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In which Nerdfighters help John figure out how to punish Hank.


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A Bunny
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Good morning, Hank. It's Thursday, March 29th, and I'm back home! Hooray hooray hooray! I know that my eye still looks jacked up and the fact of the matter is that it's probably going to look jacked up for a week or two. But hopefully the Nerd Fighters will understand.

Hank, I've got even more great news. Guess who I got an email from yesterday? You! Yes! Sucker! You accidentally included me on a list of people you sent an email to about Mom! Yes! You're gonna get punished! Yes! Yes! (does Nerd Fighter sign) Yes!

I mean, I don't mean to sound gleeful or anything. It's just that I've had a hard week, and I look forward to you having a hard week next week. But how will I punish you? What should I do? Should I make you wax something? Should I make you sing something? Should I make you eat something? Should I make you snort something? Snorting is funny. Snorting is always funny.

In other news, Hank, when I saw your video yesterday I got to thinking about fishing boat proceeds and, specifically, whether or not you and I can possibly acquire some. I propose that by April of 2008 you and I have found a way to put some amount of fishing boat proceeds into our tax return. How hard can it be? I mean, ostensibly all you need is a fishing boat and then convince someone to give you some proceeds for the fishing boat, right? I'm not good at taxes.

(covers right eye, then left, continuing to alternate between the two) I still can't see very good out of that eye. You know how Brotherhood 2.0 has a resident mathematician in Daniel Biss? I wish we had a resident ophthalmologist. Could someone get on that, please? Anyway, Hank, I need the help of the Nerd Fighters to figure out what your punishment is gonna be because at the moment I'm not feeling very creative. Mostly I'm feeling like touching my eye all the time. (close-up without his glasses) Be honest; do you think it looks better? Tell me the truth, 'cause I really, really, really want it to get better.

So, help me help Hank get punished by leaving your suggestions in comments. Hank, I'll see you tomorrow, hopefully out of both eyes.