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Edited by Tim Thomas
Hello and welcome to Games with Hank, I am Hank, this is Games with Me.

Today the game was decided just by me asking on Twitter, @hankgreen: "Who would like to see what me play?" That's what I said. I said "Who would like to see what me play?" And the people on Twitter suggested things, now one thing that they suggested was AGAR.IO.

Now as everyone knows, agar is that substrate that you use to, like - jello, it's a gelatinous - some kind of - it's agar. You know what agar is. 

Hello! Type your nick or leave it empty! Your nick could be Nick, but my nick's gonna be Honk. Honk. 

Where am I going. Where are you going? What. What's going on?
Am I controlling this? Right now? Whaaagh, my dad! Go away dad! 
Oh, I'm - ur dad. (dies)

oooooh! Use your MOUSE to control your cell, I was was WSADing - I've been -  (restarts) No! Bad. 

What's spinning do? Spinning. It said I - this is hilarious that I couldn't figure out - oooh, look at all these. Yes, there's so many dots. Alright. Is there sound at all? I don't have my headphones on, so I have no idea if this game has sound.

Woooagh, weevil18, woooaaaaAaAaAgh, goodness gracious, ah gooba booba goop goop goop. I love this game alr(eady-) woagh, I ran into the wall. You can't get me, I'm the gingerbread man, I ran into another wall. Oh gosh. Oooh gosh. Ooh gosh. (dies) Oh jeez, w=friend. 

Honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, aaaa LatinCreamKing cannot catch me, I'm too fast for LatinCreamKing, yes, I am, I'm too fast!  Too fast, I can get mudandrocks, though, I just ate a person for the very first time, yeah!  I ate a human being, not really.  What's this thing?  I don't know.  Is it bad?  Oh, it's like a place where you can hide, potentially.  Ahh?  Ohh?  Ohhh, ohh, ohhh, oh so ma--it just exploded up onto the scene!  

Oh man, gotta get out, gotta get big, I gotta get super big.  This game is so fun, wow, all those vaginas just came flying at me!  Whoo!  Okay.  Swaggothebeythe, alright, I ate that person.  Swooookay.  Oh, I can split into twos.  Herba-gerba-gerp-gerp-herpa-burp, can I unsplit?  Can I unsplit again?  How do I unsplit?  Llama, you cannot-whoaaaaa, llamamama!  I don't think that llama was actually necessarily bigger than me, though, it was uncl--oh my God, oh my God, bear.  Oh ga--hrrpakitchipapadapoopa, how do I get back into naaaaaaah!  I'm not (?~3:07), oh my goodness.  Okay, alright, I gotta go through--oh, oh, I turned into just me now.  Oh, they're so fast, how did they get so fast?  Why BuTToWiskyWin, oh, I just used that guy to block me for me.  That was extremely effective.  Eat, eat, eat eat eat, all the dots, eat all the dots.  Beesnuts!  No, it says deeznuts, it was--hooooo.  I feel like a pro right now, oop is freaking me out though, so I gotta move on.  Oh, wow, look at all--oh, boobs.  How do I--how do I live, livin' without you?  I just got si--oh, no, Max!  I love this game, it's so fun.

Oh, you're so much faster when you're a little crustacean, man.  So, you can eject some mass to go extra super fast.  cade can't get me, I'm too fast for cade.  Qing--the Qing Dynasty is after me.  Oh, I found the edge of the screen, which is never good.  Alright, these lo--this is a big one.  That's like, an extra big one.  Alright, dylan's got a lot of split up ma--alright.  I gotta get bigger, man, I gotta get bigger fast.  Oh, this looks good.  Oh, wow, FeedTeam just--what are you gonna do to me, FeedTeam, you can't do anything.  Well, unless you corner me with your friend blob.  Oh, God, the CIA's here.  Oh man.  I'm slow.  This is a well-designed game and I like it!  I like it!  LatinCreamKing, I actually think I've seen LatinCreamKing.  Hello, Qing Dynasty, again.  Why aren't you even trying to get me?  I don't understand, you should be attacking me.  

I like the looks of some things that I've seen, mostly all those little dots, oh, blob.  Those little dots, they want to be me!  They want to be inside of my body, yeah, yeah, they want to be a part of me, make a part of me, make a part of me, yeah.  Gonna make 'em part of me, and blob thinks I'm gonna eat you, but Dangell, you're all mine if I can catch you, Dangell, yeah, wanna catch Dangell, I really wanna catch Da--I really wanna catch Dangell.  Raaaaaawr, I got distracted by the rr and cade.  Whoa goodness gracious me.  Ohhhh, that's not what I wanted to have happen, what just hap--what on earth?  I'm much faster now, which is good, I guess.  Alright, I'm gonna collect a lot of mass here, how do I turn back in--wow, look at me, I'm collecting so much mass right now.  Oh yeah, how do I--oh, yeah, I'm just sweepin' it up.  How do I--ohhh, Max just ate a couple of me and more!  Oh no, I was doing so well.  Now I am no longer doing so well.  

I like it when people don't know what's going on.  Yerp.  PoopButt!  BeenEatingYou.  Oh, hey, smi--oh gosh, there was an edge.

One last try, and I'm gonna get big this time.  I'm gonna--I'm gonna get big.  I don't know how, but I'm gonna do it.  I'm startin' off super small, but I'm gonna get big.  Unless I get immediately devoured, which I almost did, but I'm so spry, you can't catch me as fast as fast can be.  I'm the gingerbread man.  You're not gonna get any of those dots, 'cause I'm so fast, that's right!  Oh gosh, don't really know, ohhhhh.  I just got eaten by that.

Oh man, I want GayLuigi so bad right now.  Oh man, oh man.  Oh, doge took it from me, took it away.  Oh, and then blob also. Ew, don't know why blob did not kill me just then, it feels like he could have, but I'm fine, don't worry about me, I (?~7:25) oh gosh, oh goodness gracious, oh my gracious me.  (?~7:31), you are maybe gonna be in some trouble right now.  Whoa, except for MrJuggles, who I just ate quite a bit of and am going to eat much more of, and I am loving this so much.  Oh, MrJuggles, you just, oh NateManPro, oh come on, ohh, ohh, I'm so big now!  Oh yeah, oh yeahhh.  Oh man, oh no no no no no, are you serious right now?!  No, my god, no, no, no, no!  No, what the frick just happened?!  AAUUUGHH, nooooo, I'm tiny again!  Oh God.  I did an amazing thing and then I undid an amazing thing!  Oh, it's awful.  Gaaahh--man, I can't believe I did that, that's so disappointing and now I see all this strategy that I never understood before, and you've really gotta watch out for those things.  

You've BeenEatingMe, really?  Yeah, you can do nothing, you can do nothing to me.  That's right, you wanna avoid that, don't you?  Yeah, you sure do wanna avoid that thing, what does it do?  I don't know.  I don't know, I don't really get it.  I don't really know how they work.  But I do know that oh, goodness, gracious, really wasn't paying attention there.  Really wasn't.  

Alright, this is a fun game, I liked it.  Thank you for watching this episode of Games with Hank, I've been Hank, and the game has been AGAR.IO, which is super fun, and I've got a score of 653.  I'm sure I will play this game again, though I don't know if I will play it on Games with Hank again.  Probably I'll do it right now, let's be honest.  Alright, oh my goodness, look how big LatinCreamKing got!  Okay, I really wanna be better at this game, okay, thanks for watching and DFTBA.