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In which Hank chases a guy a lot.
(0:00) When we last left our hero Hank Green, or Ezio Auditore however you want to look at it. Possibly also- or Desmond Miles, uh, there's a lot of possible heroes here.

(0:11) Eh, we, I'm not e- I have no idea. I- I- I destroyed a machine gun. I think that's what we were last doing. And now I'm not entirely sure- what is a dottore do? Dottore... dottore... it's a doctor. Oh, I'm kind of stupid.

(0:30) Oh, I can't- it's under Borgia power. Well, I'll get rid of the Borgia power then. I will do that... soon. Anyway.

(0:42) Um, not, so I'm not sure what we're doing now. All I know is that I just, uh, I just got rid of uh... Hello horsey. I just got rid of a machine gun, which is great. Um, though I did enjoy using it for a little bit. Um, and now I can't do that anymore.

(1:00) So now I'm, uh, just headed to this exclamation point because explanation points are what I live for in this game. They really get me off and it's sort of the only... the only thing that makes me feel anymore, are exclamation points.

(1:15) Sworn Alliance wants to be my friend. Does Sworn Alliance want to swear an alliance? Cause I don't want to be his friend, but I will swear an alliance with him, if it is necessary, to gain his, to gain his usefuln-get outta my way. Out of my way.

(1:31) Am I going into the dut-dut-chig-ow! Into the Colosseum? Maybe I should get rid of this. And I'm not wanted - biotch! Not wanted, you do not want me, only when you want me.

(1:46) I- This looks so much closer on the map. It always looks much closer on the map. This looks much smaller than the actual Colosseum. Am I making that up? I feel like the Colosseum is actually much bigger than this.

(1:56) Ooh, there's a wolf head here. What does it do? Wolf head... hello? Wolf head? Am I right on top of it? Wolf head? I'm confused. Oh, there it is.

(2:13) I'm going to go get this wolf head. That's what I'm going to do this- this game is all about the wolf head, cause I need that armor. The armor of Brutus must be mine.

(2:22) Just kick it. Just kick it, Ezio. You didn't have to do that before; you just kicked it before. Fine, whatever. You do it however you w- Wheeee!

(2:32) Uhhh, I'm in the hole! Hole fun. I like to have fun in holes. Ezio says, "I like to have fun in the holes."

(2:47) Kicking can be used to break a tough guard's DEFENSE. I think it's so strange the way they capitalize words. Go go go go *gibberish*

(2:58) *mix of gibberish and percussive sounds*

(3:00) Okay. This is going to be annoying! But it's going to be worth it. I've already been doing this for three minutes.

(3:13) Find the shrine to Romulus. Do not lose more than three blocks of health. What does that- happen when you fall? Or I'm going to have to fight people? Doodoodoo. I'm now notorious. They will attack me as soon as they see me.

(3:29) I got this. Up here? Yes, excellenté. (SINGING) I don't know what I'm doing at all. I don't know what I'm doing at all-ha-all. I don't know what I'm doing, but it seems that I did the right thing-OH! (SPEAKING) Whoa, that was close.

(3:47) Oh god. What is this? Ooh! Interact with the sparkly bit. Excellent news! I did that really well. I'm impressed that I did not just dick around for most of that time.

(4:06) Umm, should I go down? Or should I not go down? Probably not. Probably down is usually bad, cause it's made of lava! Ah, laaah.

(4:19) What's that? Another person? Another person up there? Usually there aren't people in these things. I'm scared of peop- Is it a zombie? Looks like a zombie. Should I kill it? Should I kill it? Should I kill it?

(4:36) Hello? Hello? Ah-oo-ah-oo! Oh god. Okay.

Romulus must suffer as Remus suffered.

(4:48) What are we talking about here? I would like *pause* to take out- that's my *unpause*

(5:13) Die- okay. Sorry, I was really silent because I didn't want to lose more than three squares of health.

Romulus Leader: Your death is written, Assassin.

Ezio: By your Borgia masters?

Romulus Leader: You know nothing!

(5:24) I'm, uh-

Ezio: I know you receive enciphered letters from them.

(5:26) Yep, I do know that.

Ezio: Prove your innocence, tell me where the code sheet is hidden.

(5:30) Actually- Well, I didn't think that's what I was here for.

Romulus Leader: Never!

(5:33) Chase him, Ezio! Chase him!

(5:37) Ahhhh... oh. That's- I hate these chase scenes where they're like "Oh, you'll have to go the alternate route. Course we've designed one for you. That-" Well, okay, I'll admit that this one's kind of awesome.

(5:53) *percussive sounds and gibberish of concentration* Yes! You cannot escape me because I am so awesome. Ugh, why did I even try to go that way? Which way? This way? This way.

(6:07) I got so close to him, that's the thing about it. It's the- They designed it so that you get really close and it feels very exciting, but then- Then he gets in an elevator and goes away, and you're like "What?" Now I'm going down. I don't think that down is the- Haaa!

Ezio: Merda, which one is he?

