherine told me that we can put a cheat on. Turn on turn the cheat on.

Katherine: I heard that there was a cheat. Oh fuck me, oh sorry.

Hank: No no big curses. Are you okay? what are you trying to do?

Katherine: I am trying to ... whoa sorry.

Hank: Yeah, we are a little close to do the that stuff. Which is why I coundn't do it. I sit very close to my television screen, which is why, everyone is like "why don't you notice?". I can't move because you are over there.

Katherine: Oh, sorry.

Hank: I was trying, I was looking for this chalkboard that you were telling me about.

Katherine: It's outside, you have to go outside.

Hank: ohhhhhh. Wingardium Leviosa.

Katherine: You have to go out to Diagon Alley. How do you - How do you... How do you spell?

Hank: I don't remember. I forgot too.

Katherine: Oh is it the one on the -

Hank: Yes it is, it's the one on the nunchuku

Katherine: Ok.

Hank: That's how you spell. So do we gotta go out?

Katherine: Yeah

Hank: Ok well I did that - oooh! this isn't what I remember it looking like at all.

Katherine: This is a different entrance maybe?

Hank: Why - I'm confused. This isn't what I was doing before.

Katherine: Hmmm. What do you mean?

Hank: Well, this isn't what I was doing before. That was not what I meant to do, sorry. Oh we're split screening.

Katherine: I know.

Hank: Crazy.

Katherine: In here? No, that's the-

Hank: No this is the hair cuttery.

Katherine: That's Madame Malkin's. I think it's the -

Hank: I made it, I made it do a... ohh my blue bolt!

Katherine: Sorry.

H: Well this is fun.

K: Sorry.

H: I love Diagon Alley, and everything.

K: Wheeeee!

H: Die Quirrell, die!

K: Oh God, I went in there again, accidentally.

H: I was gonna kill Voldemort, right then.

K: I needed to see some owls.

H: The whole series would have ended.

K: Here it is

H: Here it is she says. Oh Engorgio Skullus.

K: That doesn't look very fun.

H: Makes skulls bigger

K: Oh. Ahh...ahh...ahh. Oh I didn't mean to do that!

H: What? Did you just spend my things on a thing?!

(both chuckle)

H: What is Incarcerous?

K: I don't know.

H: I don't... I've never even heard of that spell. I think it's made up!

K: I need to learn what buttons are which.

H: That was a lot of my bolts. How do you get out of this?

K: B! That's the underneath one. Ok. Wow.

H: Oh there's the chalkboard.

K: There it is.

H: You want me to read it off to you?

K: (sigh) I think it's 67- 67F... something. It's the highlighted one.

H: 67FKWZ. Wow, way to remember that much of it, even.

K: Really, I can't just hold it down? Ah!

H: No. W, yeah, go up for W. Z.

K: This is as much trouble as actually getting the thing.

H: No, it's not. This'll be great.

K: OK. (sings) Stud magnet! That's my nickname, actually.

H: Is it?

K: Did you know?

H: No.

K: Yeah.

H: Oh.

K: When I go places, they're like, "look out here comes the stud magnet."

H: Cuz they all come to you.

K: All the single ladies better watch out!

H: Okay, well--

K: Okay, let's go, let's go.

H: Also, you can come with me while we play the game.  Actually playing the game.  Hello, witch.

K: I was gesturing.

H: I was wondering if you wanted to be on your head.

K: Get it!  

H: (Hums HP theme)  Did I just shoot you?  

K: Uh, a little bit, I think.  

H: But it's okay.

K: If you shoot a person, they maybe drop some studs.  

H: Well.  I shot Quirrell again.  Whoa, what just happened?  Oh, you made a snake come out?

K: Hey, why isn't it working?  Do they have to go somewhere and equip it?  

H: Oh.  No.  

K: Nope.

H: Oh, I'm low on batteries, though.

K: Totally low.

H: You are, I mean.

K: It was me, I'm #2?

H: You're #2.  Even though you're Harry, you're #2.


H: Oh god oh god oh god oh god. Nooo. That was quite a death, my dear.

K: I just got dead-ed by a cart.

H: You sure did. Your head popped off.

K: What. How did that even happen?

H: I don't know.

K: You did that to me.

H: I did not!

K: I think you did.

H: I don't know what you're talking about. I'm doing this over here.

K: I'm doing this over here!

H: I made a-

K: Ahhh gimme a blue.

H: I made a really awesome thing.

K: We're working at cross purposes, ah! Ha!

H: Why is not the stud magnet working?

K: Jumpy. Jump-py. I don't know. That's why I think um is there-

H: Ooh I just made a red thing.

K: Options.

H: Options.

K: Options.

H: Options.

K:Option. Nope.

H: Nope nope nope.

K: That's not it. Extras!

H: Extras. That sounds like it. Silhouettes... Carrot wands... Stud magnet! On!

K: (moans) On!

H: (moans) On!

K: (still moaning) Yeah!

H: You have stud magnetified.

K: Did it.

H: Look at 'em. Magnetizing toward you. Oo I made that... thing that's not suppose to bend get all woo.

K: This will save us a lot of time.

H: Yes. And also we will get more studs.

K: Yes.

H: I don't know what. What are we doing?

K: I don't know.

H: Why are we doing this. This is not what I was doing.

K: Well. We wanted to go see the-

H: Right but that's not-

K: We don't want to be here. This is just extra stuff. We need to go back to Leaky Cauldron and start the game over.

H: (confused) The game over?

K: No no no not over. You just have to go where ever you left off.

H: We were. Okay. I just hopped over you.

K: We haven't done this very often. Ah.

H: No.

Both screaming then laughing.

H: Why did you die, Katherine?

K: Look out for that cart.

H: Oo I have this thing now. What does it do?

K: Yeah that's the spell I just bought. Um apparently it knocks you're friends out.

H: It knocked you out.

Katherine laughing.

H: You got knocked (singing) out.

K: Wait for me, Hermione~ (chuckling) Wait for me~

H: Yeah it's just like Harry Potter. Everybody just walking around while Hermione does all the hard work.

K: Wait for me~

H: What. That is not what we want. Is it?

K: I think it is. It's how we start the- yeah! Isn't this?

H: Out of the dungeon. Yes

K: Isn't that like the level we're on?

H: Yes. Yes. It is. You're right.

K: So let's- No!

H: What. No. I don't wanna do either of those things.

K: You don't wanna replay the story. God dammit this game.

H: What I don't underst-

K: It's supposed to be do ha- easy.

H: I am stupider than a nine year old. I don't understand!

K: I am not smarter than a fifth grader.

H: How do I get to the thing that I've... Already done.

K: Is it here?

H: Maybe. Continue story.


H: We're so smart

K: I'm so smart

H: We. (laughs) Yes.

K: I'm so smart.

H: Green spiny cauldron. Okay. Hopefully... I may have not saved at the end of the last one so we may have to replay some stuff.

K: Geeby Creeby.

H: Well you came home and I didn't wanna be like (making a high pitched voice) I'm busy playing the (mumbles). I'm Ron, I'm Ron. I was confused. I was like Hermione, what are you doing?

K: Why ya just standin' there, buddy?

H: The problem with this is your like a crazy stud getter and I'm like a screw this I wanna play the game

K: So we'll balance each other out.

H: Okay. Uh huh.

K: See we didn't even have to go over there to get those. They just came to us.

H: They just came to us!

K: Ah! You're shooting people? I'll shoot you. Jerk-wads

H: Yeah. I'll knock you out. With my red thing.