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First VEDA from LA...and no it has no narrative flow...but these are going to be quick and dirty..I hope you enjoy it anyway :-)
It's Vlog Every Day in April from a car in Los Angeles! Now the way that this is gonna work, uh, while I'm in LA is you're probably going to see some stuff that you'll also see on the vlogbrothers channel, but I'll be taking some extra deleted scenes, extra footage as it were, so it might not make narrative sense, but who cares, right? You'll get to see Felicia Day and Hannah Hart. Today, at least. Who knows who else you'll get to see later? Who knows? I do. As long as nothing else falls through. See, that's why I don't want to, like, tell you, so if something happens, you'll be sad, and I don't want that. So let's get started!

Los Angeles! This town does confuse me a lot. I feel like you are always in Los Angeles, but you are never in Los Angeles. Every like four blocks, I feel like there's a new name. Right now I'm in NoHo [North Hollywood] apparently. It's all over the signs. Nobody ever talks about how this city can be kind of pretty actually.

We're here to see Hannah Hart! What are you doing? Why, what are you doing?

HANNAH: Oh, hello! Well today's Thursday, which is the day I post videos, but today I'm actually going to be doing something called Harto Movie Night, which is a livestream later tonight. So I'm just gonna shoot a quick video that just says, "Hey guys, let's hang out later tonight."

HANK: I wish I could be there with you.

HANNAH: I know! It's going to be so much fun. We're going to watch a documentary or a road trip movie. I don't know. I like to let 'em pick.

HANK: Something on Netflix?

HANNAH: Something on Netflix.

HANK: Something available on Netflix?

HANNAH: Just something.

HANK: That sounds fun. I'm going to be doing YouTubers React with the Fine Brothers tonight.

HANNAH: Oooh! That's fun. I've done two of those. They're really good. Are you good at reacting, Hank?

*Hannah goes "Ahhh" and puts her hands in Hank's face.

HANK: I don't do anything.

HANNAH (simultaneously): Nope, nope.

HANK: I wanted to punch you. Fight or flight, you know?

HANNAH: Yep, yep. Fight or flight.

HANK: We're in Harto House.

HANNAH: This is Hartoland. Let me take you on a quick living room tour.

HANK: Okay.

HANNAH: This is where I keep all my books. This is my office. This is where Harto happens a lot of times. And this is stuff. This is a jar full of buttons. This is my maple syrup in my kitchen.

HANK: This wide-angle lens makes you look like a twelve-year-old.

HANK: Yes, right by the "No Smoking" sign.

FELICIA: Somebody's doing an interview right over there.

HANK: Yeah, they've been babysitting for like, You're pretty short.

FELICIA: I know. I am pretty short.


FELICIA: Ahh. Hello.

HANK: What's the, uh, most common annoying question people ask you? What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?

FELICIA: Oh, what special superpower, if you could have a superpower, what would it be? Uh, what does Nathan Fillion smell like? I get that one a lot, or what's it like to work with blank? That's probably the most common one actually.

HANK: Okay. What's it like to work with Hank Green?

FELICIA: It's an amazing experience. I actually get so worked up I don't sleep for 3-4 days afterwards, and I have dreams of unicorns frolicking in a rocky, craggy sort of thing somewhere over there.

HANK: Over there?

FELICIA: In the parking lot, yeah.

HANK: In the parking lot.

HANK (singing): Back in the Chrysler again. I'm back in the Chrysler again!