(6:25) Well, I think I know how to figure that out. Hello? Hello!? Is looking for the man with the thing in his face. Hell- hello? Hell- Ooh, I see one. I see him. I see him. I'll-

(6:41) Why is he over... How do I get over there? It's behind the thing. Where could the thing... Do I climb around? Is that okay in here?  Are they not going to freaking freak out? I mean, wh- I thought I was- I thought this was like, the lair of a secret society. I would not assume that they would be like, totally down with me climbing around.

(7:02) And there's stuff. Oops, I just talked really into the mike because I was looking to see if Lemon was okay. She's okay. Sorry about that loud noise.

(7:12) Okay. Which one are you? You are that one. You're running away! You're running away! Stop running away! Stop running away.

(7:22) Gah, geez, really? Ahhhhhh....... Gaahhh....

(7:32) He's right on the other side of this wall. Oh, what's happening? Something is op- He's on a horse! He's on a horse. He's on a horse and I am not. I am not on a horse. Makes me much slower.

(7:45) Hey that was awesome. I just have to tell you that that was- Ah! Why did you stop? Bitch! Go! I don't even know what, this guy's got the cipher sheet!

(7:55) Uhh... ooh. Gah. He's got the cipher sheet and I'll never catch him until the game wants me to because that's now it works. He's breaking things! He's got it and I don't and I must chase him and if I find it, then we'll be able to track down the things of the things with the things!

(8:18) It's v- Oh, horse! You just jump over those things! Stop- Why do they make you stop in your tracks? That's annoying. Okay- Ahh!... Oh, why do I keep trying to follow him through this stuff? No, no, I reduce distance. Go horse, go you fricking horse!

(8:34) Okay- Horse to horse assassination? I don't mind if I do! Press RT- Hold RT and press X. Find a way into Juno's what the frick! K, I'm pushing X. Okay, maybe I should have had a different weapon equipped. Eh? Okay, this one's faster.

(9:04) Much faster. Fast is good. Fast weapons are good. That was an excellent, excellent little weapon. You guys have any good stuff on you?

(9:14) No...  and this is, I think this was the guy I was chasing. What about the guy I was- Nothing good at all! Oh man, I did not do the horse-to-horse assassination, which I am sad about. I would love to have seen what a horse-to-horse assassination looks like.

(9:30) These guys are poor, by the way. Um, really. Really, uh, not much money in their pockets. Um, so, so maybe they are just, you know, they're just trying to feed their families. Maybe that's it. They're trying to feed their families and I am depriving their families of the only source of income that they have.

(9:50) Ugh. Shoot shoot shoot. Guess I climb up this thing, is that something I can climb? Nope. Nope, it is not. This? This? Nope. Kay. Now I have reached an impasse, what they call an impasse. Go up higher, Ezio. Higher, higher, higher. *exhale*

(10:11) Um, I have to get up there. Oh, there's a fricking thing right here. It says, "Hey, this is like a total stairway. I bet you want to do this right here. This probably exactly what you want." Why wasn't I paying attention!?

(10:24) Okay, go and up and over and over and up and up up down down left right left right a, b, b, a... select start. I probably want to go this way. Um, there's some poop on this so that always is a good sign. That was a long way! Okay. Little bit scary.

(10:49) What is this? What is in here? But there was another way to go too. Which way of the two way- There's nothing this way, so I go this way. Obvious, that's the only way. There isn't two ways. I just- What? You just climbed nothing. You just climbed nothing, Ezio. This looks like it would be a long way down.

(11:12) Oh! Oof. A fire. Fire? That doesn't seem safe to me. I'm always concerned very much about the safety of the people of Rome, with all the open flames. This is- Where am I? Am I in the place where I want to be? This looks like a very nice place. Seems nice. Is very nice.

(11:34) Is this water? It is, it is water. I'm walking on it, like Jesus. Uhh, I don't understand how it is not down here if it's up there. But it is sparkly, so I will interact with it, which will be excellent. And hopefully I will end this fairly soon, because it's already been more than ten minutes.

(11:51) Claim the treasures! Claim the treasures of the Followers of Romulus. Don't mind if I do. There's a sparkly bit here. I will sparkle all over it. Get the sparkles in my pants. But, I mean, I mean the sparkles like the money. Put the money in my- don't, don't think dirty.

(12:10) Put the sparkles in my pants. Put the spa- Buddhist prayer beads. These people have traveled far and wide. That's not a sparkly bit, that's candles. Just candles. *mispronounces "Buddhist prayer beads"* Incense. That makes sense. I missed this one. Missed it. And... just had a bunch of money in it. Awesome. I think- No, I still don't have enough for a freaking crossbow. Frack!

(12:42) Hey. B to interact with the big one. That will give me one of the keys to the armor of Brutus. And there's all kinds of religious "symmadry", sym- "symmadry"? Imagery here. These keys unlock the secret treasure room from the followers of the map *descends into babbling*. Blah blah blah, return to Rome.

(13:03) Push on it, Ezio. If that, like, had broken, he would have just been screwed! He would have just been s- and we would have died in there.

(13:11) Anyway, that was achievement unlocked. Freaking gladiator! 100% full synchronization didn't lose three- more than three blocks of health and that was uh, that was this episode of Hank Green plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0. I'm your host, Hank Green, and thank you for playing along with me. And watching me play. And you will not see me and I will not even see you, but you will hear me next time on Hank plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0. Good bye.