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In which John talks about Nerdfighting, the first contributions from the Foundation to Decrease Suck Levels Worldwide, and Hank's goth phase.


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Good morning, Hank. It's April 6th: Good Friday. Well, it's Good Friday for me. For you, it's just regular, heathen Friday. Hank, you will no doubt note that the zit has not gone away. I was gonna take Good Friday off, but then at the end of your puppet show yesterday you said, "John, I'll see you tomorrow." And I don't like to disappoint you. So, here it is, tomorrow and you're seeing me.

(from bed; without glasses) But I'm so tired!

(back in front of the bookcases) Let's see what the commenters have to see about this subject. Commenter Quari writes, "Hey, I just wanted to say that you guys are awesome. I did have just one suggestion, however. You both seem, and I could be wrong, to be a bit down and not really wanting to make your bi-daily videos. I propose that you have every eighth week off to regenerate your humor and energy. Keep up the good work!" Oh, I see what you're trying to do. You're trying to tempt me. You're probably a popular person and you're scared because you see what we're doing. You see what the Nerdfighters are accomplishing and it worries you so you want us to take every eighth week off.

I'll admit, it an attractive idea. But does injustice take every eighth week off? Does despair take every eighth week off? Does global warming take every eighth week off? Does Dick Cheney take every eighth week off from intentionally misleading the American people about the relationship between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda? Does orbital cellulitis take every eighth week off? Does US Weekly take every eighth week off? Does suck take every eighth week off?

No! And nor shall we!

I'm an English literature Nerdfighter! I don't need to take days off to recharge. I just go to my room, read a couple stanzas of The Wasteland, and I'm good to go. We will stand and fight all year long, except for weekends and occasional holidays. Nerdfighters! (picture of a girl holding out her fists, on which she has written N-E-R-D-F-I-T-R) It reminds me of something the Ghetto Boyz once said. "Real gangster-ass Nerdfighters don't run from nothin' 'cuz real gangster-ass Nerdfighters can't run fast."

Good news, Hank. The Foundation to Decrease Suck is on the march. We've just made our first gift of $100 to One Kid One World, an organization that helps refugees in Africa. Thanks to all the contributors including, most notably, you, Hank. In other news, congratulations on completing your punishment via sock puppet theater. I would like to say, though, that as humiliating as those stories were they are not nearly humiliating enough. I think it's important that all Brotherhood 2.0 viewers see the picture that you put up in the comments. Oh my God.

The plain fact of the matter, Hank, is that it's one thing to look at a sock puppet that is ostensibly wearing lipstick and eye shadow. And it's quite another thing to look at (shows picture) Hank Green wearing black lipstick and eye shadow. (laughs) Can we see it again please? (shows it and laughs some more) Oh, my God.

It's true that I like The Cure a lot and that I was known to occasionally prowl the halls of Winter Park High School in ninth grade while wearing eyeliner, but I had the good sense never to let myself be photographed. Can we just do it one more time for people who might not have been watching earlier? Maybe you went out to get a sandwich or something and now ah- (shows picture; laughs) There he is! Dah! I love it! Thank you, God, most for this amazing picture of Hank.

Hank, I'll see you on Monday. Happy Easter!