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In which John says thanks and we get an up-close look at the eyeball of doom!


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(John in a hospital bed; his left eye is barely open) Good morning, Hank. It's Tuesday, March 27th. I'm coming to you from NYU Medical Center where I'll be for at least one more day. Sarah was like, “Make sure they know you're sick!” (holds up arm to reveal hospital bracelet and IV tube) I'm sick; that's my IV port. But I'm doing okay, and I'm doing a lot better since I watched your video. Man, did that make my week. You know, I've said thank you about thirty-five thousand times in the last few days. You say thank you every time the, uh, the woman comes in and gives you a new IV; you say thank you when they bring you your food. You say thank you when the yeti, uh, shows up. (the yeti's hand caresses his face; he smiles and looks at her; she laughs) I like the yeti. You say thank you when the yeti spends twelve hours a day here. You say thank you every minute of every day, basically, because you're helpless and you need a lot of help and you're grateful for that help. Uh, but it's a very different thank you when you're saying thank you to someone for going way above and beyond the call of duty. He said doodie! And, uh, that's what you guys did. Um, Hank, you in particular, but also all of the viewers to send in those pictures of stuff on their head. And for me to be able to learn the exciting spoiler that Ron Weasley is going to die via suffocation in a plastic bag in The Deathly Hallows, to learn all of the wonderful things that one can put on one's head, from an ironing board to a large, knee-length boot. I don't know what else to say except (does Nerd Fighter sign). Thanks, Nerd Fighters. You guys are made of awesome. Anyway, Hank, the word on the street is that I should be getting out fairly soon, either tomorrow or Thursday, provided things continue to move along as they've been moving along. If you look at it's way better. (close-up of face; left eye is pretty red) Hmm? Look how much...look how much more white there is! You're looking up my nose, aren't you? You are. Dammit. Hopefully I will see you tomorrow here, but you will see me on Thursday at 88th Street. (after the Brotherhood 2.0 logo) Thanks again.