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In which Hank progresses in the game by talking and walking and other things.

And I'm back. I'm getting out of a manhole, and I have returned. If you didn't see the last one, I just totally pwned the Hall ... one of the Halls of Romulus, or something.

And now I'm out, and I've got the thing, and I'm probably going to head toward this exclamation point because, as I said in the last episode, exclamation points are the only thing that makes me happy anymore.

Ooh, there's an L bench. That's where Leonardo hangs out, at L benches. Elle ... ahllbench. I've also got ... I'm gonna get this viewpoint, actually, because I don't have enough viewpoints in this place. I just don't. There's not enough viewpoints. I need to be able to see more. There's a nice arch up there.

Oh, sorry, ma'am. My ... my bad. I'm ... I'm in a hurry. A real hurry.

Okay, where am I going? Where is ... where is it? Is it up there? It's up there. All the way up there. Okay, I don't know how to get there.

Excuse me, everyone. Excuse me. That was really an ... an elegant way to ... uh, do the thing that I just did. And, um. Augh. Oh, yeah. Ooh, out of my way ... oh! You never like to see a fall over.

Townsperson: What are you doing?

Okay. Can you grab onto that, Ezio? Cause if you can't, that'll be embarrassing. Good. Otherwise, you would have just jumped, possibly, to your death.

Um ... where is it? Is it over here? Nope. It's not. It's over ... here. It's up there. It's up there. All the way up.

(bad Italian accent) Keep on a goin'. Keep on a goin' up stairs, Ezio. Gotta keep movin'. Keep movin' to the upser ... upper side. You're not high enough yet. Higher it up. None of these things are grabby. That's a grabby. You grab that one. Okay, good. Now, which way do I go?

(accent) This one's got a crack. Put my hand on the crack. And then I go up. And I'm goin' up the grabby. Good good good. Keep on goin', Ezio. You can't ... you can't do it. You can't do it. That's embarrassing. Okay. Now, what about this one? This one? Yes, good good. Eagles flying away. Make room for me. For me at my point. Yes, hello.

(normal voice) This is nice. Look at that. Rome. It's beautiful. Beautiful this time of year. Love it. It's always the same time of year, I've noticed.

And now I shall do the (high-pitched) freakin' freak out! It's so freaky!

(normal voice) Oh. The first time I did that, I remember, in the original Assassins Creed, like literally, my heart went into my throat like I had jumped off a thing. Uh, it's amazing.

Oh what's this? Memory start... What's next door? Bank. I want to go to a bank, I need a bank.

Um... horsey! No, wrong button. That was a wrong button. Horsey. (whistling).

Oh, ho, ho. Trample them. Where are you going? Hey, where are you going? You are here for me right? You're not just crazy, rabid horse?

Excuse me, pardon me. Excuse me, pardon me. Excuse me, 'scuse, 'scuse, 'scuse, 'scuse, 'scuse, 'scuse, 'scuse, 'scuse, 'scuse, 'scuse, 'scuse, 'scuse, 'scuse, 'scuse, 'scuse, 'scuse, 'scuse, 'scuse, death, trample, death, 'scuse. 'scuse, trample, death, death, death, trample, 'scuse. 'scuse, death, trample, death, trample, 'scuse.

Jump, Ezio!

Whaaat! That was funny! Sometimes he does things that is just not possible. But that's okay, we forgive him. Its great, if you can manage to hit things on the way down it doesn't hurt at all. (laugh) The more stuff you hit on the way down, it's the opposite of real life where the more stuff your hitting stuff on the way down you are probably going to be less well off unless it is something real nice and soft.

Um... I probably shouldn't have done that. I should not have done that. Banco. Banco republico. "Y" to examine.

Why do things keep getting expensive? Keep getting more expensive as things go on? Okay. Open up that bank. Open up the bank. I want to see some money in there for me. Gimme da money. Mister, I own this town. Gimme my money. I own it. Yes, hello money. 16 grand. Yes yes yes. 16 grand.

I wonder what the dollar equivalence is for a florin in a-

What is a fab- fabro? Fabro! I need a fabro. Yes, I will. I will I will I will I will I will I will I will I will I will.

Ahhhhhh, my fabro is renovated.

Hello, and give me the thing I need. I need a crossbow. I want one bad. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Thank you. I need amio. Am- amio? Ammunition? Crossbow bolts. Container full. Ummm. Do I need anything else? No, no, no, no, no, no. Ok. Thank you very much. For my, for my thing.

And then, where is... Kill an unsuspecting enemy from a distance and disappear without making a freaking sound. That sounds awesome.

Oh! It's in my thing. My thing. This is where the memory start is. At my house. Ok, memory start. Exclamation point, the only thing that makes me feel anymore.

Hi, McAdeely(?~1:05). Wha- (sputtering)

Uh, thank you.

Oh, my crossbow is on my back.

I found out all about this already.

Ah man, the frickin' French! Sorry to French people out there. I don't actually have anything against you.

A Lender? The banker! Ok, ok, I'm gonna get bankers in trouble!



Oho yeah, that guy's hilarious. Ok. Don't have your thieves actually do any of the work though because I want to do that. It's important to me.

Ummm, where is the... where is this where is this dot? Where is this dot? Is it in the other room? Hello? No. Is it moving around? No? Is it upstairs? Where is it? In here. In here somewhere. Where are you, blue dot? Where is my blue dot? Is it upstairs?

Hello assassins. How am I doing on my assassin stuff? I can't interact with anything until I do the blue dot. Well, where is the blue dot? I'm obviously going the wrong direction. Obviously. But there's no obvious right direction. Like over here. Oh, it was over there. I thought it would be a person; I don't know why.

(reading) You just recruited a new potential assassin.

Good. Good. Good. I did a bunch of assassin missions while I wasn't recording.

(reading) Assassin signal. A new signal is awarded for the first, fourth, and sixth recruit added.

Yes. I know about that.

Sweet. Now level 2. Okay. Look at all these assassins I got. Ready to kill. You guys, most of you suck. But you don't Annette. Frickin' awesome. And my assassins. I'm gonna send somebody to Florence.

(reading) Defend a scientist. The Church has accepted-

Ah, yes. I shall defend a scientist. I'm gonna send... I'm gonna send you. Wait, that, the difficulty is quite high. Difficulty is quite high, so maybe... You. Oh, you get to send lots of them.

Sync duration? We're all doing it together? I'm confused. I'm go- I'm gonna save that for later. This. I'm gonna save that for later because um. I'm gonna save that for later. I'm [noises]

Leave the hideout. Leave it. Leave it be. It does not need you anymore. Go. Exclamation point.

Caterina. You have children? Man, I don't know very much about you.
(whispered along with Caterina) and take back Roma.

Yeah, vitoria a [sputters] assassins.

Oh, did I- did I finish my memory block?

[noises] Trippy, trippy, zippy zippy trippy.

Sequence 4 complete. That is how awesome I am. Yes!

Now probably, since my memory sequence is over, and it's been about 9 minutes, I will end this episode of Hank Green's- of Hank Green plays Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 2.0 now... because it's the infinite grid. And you don't need to see me running around the infinite grid more.

Good bye.