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Katherine & Hank are back in Missoula.

Hank: Are we- are we recording now? 
Katharine: Hello children
H: Hello children
K:What are you doing staring at us while we're in a-
H: Stop! Don't look
K: Look out!
H: Don't-Don't  look directly a the sun! That's very dangerous.
K: Let me shade you. I can't do it!
H: It's fine. It's fine, just Sol.
K:There we go
H: There we go there we go. we did it
K: There was th....
H: Yeah i think we're like, blinding all the people behind us with our reflection from the camera
K: The sun is going down.
H: It's front facing. It's very nice.
K: The sun is going down
H: What is your phone? Which is your phone?
K: It's an HTC incredible -
H: Two!
K: Two.
H: I have a droid X2.
K: Children! What are you doing, here looking at the Willie Nelson Concert almost.
H: Almost, not quite. It would be-
K: that may be a little (?~0:43) It's not at all actually we're just sitting in seats
H: It's not precarious. It is um.
K: With the rest of these people.
H: It's kind of an older person thing for you to be doing, young people.
K: Yes, Children!
H: It's almost as if ou're thirty-one.
K: Yes, or, you know, maybe like thirty years older than that.
H: Yes, well, yes, sixties. There's children here
K: There are, but why?
H: There's no teenagers though. There's teenagers, but only children of old people who got dragged along.
K: Yes. This is difficult, because you have to keep talking.
H: Yeah you have to keep talking. there's no cuts in a daily vlog. Look at how cute we are, I've got a bandana, my hat,
K: -That's for the sun blocking.
H: and your hat.
K: And I am wearing a hat because ow.
H: You're so cute. Yeah.
K: I'm not a fan of the Sun
H: It's okay it's awesome.
K: Ahhhh!
H: It's a cool art effect. It's an effect.
K: Oh. It makes us look like we're getting stabbed by the sun
H: (?~1:36) Prickles, Sun prickles. The crystalline entity. Crystalline entity of-
K: Delightful. It's delightful. It was wonderful to see some of you at VidCon
H: It destroys all life. Yes. 
K: I'm sorry if I didn't get to say hi, or-
H: Hi now.
K: hug you or whatever
H: Yes. 
K: It's very overwhelming
H: It is.
K: When everyone knows who you are.
H: Yes, you're totally famous.
K: And I found that very disconcerting. Although I had an amazing time, and the people that I did see I was very happy to see. So, I just wanted to say hi, if I didn't say hi to you, and that's it. We'll talk to you later bye.