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Edited by Tim Thomas

 Intro and World 4-3 Beep Block Skyway

Hank: Hello and welcome to Games with Hank. I'm Hank, and this is games with me. You know who else is Hank? We maybe need to still work... last episode of Wii Wednesday I was unkind.

The Beep Block Skyway, again sounds like a ton of fun. Oooh my goodness the future happened. How did we get-

Katherine: Just doing some exploratory dying.

Hank: Careful. Ohp! Okay it's good to be a raccoon on this level. Alright, excellent. You stay in that bubble.

Katherine: Stop.

Hank: Oh oh I didn't see what is that.

Katherine: There's two of me. I don't really think this is a benefit.

Hank: Definitely, especially when one of you is on your head. It's matched to the music. Always better to have one.

Katherine: One falls off the other one can-

Hank: (imitating game sound effect) Wah-ha-ha-ha!

Katherine: I don't have any more lives, so I'm not coming back. It's like a part you can't do unless there's-

Hank: But there are two of me!

Katherine: Your other one is real dumb.

(Hank laughs)

Katherine: There you go! Well done.

Hank: Heey! I made an explosion of coins.

Katherine: Yay, Luigi time! Hi, I'm real bad at... job.

Hank: Oh, there's a freakin' hammer brother.

Katherine: Oh, I ran right into it, that's cool.

Hank: Auugh, well you get to have a crown. I'm not coming back.

Katherine: Oh no, really?

Hank: Jump! Go in. Woah! I'm not coming back.

Katherine: (? 2:19)It seems like it.

Hank: Who knows. I know, me neither. Woah, I don't know how that- This is awesome, look at this art. Pow box him. (?) freaking air. You didn't die, anyway. There's three of you. Beep, beep, beep, blue.

Katherine: (Sighs) No pressure, you guys.

Hank: Beep, beep, beep, blue. Beep, beep, beep, pink. Beep, beep, beep, blue.

Katherine: Did not have enough confidence to keep going there.

Hank: No you did not.

Katherine: Heey, flag!

Hank: Hey, alright, it was all worth it! There's only three of you?

Katherine: No, I have four. What?

Hank: No, you only have three. Look at your little troop! There was a cherry at the end of one of those things, though.

Katherine: Yeah there was.

Hank: I don't remember where it was, though.

Katherine: Down here.

Hank: Oh. Vrrg-hrrp! Blrr-krrp! Oh yeah, you're getting good at this. Now there's four of you, you bunch of weirdos.

(Katherine laughs)

Hank: Go on up there, get that stamp.

Katherine: It's just a stamp. That's it?

Hank: I love this level, it's so cool.

Katherine: OK. All of us weirdos.

(Music speeds up)

Katherine: Uh oh. (Laughs) Oh no!

Hank: Doot, doot, doot.

Katherine: Oh, I guess I could have just done that.

Hank: You maybe could have. Oh that was just this place. Oh man, alright. March along, four weirdos. Go that way, yeah.

Katherine: Oh, shoot.

Hank: Jump! Oh my gosh, I love this. Oh no, oh you saved it, you saved it!

(Both scream)

Hank: (Laughs) Oh, man!

Katherine: It was like my nightmare! I no like it! It's diagonal and, ugh! (grumbles) Above nothing! Above nothing.

Hank: It's diagonal, I hate the diagonal.

Katherine: I did ok up until then. I didn't like it. Ok, let's do it again now that there's two of us.

Hank: Ok. This level is weird.

 Replay (5:15)

Katherine: Beep, beep, beep, beep! Hope you like the music cause it's pretty repetitive.

Hank: I do like it.

Katherine: Where are you going?

Hank: I don't know, I'm in a hurry.

Katherine: Oh no, no, pfft!

Hank: Ooh, I lucked out! You did that much more easily than me.

Katherine: I'm stuck over here.

Hank: Oh, I lost one. Ooh, good job! I'm glad you grabbed that because I just went into a box.

Hank: Lost everybody, everybody dead. Sorry. There's only one of me.

Katherine: It's alright, who cares about a stamp? Hey, now!

Hank: Sorry, sorry! Peace in our time!

Katherine: (Laughs) Oh my god. And then you just keep going! Ok, that's cool. That's right, come back to me.

Hank: Right, this is gonna be a little bit nutso.

Katherine: My hands are all sweaty. Frickety Frickit. Use your two, use your twosome!

Hank: I don't have a twosome. Ugggh! There was like two left! We seriously did not get it. Alright.

Katherine: Don't! You just wait your little butt.

Hank: So slippery.

Katherine: Shit. Oh, sorry.

Hank: Yeah. Yeah. I died again but it's ok, everything's fine.

(Katherine sobs)

Hank: Why is that not the end? Why- (Laughs) Katherine's crying in the corner. Hey, we got one!

Katherine: (Screams) Three dimensions! (Screams, sobs)

Hank: Let go of me! I'm just running. (Laughs) Jump!

