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We're playing at Slim's in San Francisco TONIGHT!

The lowdown on Driftless Pony Club
Craig: It's time for Wheezy's Daily Vlog, Oooh! Alright WheezeyNews-ers, so yesterday I put up two daily vlogs because I got behind. But now we're all caught up and now I'm a day, now this is, for you watching, is tomorrow for me but yesterday for you. We just played in Pomona. We're on our way to San Francisco, woo! OK? But we haven't played in Pomona yet so we're gonna go do that. This is very confusing.

One quick thing I wanted to show you, someone gave me haikus at VidCon and here they are.

Craig WheezyWaiter.
I like your clone's beard better.
I'm just kidding. Wink.

And then this one.

The proof of manhood
A full beard means a full life
Never shave, never

Thank you Avina Wo or is it Arina Wo? Is that 'v' and 'r' or is that 'r' or 'v'? I don't know, but thank you. It's compelling. I will think, I will ponder that until the end of my days. So that means I'll ponder it until I am no longer alive or until there are no longer, there's no longer day light and it's always dark out because I won't have time to ponder, I'll be looking for a flashlight and batteries a lot.

Alright, here we are at Pomona Glass House. There's Sam.

Sam: What?

Craig: What. That guy.

Hank: Yay, Goop Rum 5000.

Craig: He's promoting his new con he's starting called Goop Rum 5000. It's exactly what it sounds like.

Hank: Yeah. Tickets are $100.

Katherine: It's exactly what you would imagine. It's that.

Craig: This place is awesome. (Does panoramic shot)

(Paul DeGeorge playing keyboard)

Craig: Hank writing down the chords to his songs.

Hank: This is the chords website where I'm finding them.

Craig: He Googled his own songs, found the chords and he's writing them down. Thank you to whoever made those chords.

Hank: They're actually wrong. They're very slightly wrong which almost got me in trouble.

Craig: Oh oh. Well then try better next time.

(Rob Scallon playing guitar)

Paul: My name is Harry Potter.

Joe: My name is Harry Potter.

Paul: And we are Harry and the Potters.

Joe: (Singing)
When I was a baby
The teacher left me
On the doorstep of my extended family
And when I was a baby
A giant...

(Driftless Pony Club playing on stage)

Craig: Woo!

Yell "This is the end of the video" and then wink.

person: This is the end of the video! (ding)