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Edited By Tim Thomas


Hank: Hello and welcome to Games with Hank. I'm Hank and this is games with me, you know who else is Hank?

Katherine: Haeeeeaaeey, it's me! Luigi Katherine! ...Hank.

Hank: I just call her Luigi now. Hank Luigi Katherine. (beep) Last time we defeated two levels, got three or four stars and then we were going to level four, and we got caught on this island of Bowser.

Katherine: What's it say? It says something. The banquet...

Hank: The Banquet with Hisstocrat. Is that like an aristocrat?

Katherine: Kitty? Hissycat?

Hank: Is it an aristo- an aristo- no, hiss-hisstocat. Hisstocrat. Like the hisstocratic oath?

Katherine: Hisstocrat. Like a... snake?

Hank: Maybe a snake? We're gonna find out what's in this thing, now. Uh, we did really well last level, but by we I mean me.

 World 3-B A Banquet with Hisstocrat (0:50)

Katherine: Somebody. I didn't do nothing. Cause I forgot how to play

Hank: because I gotta brag when it's me who's usually quite bad. I want to adjust the camera cause there were some cool fireworks. Oh kitty bell!

Katherine: Oh, sure.

Hank: Get it! There's more.

Katherine: Get what? Oh, okay.

Hank: I wouldn't have got it if I, if there wasn't a second-

Katherine: Meow, meow!

Hank: Meow, meow! Uh, we're gonna play the piano, play the pioo-pioo-noo. What, do I get in this? I do. Oh, f- ooh, that actually gave me a little bit of the like the feel in the stomach Assassin's Creed feeling.

Katherine: I don't wanna get out.

Hank: Well you have to cause we're now in the center pit and there's going to be... a snake.

Katherine: A snake.

Hank: It's got a robe on, it has to be nice! OK, well don't stand where the, those things are. Oh, there's other, there's more of them.

Katherine: What do I have to do? What is the goal?

Hank: You've got to climb.

Katherine: Was that me?

Hank: Well I, I hit you with my, my- Oh, come on! You've got to get on top of those, gotta climb the things. Oh man. Oh man. Keep running, keep running into you, not helping. They've given us plenty of kitty bells, that's for sure.

Katherine: Yeah.

Hank: Oh man, it is hard. Oh, wow! They're not giving, they're not attacking- well now they are.

Katherine: You guys this is gonna be...

Hank: This is gonna be a while.

Katherine: It's gonna be frustrating for you to watch, I imagine.

Hank: It's gonna be a while. Oh you can climb them! You can climb them, this is an important- Why did I turn into a bubble, you idiot game! OK, you can just climb them, you don't have to like... OK, climb the back, and then, oh man.

Katherine: And then what?

Hank: I think you have to jump on this thing's head. The king.

Katherine: No, it's got an X.

Hank: Heeey! I hit him one time! Yeah, uh-oh is right. Now he's gonna be mad. Uhh-hoo! That one was close! Don't go to where the things on the ground are.

Katherine: Ugh, climb. Climb, kitty, climb!

Hank: What? Don't turn me into a bubble if the whole point of the game is to get to that!

Katherine: Oh my god, I couldn't see myself and so I couldn't jump on it.

Hank: Ugh, frigar-frig-frigar-frigur-frigur!

Katherine: I do not have very good control over myself as a kitty. Or you know, just in general ever. Hnnng! God, I was not close at all!

Hank: I got him! I got him. I got him again.

Katherine: Good job babe. Once again MVP. I'm worried, I'm worried, I'm worried, I'm worried...

Hank: It's OK. Oh, this guy doesn't have a plate on his head.

Katherine: OK, don't jump on him, cause he's, he'll turn you not into a kitty.

Hank: I'm a kitty, I'm- where did I go? Come o- get- ughh... Where did you go?

Katherine: Oh, boy.

Hank: What, why did I turn into not kitty?

Katherine: His plate fell off, and then it was no longer...

Hank: OK, now you're a kitty, I'm a kitty, everybody- you just picked me up.

Katherine: Sorry!

Hank: Swapping--

Katherine: Oh, crap, a thing fell on my head. (singing) A thing fell on my head, you guys. Oh no, a-dario, a thing fell on my head.

Hank: Oh, man! We are not good at this! This new mechanic is no fun!

Katherine: I had no fun, no fun for me! La la la la la la la la la!

Hank: OK. Ugh, too far!

Katherine: No! Ugh!

