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In which Hank worries over his status as a role model, and then talks about edible body gel...


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Good morning, John. It's Monday, April -- I don't care. The day after Easter is what it is. It's not actually the day after Easter, it's the day before Easter and I'm having a party at my house which you may be able to hear in the background. (party sounds) And I'm just going to walk upstairs and see what happens. (Carries camera upstairs to find music, people dancing, and a guy who has made a Batman mask with his fingers.)

Well, that wasn't exactly what I was expecting. But that's what happened. There were a lot of people there, and it was very fun. Kind of, maybe a little bit too fun for some people. Uh, maybe even a little bit too fun for me. I've heard that there may be some problems discussing certain aspects of our lives. And I don't know if I'm okay with that.

For example, when I drank that entire bottle of Strawberry Hill flavored citrus wine -- I didn't actually drink all of it -- there was some discussion about us as role models and binge drinking. Wow. Binge drinking. I'd really like to try that sometime because Hank looked like he was having a blast. (Shakes head.)

(shows picture of someone holding an Easter egg that reads, "Nerd Fighters") Nerdfighters!

So, I'm not entirely sure how much I should share in these videos, which is a little bit of a problem because you and I are brothers and we have to communicate. And that includes sharing things like my massive, colossal hangover. And the Easter party that I went to where, instead of candies in the eggs, there were condoms and other forms of contraception, and also edible body gels.

So you think you can embarrass me? Hmmm. I can embarrass me worse than you can embarrass me. Wait, no. Yes! That was a horrible, horrible picture of me. Limp wristed and eyelinered and those glasses really are horrible. And as horrible as that picture was, I've decided to embrace it. I sent that picture off to a laboratory and I had them convert it. (each description has accompanying image) And I had them turn me into a baby and a manga character and a young person and an old person and a drunk person and a monkey.

And through all of it, none of 'em were as embarrassing as the original. (shows it) But I'm sure that there are even more embarrassing pictures of me out there, and I know that there are more embarrassing pictures of you out there. And I'm gonna find 'em.

I'll see you tomorrow.