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Headed to our Hotel for Vidcon in Anaheim and wouldn't you know it, there was that girlfriendy girl of mine, Chyna! We had a lovely day.

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Craig: It's time for Wheezy's Voyage Vlog. Ooooh! We're on our way to Anaheim, to VidCon.

Here we are at our hotel at VidCon. There's the Hank Green, the creator of VidCon, the master, lord.

There he is.

Hank: Oh!

Craig: The overlord of VidCon.

Hank: That's not stressful at all.

Rob: And it makes you sound like an evil...

Hank: Well I am evil to be fair.

Craig: So I got to my room and who did I meet in the hallway? This amazing person, Chyna!

Chyna: Hi!

Craig: Hi, how are ya?

Chyna: Tired.

Craig: Finally the daily vlogs are getting good now all of a sudden 'cause you're here.

Chyna: I hope you don't have smell-o-vision because my breath is like, if you could see it would be like (hand gesture)

Craig: Oh. You smell like beautiful flowers.

Chyna: Yeah?

Craig: Mhmm.

Chyna: My shirt smells pretty good.

Craig: Yeah, flowery.

So we're sitting here eating our tacos. I'm eating a lot of tacos these days. And I'm like "Let's get dessert." Chyna bought me this at the airport. Chocolate! I don't know if any of you old WheezyNews-ers remember when we used to buy the gourmet chocolate at the grocery store. She brought it for me. She's the greatest person in the world.

Chyna: It's the best chocolate in the entire world.

Craig: It is really good. It's Naga Bar: Sweet Indian curry, coconut - focus, focus, focus, focus - deep milk chocolate. It's really good.

Now Chyna just informed me that I have to share it. Worse day ever.

Just had a fairly sizeable nap and it was awesome. Now I'm gonna do some laundry 'cause those dirty clothes, they got real accumulatey when I went on this tour so I'm gonna wash them.

First thing after a nap: Piña Colada. It's required. That's what you do after a nap if you're old enough. Mmm, Piña Cola... The post-nap Piña Colada. Post-nap Piña they call it.

Chyna: That's what they call it.

Craig: Yeah.

Lobster bisque, lobster bisque, lobster bisque, lobster bisque.

Alright, it's late now. Now it's time for bed. Guys, go to bed. Just go to bed right now. If you're walking on the sidewalk lay down on the sidewalk, people are walking past, that's OK. Just keep your hands, like, underneath you so they don't step on your hands, go to sleep.

Chyna: Maybe if you're, like, in a crosswalk then maybe, like, get across the street and then go to sleep.

Craig: Yeah, wait until you're, like,  on a sidewalk, OK. Get out of harm's way and then, you know...

Chyna: Maybe if you're, like, at your job as, like, an air traffic control person maybe just wait until you get off work. Also you probably shouldn't be watching YouTube videos.

Craig: Yeah. Get back to directing air traffic, jerk.

Chyna: Wad.

Craig: Wad, thank you.

Chyna: You're welcome.

Craig: Alright. And also...

Chyna: I'm just... (Laughs) What?

Craig: Also... 

Chyna: Be careful.