Katherine: Eeeee!

Hank: Yay! You did it! You did it! It's ok. You're so strong.

Katherine: (Incoherent crying sounds) My hands are so sweaty.

Hank: They are very sweaty. Cold and sweaty!

Katherine: (Laughs) Yeah.

Hank: Oh, man!

Katherine: Oh yeah, keeping it clammy up in here.

Hank: Keeping it clammy.

Katherine: Clam it up!

Hank: Oh, you won.

Katherine: That's how you know you're working hard!

Hank: I loved that level, that was so cool.

Katherine: (imitating level music) Bing, bing, bing!

Hank: Bwuh!

Katherine: It's like the pressure of life coming to get you, from the... beyond.

 World 4-4 Big Bounce Byway (10:00)

Hank: I'm gonna try this one, World 4-4 Big Bounce Way, Big Bounce Byway, Big Bounce- Big bounce way.

Katherine: Big bounce buh-bway-buh-bay-buh-bwow. Ok, wait a second.

Hank: Oh, is this one of those bounce things? Ok, well that's not how that works. Pro tip: Don't just jump off the dang edge

Katherine: (Laughs) Ok. What? Oh my god, no.

Hank: Yes.

Katherine: No, no, no.

Hank: Oh, yes.

Katherine: No, I don't want to. I don't want to do it. I don't want to do it!

Hank: Oh, god!

Katherine: I said I didn't want to do it!

Hank: Oh man, I'm down for the count again. Down for the count.

Katherine: Little. I'm so little. Luigi.

Hank: That is--

Katherine: Not helping?

Hank: Oh, look at me!

Katherine: Oh my god, stop, stop!

Hank: What are you doing?

Katherine: Trying to get whatever's in this thing. Maybe something to make me big.

Hank: Where did our kitty bells go?

Katherine: Used them, possibly? Oh this will be frustrating. Me! Me! Me want it! Oh my god.

Hank: I was tiny too!

Katherine: You were not. No.

Hank: You're right, Katherine.

Katherine: "But I saw a thing and I wanted it, so I went and got it, because who cares about somebody else? That's the moral of the story when you're Mario. Just keep going, who cares about your brother, or a princess, or whatever. Screw 'em. Just keep going, just keep going, you know." Frikkity! Hnng! I want this, I want it! I want it so bad. Hank!

Hank: Hey, thanks.

Katherine: I popped you and you fell, sorry.

Hank: Come on back. Oh, those things. Oh, I should've (?)- agh! What?

Katherine: (Laughs) Come here brother.

Hank: I'm gonna jump on your head.

Katherine: No, come here. Go get it.

Hank: Thank you for throwing me up there.

Katherine: You're welcome. One person can achieve more than just doing their own thing, all by themselves, all the time. (Laughs) Ok, I mean, I maybe didn't do that on purpose, but I'm not sad about it.

Hank: (laughs) Run away!

Katherine: Climb a tree, climb a tree!

Hank: Oh, coins.

Katherine: Ugh, I landed right on it! Of course, why wouldn't I? Eat my dust.

Katherine: Don't you dare, that's mine.

Hank: (? 13:45)

Katherine: That's mine. Oh shoot! (? 14:00) Oh, I missed again.

Hank: Come with me, little dot of energy.

Katherine: Got there, get it. Now step on it, jump on it! Jump on it! Jump on it! Jump on it! I don't understand why this is not happening! Maybe you have to put two on top of one another?

Hank: I don't know, cuz you only got one.

Katherine: That's a lot to figure out in a very limited amount of time. Ok, I don't like this. I don't really like what's going on here.

Hank: Oh, I see. It's very bouncy.

Katherine: I don't like it. And it's moving, keep up with it. And, oh god, you've got to stay with it cause it's keep going. Hoo boy. Ohhh boy.

Hank: Panic! Dead Hank.

Katherine: Panic. Panic party, is a panic time. For party panics. Party panics.

Hank: So many little bugs! Alright, I'm inside-a da box. But we only have twenty eight seconds.

Katherine: Thank you brother!

(Both laugh)

Hank: Woo, success! Alrighty!

Katherine: Could have done better.

Hank: We could have done better.

Katherine: Missed that star, missed that other star. Oh man.

Hank: We didn't get stars, yeah. We got a Toad stamp though, so that's not nothing.

Katherine: Woo.

Hank: Alright, let's see who's the winner. Bowp! You are.

Katherine: Because I had a crown. I had a crown.

Hank: You also got higher than me on the thing. But you had me by a lot of points. Thanks for watching this episode of Games with Hank, I've been Hank, the game has been Super Mario 3D World. Katherine has also been Hank, she's feeling good, she's motivated, she's stressed out and sleepy and wants to watch Netflix.

Katherine: (Laughs) My head hurts. I got the clam hands.

Hank: Oh yes, oh, that's cold, it's cold. Thanks for watching. DFTBA.