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In which Hank discusses the golden parachute and his posters


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Good morning, John. It's Wednesday, March 28th. Today's not really a good day because today is tax day, for me anyways. I've gotten two different kinds of forms. There's the W-2, and that's kind of a good one because all the taxes have already been taken out and so you just have to send it in and then they give you money back. And the 1099 is for stuff that you haven't paid taxes on yet. So, up until now, I've usually had a W-2 and maybe a couple 1099s. Things have changed. (shows paper) These are my 1099s. There's, like, twelve of them. Of course, when you look at 'em, they're actually kind of funny. You've got your rents, your royalties, your other. You know, everything else goes into other. Except fishing boat proceeds. I don't even know what a fishing boat proceed is. But apparently it's not other; it's its own category. Also a big fan of this one: excess golden parachute payments. This year I didn't have any excess golden parachute payments. So that's what I'm doing today. Taxes. Not fun. Definitely my last video was more awesome, what with all the people putting stuff on their heads. (with the camera case on his head) This is a pretty snug fit. I like how I have, like, a ponytail (pulls strap that hangs from back). It's very exciting to hear that you're feeling better. I admit, there were some times after looking up your disease on the internet that I was kind of really worried. But it seems like you're doing a lot better. People don't generally die from orbital cellulitis. I mean, they used to, but now we have penicillin and so things are better. Some people have been calling attention to the fact that I have good posters, and I tend to agree. I made a decision when I was in college that I would always have one room in my house that was decorated like a college dorm room. Right now, that room is the office where I make these videos and also the office where I work and am most of every day. (displaying posters) Cowboy Bebop poster #1. Stuff on my cat poster. You can spend a lot of time looking at this poster. (sees his reflection in the glass) Hey, look, hi! Here I am. (looking at a particular picture) Cat with little, little duckies. Go to for more. Speaking of stuff on cats, this is the pirate kitty. Katherine and I have had the pirate kitty for an awful long time. Map of the world! Map of the realm of Narnia. Pretty pictures from a calendar that I cut out and put in a big frame. They Might Be Giants Flood poster. InuYasha poster. Cowboy Bebop poster #2. Yes, they are giant pictures of Katherine and I as babies. Some other things not currently on my wall but I kind of wish they were include (holds up): this Rancid poster this amazing thing that my friend Wedgie made for me [looks like an engagement poster] this, my place mat from the first restaurant where I ate with Katherine's family this amazing Valentine's day card-it's got a big carrot another collage thing from my past-(points) Spice Girls...Babylon Five, even better this adorable wrapping paper from a Valentine's day present that Katherine gave me-it's a heart, and the heart opens and it becomes an apple, and then the apple opens and it becomes a penguin! Oh, my God, it's cute! And that is all that I have for you today. Commenter Chuck noted that this has kind of become a girly place. Uh, and I just showed you some baby pictures and also a Valentine's day card from Katherine that was pretty adorable. And I just want to say that we're not marketing specifically towards women. We're guys and we'd like guys to watch Brotherhood 2.0, and, uh, pizza and beer sounds great. Maybe John can help you out with that next show; if not, I'll see what I can do. So, hopefully you'll be eating pizza and beer and home tomorrow, which is when I'll see you, tomorrow. I'll see you tomorrow.