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Today, YouTube Nation drops by VidCon 2014, highlights amazing collaborations, and hangs with awesome YouTubers like Joey Graceffa, iJustine, and Natalie Tran of communitychannel.
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Jacob: Hey, it's Jacob. Today, we're here at VidCon, the largest gathering of online video creators in the entire world. In the creative spirit of VidCon, we're dedicating this entire episode to collaborations between creators and their fans. We'll be hanging out with some very special guests.

Hank: Oh my God, Vi is here!

(Opening theme plays)

Daymon: I'm about to tear into these burgers.


Jacob: Guys, I'm with Hank Green, the co-founder of VidCon at VidCon.

Hank: Hi.

Jacob: This is crazy.

Hank: Yeah, it's a little crazy.

Jacob: 18,000 people are here this year. Is that right?

Hank: 18,000 people. They all want a signature from Jack and Finn.


Jacob: They all want to hang out with you.

Hank: I don't know why they're screaming. They're running down stairs.

Jacob: It just happens around here. This episode, by the way, is all about collaborations because that's what goes on at VidCon. People come together, they collaborate.

Hank: It is so great to see people who have never met meet to create things together, to create ideas together, whether it's a video or a series or just, like, a friendship. I'm so proud to be a part of that.

Jacob: This is Veritasium's one hundredth video and to celebrate, Derek collaborated with some of the most scientific, most celebrated minds on the platform.

Hank: That's John Green, my brother; Michael from Vsauce; Sixty Symbols.

Michael: I don't believe you're scientifically literate.

Derek: Okay.

Michael: If a tomato is a fruit, does that mean ketchup is a smoothie?

Derek: If this car crashes right now, like, all of science on YouTube is going down.


Jacob: Derek filmed this at BrainSTEM 2012. It's a science conference for the most influential minds on the entire web.

Hank: In the last two years, he's launched two new channels. He's also a really good bud of mine. He slept on my floor once.

Jacob: I've never slept on Hank's floor, but I would love to.

Hank: Come to Missoula!


Olga: Hey, it's me Olga Kay! I understand you guys are talking about collaboration videos today, and I was in an awesome one back in 2012 with my friend Greg Benson. Almost every YouTuber you can imagine shows up in this 2 minute masterpiece.

Greg: F ing Brittani Louise Taylor. F ing Shira Lazar. F ing Will of DC. F ing Sam Proof. F ing Strawburry17. F ing Jimmy Wong. F ing Smosh. F ing Daily Grace.

Olga: Mediocre Films has been around since 2007, and he's no stranger to messing around with patrons of VidCon.

Greg: F ing Olga Kay.

Olga: F ing yeah!

Olga: Hahaha, watch your back Greg.


Jacob: Hey, look who I found, iJustine and Jenna! What's up guys?

Jenna: Hello!

Justine: How are you?

Jacob: I'm good, how are you guys more importantly?

Justine: I'm doing good, yeah.

Jenna: Good.

Jacob: Having a good time?

Justine: Yeah, we've pretty much been eating cookies, candy and coffee, and that's how you survive VidCon. And hand sanitizer!

Jacob: We've been talking a lot about collaborations, this collaboration comes in at 700 pounds. Daym Drops - one of the best fast food reviewers around.

Justine: And he teamed up with Harley from Epic Meal Time.

Jenna: They went to In-N-Out for a classic Double Double.

Jacob: Ah, delicious!

Justine: Mmm.

Harley: I'm 6 foot 6, 265 pounds.

Daymon: 6 foot 5, 400 pounds of coco-licious lovin'!

Harley: This car is like, sitting on the pavement. We both got the classic Double Double.


Daymon: Homie...

Harley: Come here (Pats), come here, it's OK. We just tore down the time-space continuum. Time is now running in reverse, we're actually getting skinnier from eating these burgers.

Daymon: Mmmmhmm.

Jacob: Daym Drops has over 300,000 subs, he's been uploading since 2010.

Justine: And Epic Meal Time has over 6.3 million subscribers!

Jenna: I've actually never eaten meat, so...

Jacob: What!

Justine: Ever.

Jenna: Ever.

Jacob: Daym Drops would, he would say "Hmmmm!"

Jenna: I know.

Both: (Laugh)


Joey: Hi YouTube Nation, I'm Joey Graceffa and I'm at VidCon with all these crazy people!


Joey: I make daily vlogs on YouTube. I love collaborating with YouTubers, I think it's like a great way to grow your channel and have a fun time. One of my favorite ones is actually one that I did with Zoella when I was visiting England. We did the What's In My Mouth challenge. I like, got some really, really, really bad stuff.

Zoella: Is it a carrot?

Joey: You've got to bite it off.

Zoella: F*ck, shit! What is that!

Joey: (Laughs)

Zoella: Is that a chili?!

Joey: Yeah

Zoella: Oh Joey...

Joey: Like, I gave her hot sauce, some lime juice. I feel bad about what I made her put in her mouth, but she's amazing, she's one of my closest friends and I love her so much.


Jacob: I'm sort of geeking out right now because I'm with one of my O.G YouTube favorites Natalie Tran, a.k.a communitychannel. What's up?

Natalie: Hi!

Jacob: I'm like, kinda nervous right now. (Natalie hugs him) Hey.

Natalie: It's been a really nice journey, I mean I started when I was, I guess 19, or 20 or something. So it's been lovely to see the site evolve and to see a community grow.

Jacob: What do you if you get, do you get haters in the comments?

Natalie: I like to think I'm a little bit more positive about it now, and I can ignore it, but back in the day I definitely took it a little bit more to heart than I used to. But now, really thick skin.

Jacob: Obviously this is a very tight community, but when you put yourself out there you run the risk of personal attacks. Lucky for us, British vlogger P J Liguori, also known as KickThePj gave us this.

Natalie: He put together this little cheat sheet for everybody on YouTube to create a safe space, and he even collaborated with fans and other bloggers.

P J: (singing) Collaboratively we compiled miles of advice in our own styles, on safety.

Fan 1: Yeah the internet is a great place.

Fan 2: Place for all kinds of different people, but people are sometimes bad, they like to make you feel flawed, or weigh down on your brain and make it sad.

Fan 3: You worked so hard on that piece of writing, that piece of art, that lovely painting that took you so long to perfect and create but now it seems like it's been bathed in hate.

Fan 4: Block, unfriend, report abuse.

Jacob: If you ever have questions about online bullying, the website that P J put together with Oli White, Suli Breaks and Cherry Wallis is a great resource. The links in the description.


Jacob: We are obviously here at VidCon to celebrate online video, so are these guys obviously, how you guys doing?


Jacob: But to understand it properly I think we need a little bit of a history lesson.

Hank: I have been into online video for longer than some of you have been in the world. The first time I got obsessed with a video I downloaded from the internet was 1998. The year before that was when the very first viral internet video happened. Uh... it was just this dancing baby. And the most important video series of all time was of course the show with zefrank. It allowed people to participate in the project, it wasn't just about Ze it was about the entire sports racer community.

Hank: People don't know that, like, every video blogger is directly or indirectly influenced by Ze Frank.

Jacob: From Ze, the pioneer of collaborations all the way to modern day. Alright Hank, you ready?

Hank: Yeah, I'm ready.

Jacob: Alright, now...

Everyone: Play us out Pharrell!

(Happy by Pharrell Williams plays)

Hank: Dance better guys, come on!

(Happy by Pharrell Williams cont.)