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Edited by Tim Thomas
Hank: Hello and welcome to Games with Hank, I'm Hank, and this is games with me.  Today the game's going to be Sims 3, which, if you've been watching, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, the former presidents, live in a house together.  Jimmy Carter is trying ot make his way in science and Bill Clinton is trying to pull himself up by his bootstraps in the politics track of--of vocational work, which, you know, so far hasn't been too successful at.  But they also recently, a couple of episodes ago, started to sort of hit it off, and then due to a series of unfortunate events, they've been dragged apart by circumstance.  Now, I feel a little bit like it's worth trying again, it's worth trying to make it happen, so this episode on Games with Hank, we're gonna see if Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter can make it work.

Alright, you guys are sleeping (?~0:57) what time is it right now?  7:30.  Okay, you guys just need to get up.  Bill, get up.  You're--you gotta go to the bathroom.  I don't know, is it a weekend?  It's Saturday.  It's Saturday, excellent, okay, it's Saturday, this is gonna happen.  So we get a weekend now to actually--to get to do some stuff, and you guys can just sleep in.  You know what, just sleep in.  Do it.  Do it.  You do you.  And you cook a nice meal for your roommate, Bill Clinton.  Or just eat that macaroni and cheese of horrifying quality.  That's also fine.

And Bill's gonna go pee, and what's this?  Uneven cooking.  At least the left most portion was cooked correctly.  Maybe a nicer stove.  Gah, this isn't how the world works.  This game is making you think that if you spend more money on stuff, if you--if you don't, like, if you like buy the base little level stove that your macaroni and cheese will burn.  That's not how it works.  It's just heat.  It's a hot thing. 

Yes.  Hug Bill amorously.  Well, I just did that.  I just did it.  Oh, darn it.  Hahahaha.  Hahah.  Ha.  Uhhh...let's have another amorous hug then.  How many--how many does it take?  I don't know.  That looked like a kiss to me.  That was a--that was a little bit of a weak hug, you guys.  Nope.  Alright.  Let's make it happen, you guys.  I don't know, this thing is not very full.  Okay.  Uh.  How many amorous hugs can you have in one day?  That's a nice hug, that's a nice hug.  I mean, if you do that, if you have a hug like that, that's really it.  It's like, done for.  Uh.  How much of this do you guys need before you're dating?  One more amorous hug, I don't know, how does it work?  Oh, ohhh, here we go, I just needed to get to a certain point!  Ohhh!  That was a cute little kiss, yeah, everybody's happier now.  Uh, give amazing massage.  Oh, you finally had your first kiss, here in the kitchen.  Oh, which is also where you're having your--your amazing massage.

Give another kiss, I wanna see another kiss.  Yeah, oh, yeah, now that's much, that was a bigger kiss than the last one you guys. All right, we did it! I hate--why can I not center them on the screen, this is really annoying. Jimmy thinks Bill is being extremely irr--irresistable, which I can't really argue with.  Compliment appearance, more?  There's a lot of things.  Oh, there's thing here.  So we're just gonna take it to the next level real quick here.  Uh, Bill is--oh.  Oh.  He wasn't into it?  Jimmy wasn't into it, he was like ahhhh, maybe it takes a little more than one day to get me into bed.  You guys should make out.  Ohhh.  Yeah, okay, they're into that.  Into that.  Okay, good.  Weird, weird, super weird, but good.  And then if we go to more, you wanna WooHoo now?  Aw, man, Jimmy's su--Jimmy's not--I don't know.  What if I click on him and I say Romantic?  He doesn't want to do it--all the same things.  Maybe he's--so, Jimmy's just (?~5:38) moving a little more slowly.  That's fine.  We'll work it out.  Is this fun, you guys?  I don't know if this is fun or not, but I--your mood bars are all the way up, so that's good.  Yeah, that was good, that was good.  Um.  You've gotta give him a shy kiss.  (?~6:04) the jaw line there, that's nice.  Uh, yeah, okay.  Now we're gonna do it for real though, right?  Everybody agrees.  This is how this works.  Oh, that was Jimmy's idea, so now it's all good.  Are you guys gonna go to the bedroom, or are you just gonna do it right here in the kitchen?  I don't really know how this works.  Should I watch or--?  Well, that wasn't--oh.  And march off like a couple of soldiers to the bed!  I don't know, I feel like--what's wrong?  Is it too close to the wall still?  Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait, pause, pause, pause, pause, pause.  Oh man.  Oh God!  No, Jimmy's on the bed, so I can't move it!  Jimmy, get up, get up.  No.  Aaaand now.  Oh my goodness.  That's too--can I move it like, around, like if I go this way?  Oh, God, you guys are in the way!  You're in the waaaay.  Oh man, this is--alright, we're putting it out here.  There we go, that's--I needed--you want some salad now?  You're having salad now?!  Things were going well, you guys, and you're going to go take a shower.  Okay, well, that's not really acceptable, so.  Did we miss it?  Did I miss the opp--ohhh.  The mood has passed.  I'm having a garden sala--noooo!  Oh God.  So Jimmy--so Bill Clinton has had his first kiss and his first romance and he's well rested and he's fulfilled, things are just going really well. 

