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In which PJ quizzes you on your knowledge of internet memes.

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So, that was a lie. It's believed that in 1814, Leo Tolstoy played the game with his brother where he told him not to think about the white bear. But the true origins of the game we all know and hate, actually came from a student at the Cambridge University science fiction society.

I do apologize for failing you and subsequently making you lose the game, again.

And that's all the facts. How did you do, did you get 5/5? What does the count say about your Internet level? Can you has cheezeburger? [groans] I hope you had fun with this episode of Truth or Fail and if you want to play some more Truth or Fail head over to or if you'd like to see some more of me, head over to Thanks for playing and uh, see you next time.

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