Hank: Ow, I got hit by a thing that fell from the sky. Why does the kitty bell disappear just because a little snake has to go back into the dirt? What are these things? They're not even snakes, they're some kind of worms, why do, snakes don't dive into the dirt all the time.

Katherine: No, they don't. Now...

Hank: OK, why do you keep doing that?

Katherine: Shoot... Do snakes like dirt?

Hank: Oh, come on! I was close!

Katherine: These back ones back here are really (?) super bad. But come up the front, it's just really not useful.

Hank: I can't see anything. This is not a well designed level!

Katherine: It's really bad.

Hank: They've stopped doing that thing.

Katherine: Can't see myself.

Hank: Oh, come on, how did I miss? Ohhh, it went into the ground again!

Katherine: I think it would be easier if there was just one of us, probably.

Hank: Well, I think part of it's I can't see where I am.

Katherine: Yeah, I know. I know. I think it would be easier if there was just one of us because the camera would be following one person instead of all of us.

Hank: Yes. Yes!

Katherine: Yeah. Cuz like, you could not see yourself

Hank: Like, the other thing was like, you weren't, I was- I'm just bouncing on his head. But were never gonna- Yeah, yeah, yeah... Oh, oh it's in the air! (laughs)

Katherine: You have to jump for it. Get in the pipe, GET IN THE PIPE, ONE SECOND!!

Hank: Oh my god are you serious right now?! Oh, what? What? Are you serious?

Katherine: I don't like this game.

Hank: That was ridiculous! It didn't speed up the t- the noise, at least I never noticed it happen.

Katherine: It made the noise.

Hank: It never made the fast music.

(Katherine sighs)

Hank: Oh my god.

Katherine: Let's not show that one.

Hank: No, we have to show that because that's ri-ludicrous.

 Replay (7:47)

Hank: We're gonna do it, just fine. We're gonna do it again and it'll be great.

Katherine: Right, tell me what I can do to help though, because like I feel like if we could collaborate or something, we...

Hank: I think I'll go on the left, you go on the right.

Katherine: But then the camera's all splitty.

Hank: Oh, mmm, yeah, I mean part of- yeah, cuz like occasionally I would climb the thing and the camera would put me into a frickin bubble because I was too high up and I was off the screen.

Katherine: Yeah, but if there was just one of us.

Hank: Missed. Alright, we got our first! Much faster than last time, and also your first hit of the times.

Katherine: Yep.

Hank: Oh yeah. They completely missed.

Katherine: Climb it. Climb him, kitty.

Hank: Jump it!

Katherine: Ugh!

Hank: It's OK, it's OK, we have lots of time, we've got 405 seconds to beat it. Grrr-drrr! Oh no, it's so hard to know where I am.

Katherine: Climb it, god dangit!

Hank: (laughs) Oh, man. Now throw a bunch of things at me, throw a bunch of rocks. Always falling on- this is so easy, is the problem. Like, we're never gonna die. We might run out of time, but other than that...

Katherine: Where are we? God dangit!

Hank: I got hit by a sky ball.

Katherine: Did you? Or did you just...

Hank: Yeah, cause I got my...

Katherine: Maybe his plate cracked. Oh great, I ran into him as he was coming out and now neither of us are cats.

Hank: Neither of us are cats. Oh, now I'm tiny.

Katherine: Woah, I just almost vaulted off the freakin edge!

Hank: Don't do that. Where's a kitty bell?

Katherine: How do I climb?

Hank: You point in the direction, that's all.

Katherine: Ugh! Oh, a rock fell on me! Great!

Hank: You got hit by a rock. Awesome. Oh, I have one in here. Oh, jeez. Ugh! Yes! OK, alright, keep bouncing on that snake's head. We have 252 seconds to pick up our coins.

Katherine: Phew! Hey, let's do it. Get in the pipe, get in the pipe, pooped in the pipe and get in the pipe!

Hank: I was like, in- well I guess we wouldn't even have done it.

Katherine: We wouldn't even have made it.

Hank: Yeah.

Katherine: Oh my god.

Hank: Oh yeah. Well, that was something else. Ow this gives me a hand cramp.

Katherine: (laughs) Yep.

Hank: Oop.

Katherine: Oh no! (laughs)

Hank: I missed by a lot! I missed by a lot. Alright, we did it. What's wrong? It was kind of awful, it was a little embarrassing, I agree.

Katherine: I have a headache.

Hank: You have a headache 'cause of hippocagies.

Katherine: I don't know.

Hank: You beat me by a lot.

Katherine: That time.

Hank: That's true.

Katherine: If we'd won the last time you would have won because of how you did all the work.

