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A lot of nonsense in no particular order.
*footage of Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig dancing around to music*

MAMRIE: They're taking the recipe and changin' it, and they also have your placemat.

GRACE: Mine?

HANK: This is a video, honey.

MAMRIE: Well, f*ck.

HANK: Grace? Are you okay?

GRACE: Fine.

HANK: You're a little awkward on camera. I know, honey, it's fine. You'll get used to it.

GRACE: Everything sucks, and everything's terrible. All of these chips are the only thing that's keeping me going right now.

MAMRIE (singing): So many snacks of the chip variety.

GRACE: That was great. We're getting ready to shoot. When does this go live?

MAMRIE: Is your name Erik Estrada because this is a little CHIPS.

HANK: That's a joke that nobody's gonna get.


GRACE: Mom of the Internet, Mamrie Hart!

HANK: Jokes for people over 25 about Erik Estrada.

GRACE: Google it.

MAMRIE: Google it.

HANK: Google it.

MAMRIE: He's got a great groin.

HANK: He's got one of the best groins of the `80s.  (singing) Top 10 groins of the `80s!

GRACE: Why is that not a show?

HANK: Well, why is that not a show yet? Because Mamrie Hart hasn't done it.

MAMRIE (singing): Top 10 groins of the `80s.

HANK: There's nothin' wrong...

MAMRIE (singing): It's about crotches that have been drivin' you crazy. I said top ten groins of the `80s. He's packin' heat!

HANK: Who are you?

ZE FRANK: I'm Ze Frank.

HANK: What do you do?

ZE: I make media.

HANK: For who?

ZE: Everybody.

HANK: With what?

ZE: My hands.

HANK: How often?

ZE: Lots of times.

HANK: Are you sure you're Ze Frank?

ZE: Yes. Yes, I am.

HANK: You seem a little different than usual.

ZE (with a Canadian accent): What are you talking about?

HANK: How close can I get without you getting uncomfortable?

GRACE: It's too late to turn back now, right? I feel like I'm falling in love with every wall in this place.

MATT: Hank's in the bathroom right now. He doesn't know we're recording. Can you believe what we're doing?

AARON: It's so sneaky. He's right in there. Should we go to him? Should we actually go into the bathroom and see what we can...? Oh, he's coming. Oh, never... Was there poop? Did you poop?

HANK: I pooed. That's what I was doing in there.