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Edited by Tim Thomas
Hello and welcome to Games with Hank. I'm Hank. This is games with me. Today, we're going back into the world of Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, two lovebirds living in Pleasant Valley Sunset Beach California Sim-topia.

Alright. Uh, so Jimmy Carter got a full nights sleep and now it's 3:51 AM, so he's just gonna clean the toilet. I bought him a new shower because apparently in sim-world if your shower is not nice it doesn't have hot water.

What's wrong with you? Why are you flushing - why are you flushing the toilet over and over again? Your gonna go to bed again? Your gonna re-go-to-bed.

So now they have a shower that can produce hot water. In the real life that would have required the purchasing of a hot water heater.

Another thing. I moved this toilet, which is a thing. So if I say, "oh look, a toilet. Uh, let's, uh, move it over here. Oh, no, I don't want it there. I want it to be, I want it to be up on that wall." That cost me no money in sim-world. In the real world that would have cost like 800,000 dollars.

Bill, uh, needs to go to city hall. How are you doing? Uh, get up, get up, get up. No, yes get up. Alright. Get up. Go pee, which, I hid the toilet from you. Uh, and then all of your things except your energy are not good. You better pee - no. Aw, man, don't - it said bladder. Why are you sitting down?

Go have some awful macaroni and cheese as breakfast. Eat leftovers. Mac and cheese. Are you now peeing standing up? If you were down there, what are you doing? You can pee sitting down, Bill Clinton. God.

Aw, god, just eat it out of the fridge! Have a couple bites! Aw, you are the slowest at everything. Ugh.

Jimmy's up. Wait, nope, nope. Uh, you gotta stop this. You're good. Okay, well your hygene's not gonna be great, but you are going to get to work on time and I'm not gonna make you leave in the middle of the day! Why are you wearing that? That is an awful outfit! And why are you always parked so far away from my house, carpool car? That is infuriating. 

Okay, why is Jimmy Carter - now I have to use Jimmy Carter. Why is Jimmy Carter just sitting here? How are you doing, Jimmy Carter? You're doing fine, you should probably pee because work is coming to get you and you haven't had fun at all and everything is bad and horrible and I'm sorry that I haven't let you kiss Bill Clinton yet, but it's been - I've had to do some maintenance. Yeah, like a normal person you just pee standing up! Go! And yes I love your work attire! Great! Can't believe I forgot to wash my dishes.

Bill Clinton's skills in business would transfer well to politics. Would Bill like to become the latest Ballot Counter and leave his current position as Filing Clerk? Um, you're telling me that Bill Clinton, uh, might be good in a career in politics. Is what's happening right now, what the game is telling me. I think maybe. He's already done that. Maybe he wants to start over again? Is that what it is? It's not that he wants a new career, it's that he wants to experience it from the ground up in a way he never got to originally 'cause he was too successful? Sure, change jobs.

So get in that sh- wait why are you going to bed? Don't take a nap, disagree. Go take a shower. Where are you going? Where are you going? Take a shower. Why did you run outside? (singing) Bill has quit his job, Bill has quit his job. Alright take a shower Bill Clinton, yeah. He's not looking great cuz he's so dirty. Oh Bill Clinton needs to take a shower yeah. (/singing)

Oh man that looks like it's got good water pressure. Oh that feels good I like it. Oh man you got so many muscles Bill Clinton. When you're wearing a shirt you just look like you're a little chubby but man when you're in the shower you are such, you are a majestic Atlas of a man. Oh, I... what wait what I'm sorry what. Nevermind. Alright, I'm good I'm fine.

You need to have some fun, and so does Jimmy Carter. I think there's a way for you guys to do that together. And some maybe involves kissing. Go to the pool, yes. You guys are gonna go to the pool together. It's gonna be adorable. Where are you? Hey, I'm gonna make a flirtatious joke with you Bill Clinton. No, you come over here, I'm in the pool. We should both get in the pool and make flirtatious jokes together. Oh my god everything takes forever in this game! Oh he just sneezed on me.  Yeah... alright go get in the pool, everybody get in the pool. Go for a swim togetherrr! Hey everybo- Oh you're just holding your breath and you have no hair. It's back, okay good your hair came back yay, everything's fine.

There's no way for me to get to Bill Clinton, people are in the way. Hey. Oh my god, this is a disaster.  Ah I got you! I got you, it took forever. There's some kind of- ah splash fight splash fight! (?)(6:00) Alright he's gone. Why am I thinking about that guy? Who's that guy? That guy's not Bill Clinton. Who are you thinking about Jimmy? (?) Alright get out of the frickin... okay apparently we can't make out at the pool so what's the point? Alright now Jimmy's getting back in the pool. AAARRGGHHHH THE POOL WAS AN AWFUL IDEAAAAA!!

Go sit, go relax. And you, also relax. It's gonna be great, you guys are gonna relax together. Right? Where are you? Oh god Jimmy Carter's stuck. Just get out of the pool. Just get out. Oh man. Aw there ya go. Everything's fine. Oh Bill's gone! Okay wait wait wait, wait, wait. Don't think about her, Bill no no no. Be romantic. Have an amorous hug. I need to get you two to kiss. That's my only goal for the day. Where do you going? Stop going there! Where are you going? No! Bill Clinton is here! BILL CLINTON IS HERE WHERE YOU GOING??

Are you--you had to go st--you had to go steal some stuff?  Oh, you stole a light.  What--what is happening?  Go--you--why are you confused?  Wow, you are so confused.  You stole their lamp and now you're gonna be best friends!  Oh, everybody's here, we're all hanging out, everybody likes me.  Okay, now let's see if Bill Clinton is making a friend over here.  No, he's all by himself, thinking about bed, okay.

Oh jeez.  What a bunch of weirdos.  He almost got invited in early in the interaction and now I feel bad that he didn't.  Sleep in Bill's bed.  No, go sleep in Bill's bed.  Oh, Bill's cooking.  Is he gonna mess it up?  Is he gonna mess it up?  Become friends with Bill?  I'm--ah--what?  What?  Become friends with Bill?  One of the things on my list is to kiss Bill!  We've been hanging out forever!  Oh, he's so tired.  Yeah, it does look good, it looks really good, I want it.  My God, I can't believe I didn't kiss Bill.  Yeah, that's not of abominable quality either!  Normal quality--normal quality food!  That is a success for the day.  I don't know if--if Bill's gonna be surprised when he finds Jimmy Carter in his bed or not, 'cause apparently, they're not friends.  Alright, here he comes, getting into bed.  No, wha--no, come on!  No!  You gotta s--no, Bill, Bill, no, no, no, no, no.  You guys were doing so well.  You went on that awful date, though, and now you're not even friends anymore.  Just go to--just go to sleep.  Go to sleep.  Everything's fine.  Wait, no, are you going to sleep in your bed now?  There's a dude in there.  Oh maaan, now he likes him even less, because he's sleeping in his bed.  Oh God!  What a disaster, what a series of disasters has set us up to now Jimmy and Bill Clinton, their star-crossed love affair has turned into will they even ever be friends?  Oh man. 

Thank you for watching this episode of Games with Hank.  I'm Hank.  This has been games with me, and the game has been Sims 3, and I'm so sorry that things have not turned out the way that we planned.  DFTBA.