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Edited by Tim Thomas

Hello and welcome to Games with Hank, I am Hank, this is Games with me.  Today i've discovered a website called Alpha Beta Gamer that is just pre-release alphas and betas of games that need of maybe some help but the games are free and there are a lot of them and some of them look pretty fun.  

Today we're going to be playing a game from Alpha Beta Gamer called  "Paint the Town Red".  Now this is a Minecraft looking game BUT it is violent and there is blood and stuff so i'll be painting the town red in a bar with peoples blood.

 Game 1 (0:35)

Alright here I am....oh gosh....well the last time there was a little intro screen so i feel like i missed something.

(singing) Hit that guy in the head.

(speaking) Oh you don't wanna get hit by the bottle by me....i tell you what... i'm good at that. Oh..Oh I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Pick up. E. E. E. Aghh. There's a lot of you guys.  I stabbed you, Oh,  in the calf.  Yes, E, ok Good. Oh man there are so...oh wow there are a lot of you guys. Oh I hit you in the cue ball and you just started bleeding out of your chest, oh and I died. Alright.

 Game 2  (1:28)

Oh my god i've been MADE, i've been made.  They have surrounded the building, there is no escape, I am sorry, alright so I just have to die.  Come here, come here.  You're covered in blood so you can't see anything. 

Oh gosh, Oh gosh, Oh gosh, Oh gosh, ok that was bad.

 Game 3 (1:52)

no mugs, run away.  Hey buddy, AH, who are you...where did you come from?  E,E,E, where is the frickin Eeeee? Oh hohoho

 Game 4 (2:25)

I can DO THIS! ARGH!  That went right into you eye. Oh man I'm already really low on health you guys.  That happened fast. But apparently punching people makes me feel better.  I got...oh..sorry about that pool cue in your face.   I knocked you arm off with a cup.  Eurgh.  Ok, alright.  I feel like I could be more effective at this.

 Game 5 (3:24)

Yeah. Punching people makes me feel better. That's how...that's how the game works.  But there's still some bad guys in here somewhere.  I don't know where though.  Bad guys? Where are you?  Oh, that's a..there's a bunch of you.  Oh gosh, oh gosh.  NO! my thing broke, argh! god no, too many bodies!

You move much faster when you're jumping. Why? Who knows? Argh. no no no no no no why...i just had to run over all their heads! What just happened? OH IT GLITCHED!  NO! I was doing well! What's going on?! 

 Game 6 and 7 (5:00)

You've been made.  They have surrounded the building, I'm sorry, there is no escape.  Alright.  Oh, there's a block function. Ok, well I did poorly.  Much worse that time than I did previous times. Ok. 

You guys ok down there? squishy squishy noises? Who's next? Any body else want any more of the fun? Oh, you do apparently, AH! where did you come from?  OOh there's a pool cue inside a you. Oh wow there's a lot of you guys, there's a lot of you.  I am really close to death now.  

(6:16) Throw the chair! (sings) get a chair, throw the chair. Get a chair, throw it too fast. Get a stool, knock a dude's arm off.  Get a chair, hit em in the head. Go the office, what's in the office? Can i open this door?  Not..not really. Awww.  

(new song) Where's a bad guy? You know there's got to be a bad guy in this place, there he is, there he is, there's that bad guy, grab a stool,  he didn't care but that one did , i hit him in the hair, oh in the hair, oh in the hair, run away. 

(Speaking) I hit you two, i hit two of you, i hit...the guy behind was the one I actually hurt.  Come on. You gonna come up the stairs? Yeah you are.  OH OH totally wasn't worth it for you was it? You do not wanna have this fight right now. WHAT? I was a..WHAT?! full blue! What does the blue mean if it's not my health?  No! it was so close!  oh, I don't understand!

 Game 8 and summary (7:41)

What? Cue.  Hit cue.  Oh. Whoa! Oh man. Oh jeez that was surprisingly intense. (laughs). WHAT IS THIS GAME!

Ok. Alright.  Well that's what this game was.  I think that it probably just continues throwing more guys at you forever.  It's an early, early alpha so...are they fighting each other now?..I don't know.

(8:26) So.  I think that's pretty much what this game is. I think I pretty much played it. I think that's...I got..I figured out how to snipe people which was nice...i suppose...and they're rolling over my corpse now so that's good.

Thanks for watching this episode of Games with Hank.  The game has been "Paint the Town Red", it's available on Alpha Beta and DFTBA.