Hank: That's true. (laughs) Alright. Saving, yes, great, lets get to the fourth world.

Katherine: Stupid hisstocrat.

Hank: Yes, I was seeing if there would be a hidden, maybe a secret down there.

Katherine: A secret?

Hank: A reason for that place to not-

Katherine: Are we back in the desert?

Hank: Oh no, it's glowing purple!

Katherine: That one does not look good.

Hank: Oh, we did not like the look of it. Uh, OK. Let's go here. There's a little purple bug.

 World 4-1 Ant Trooper Hill (12:40)

Hank: Ant! It's an ant, it's an ant trooper.

Katherine: I don't like it.

Hank: I know you don't like ants. Our cat ate an ant the other day and it tasted really bad, cause she was very unhappy. She was like, there was spit coming all out of her mouth.

Katherine: She was foaming.

Hank: Oh, well these ants are troopers. You just jump right off of them all the time. Oh, but don't walk into their butts.

Katherine: Yeah, no, don't walk into their butts.

Hank: (singing) Give me a rope that can carry two and both shall row, my rope and I. Alright.

Katherine: You have kitty claws, right?.

Hank: I do, but apparently it doesn't--

Katherine: Well I'll just...

Hank: Panic!

Katherine: (? 13:38)What's, what's-

Hank: What's the plan? I'm gonna go now. Oh, I missed.

Katherine: (laughs) Did you see that?

Hank: Oh, you can totally claw these guys.

Katherine: Yes! But you can also bounce on them.

Hank: Not those ones with the plunger heads.

Katherine: Cannot bounce on the spike hats, but you may be able to claw them.

Hank: I bet you can claw them.

Katherine: But you can also just...

Hank: Avoid them. Which is the peaceful solution. Oh, panic.

(Katherine laughs)

Hank: Get up the, get up!

Katherine: Mario's so bad at jumping.

Hank: Yes, also Hank is so bad at everything. (? 14:28) Great justice. Break off every zig. Move zig, move zig, move zig, you know what you're doing, break off of your zig. I got a stamp for you.

Katherine: Did you just break--

Hank: Breaking stuff!

Katherine: Yeah.

Hank: Oh, there was something there.

Katherine: Oh, I thought you had gotten it and that's why-- Ow.

Hank: What?

Katherine: OK, go. Go! Oh no, can you kill them first? Instead of-

Hank: No, just stay where you are. Turned into a rabid beast, yes, of bubbliness. Oh great! What a wonderful surprise, those are big ants. What's up, honey?

Katherine: There's a star.

Hank: OK, there's a star there, yeah, I can see it. Thanks. These guys are big. Nope. Woo-woo! Alright, alright, oh what the heck? I had an alternate solution to that problem. Wall climby kitty!

(Katherine laughs)

Hank: Oh, you have to bounce on them. (?)

Katherine: You can just climb.

Hank: Uh, I can't because I am not a kitty any more.

Katherine: Aww.

Hank: But good job!

Katherine: Speaking of kitties...

Hank: Oh yeah, our kitty!

Katherine: She was like (wobbly meow). Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god!

Hank: Why couldn't I get it?

Katherine: I don't know. Why didn't you get it?

Hank: Where is it? Where is it?

Katherine: I fell off the edge.

Hank: Nuh! Nuh! Nuh! Nuh!

(Both laugh)

Hank: Just wall jump all the way down! You got one too. Use it. Make yourself a kitty, baby.

Katherine: Meow! (Sighs)

Hank: Go on in. Go on in, please, please!

Katherine: I tried! I never know which one is Z and which one is the other one.

Hank: Oh, yeah. Nicely done. Yeah! That's my girl. (?) secrets.

Katherine: Now they know about that (? 17:30) OK, I want to come with you. Oh, sugary Robinson. bubbles! Bubbles, I want a bubbles in a bubble. There you go!

Hank: There it is!

Katherine: There it is. You're gonna have to jump on his head, though. Just stay jumping on his head, it's all fine, it's fine.

Hank: (? 18:00) Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh!

Katherine: Yeah! I bubbled.

Hank: Yeeeah! You bubbled, that was lucky.

Katherine: I did not mean to, it just happened for me.

Hank: Yaaaaay! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!

Katherine: Wait...

(Both laugh)

Katherine: Just let me get on that pole. Let me get on it cause otherwise nothing.

Hank: Get on that pole. Thank you for watching this episode of Hank and Katherine play Hankgames on Hankgames Games With Hank.

Katherine: Yep.

Hank: For watching.

Katherine: DFTBA.

(Clicking noise off camera)