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Hank visits Ze Frank, Greg, Matt, Aaron, and Bernie...FUN!
Hello and welcome to Vlog Every Day in April! My second day in LA, and I have no idea which day in Vlog Every Day in April it is. But, if you watch Ze Frank, that's where I am right now. I'm in Ze Frank's little studio thing, and we just filmed some stuff together, which I'm excited about using later. I don't think you'll get to see Ze in this video. You probably will. Ze! Ze! Ze! So this morning, I had breakfast with the team from Mediocre Films, which is just Greg Benson.

GREG: One of my catchphrases that you've probably seen in my videos is "I love when the coffee's done."

And also the team from Blame Society Films.

HANK: Do you have any catchphrases?

MATT: Get up. Daily.

Tonight I'm going over to Grace's house to film a DailyGrace and a You Deserve a Drink, and I did a Ze Frankenfriends, which will be coming out at some point. Surprise. Only people who watch hankschannel will know about that. Ze Frankenfriends. It's like Ze Frankenstein except Ze Frankenfriends. En, not n, or and. Frankenfriends. Just to be clear. I'm enjoying the Ze offices very much. If you ever wanted to know what's on this shelf, I'm gonna show you. There it is. These things. There's ducks, and there's more ducks, and there's books. Yeah. And if you go wide, you will see that there's things besides this shelf. I'm totally pullin' back the curtain. I also went and had lunch with Bernie Su.

HANK: Hey, Bernie, what are we doing in LA?

BERNIE: We're celebrating the success of Lizzie Bennet Diaries?

HANK: Yeah, with this bread. We just ate a lot of bread.

BERNIE: And this water.

HANK: Yeah, we partied hard.

And talked to the people who are helping us produce the next Lizzie Bennet-style thing. Sanditon being one, and another being another one that I can't tell you about yet, but yeah, I did that today as well. Geez. 4 meetings in a day? That makes me tired just thinking about it. Ze is extremely intelligent, as you would expect. He is always, I have to tell him to slow down. We get there. He's patient with me. I appreciate it. And they're about to have a meeting, and I'm going to sit in on it, and I'm going to see how they come up with ideas because Ze, I don't know if you know, also runs BuzzFeed video, and they make all kinds of really awesome, share-able, exciting, fun, interesting, entertaining, and educational content. I don't think you're going to get to see any Hannah Hart or Grace or Mamrie in this video because I'm going to have to edit this and upload it before I get over there, but they will be in tomorrow's Vlog Every Day in April from Los Angeles. Hope you're enjoying this so far. I think it's pretty cool that I got to show you, I got to like make a video on the Ze Frank set. Cool. All right. Bye-bye.