Nancy Landgrab would like to chat.  Hmm.  Well, I mean, you know, okay, we can have a chat.  We can have a chat, I mean, I already have a boyfriend right now, so.  I'll tell you all about how no toilets!  I don't know what that means, but now they get along so well that it's okay for them to be in the bathroom together, so that's nice.  Science!  No toilets!  Hahahaha.  Oh man, I can't believe I lost my opportunity to WooHoo because my bed was in the wrong place.  Okay, now there's lots of space on all the sides, that should be good.  I mean, if they had managed to stay in the mood long enough to WooHoo in the living room, that would have been amazing, so I'm a little disappointed.

Uh, oh good, it's still there, it's still there.  I'm just trying to get Bill along on his path.  Oh, thanks for the (?~9:35).  Now go on and get into bed.  Get into bed.  Aghhhhhhhh, he's, he's uh--requires a little bit of--what is--are you gonna answer your phone?  Who's there?  Who's there?  The Great Argyle Sinclair.  The phenomenally gifted chess champion, Argyle Sinclair, will be holding an exhibition match against some locals at the bookstore in the near future.  You should attend the event and watch, you just might learn a thing or two.  I mean, or I could have that coitus with my boyfriend. 

Uh-oh, uh-oh, is it happening?  Is it happening?  Oh man, this is exciting!  Snooki.  Do you guys--alright, we're gonna make this official.  Or are we, Jimmy Carter?  Or is it super slow 'cause you're ancient?  Okay, got one side of the bed.  Will we have the other side of the bed?  Walk around the bed.  Is it happening?  Have I correctly placed the bed?  'Cause you can't--if you're gonna have this, you can't go over a person.  Ohh, I feel like I shouldn't watch.  Oh, okay, don't worry, I don't have to watch, it all happens under the covers.  Ohh, little heart petals.  Yay!  Is fun!

He still has 0/10.  What is the thing?  Ho--am I not your boyfriend?  We just had under the sheety time!  What's wrong--what's wrong?  Oh.  Uh-oh.  Oh, the toilet, the toilet's bad.  Toilet's bad, toilet's not looking good.  Don't use it right now, it's not looking good.  I need to get you guys a new toilet, I understand, I apologize for not previously getting you a new toilet. 

There ya go.  No, never, never, stop, go away.  Oh God, right at the wrong time, oh God, oh God.  Boom.  Problem solved. 

What's uh--what's in my inventory here?  I've got this--this ground light, so let's put that there, just so I did it.  I think I stole these curtains from somewhere.  Alright, this is weird.  This is really weird.  Alright, they go there, sure.  I got a chair.  You get the cockroach, Bill.  There's a little terrarium with a cockroach.  Carpet, sure.  Couch, I don't know where I got this.  An alarm clock, that's a thing.  A lamp.  That's a--that's also a thing.  What is this?  Japanese Beetle.  Look at all the decorating I'm doing!  Excellent.  Alright.  That's all good, that's felt like it was a useful spending of time.  I now have a lamp that is not plugged into anything but casts light nonetheless, and Bill Clinton's thinking about Jimmy Carter, 'cause why wouldn't he?  And Jimmy Carter's thinking about handiness.  Hey, how's it going?  I got a trophy once for the time when I was a bodybuilder in high school.  Hey, oh, you're a bodybuilder?  Hold me!  Maybe you wanna bench press this, yeah!  I like your purple bathrobe.  I know, do you wanna go see a movie maybe, is that what that is?  Oh, you can't even handle it, you can't--let's just fast forward, let them enjoy their Saturday.  Yeah, they're just gonna do--just enjoy--I don't know why they switched beds.  Why are they sleeping in different beds?  Oh, well, who knows? 

So we did it.  We finally got Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton together, though apparently, they're not boyfriends yet.  I don't know how long it takes to become someone's boyfriend, but apparently forever.  You are gonna tell me all about it in the comments, aren't you?  Well, I appreciate you doing that, and I'll see you next time.  Thanks for watching.  DFTBA.