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Charlotte comes to visit.

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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a Primetime Emmy Award winning series based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.
The series was produced by Pemberley Digital.
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Lizzie Bennet - Ashley Clements -
Charlotte Lu - Julia Cho -

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Lizzie: You know, sometimes I miss nostalgia. It's a lot harder to romanticize the recent past now that I've preserved that last year of my life on video.
Who knew I could pause my face in so many weird expressions?
I've been watching some my old videos lately in the hopes that looking at my past might help me figure out my future. So far... nothing. 

My name is Lizzie Bennet and luckily I don't have to figure it out on my own. 

[intro plays]

Lizzie: Yes, everyone, look who's in town visiting her family.

[enter Charlotte; Charlotte waves]

Lizzie: Can you tell everyone your exciting news?

Charlotte: Yes, Game of Gourds has wrapped production, and we're ready to shop it around. 

Lizzie: You heard it here first, folks! Game of Gourds, coming soon to an internet near you? 

Charlotte: Hopefully, but deals can take a long time. 

Lizzie: I'm just happy to see you recognized for something beyond 'Better Living with Collins and Collins'.

Charlotte: Hey, 'Better Living' does really well for us.  And we've made a couple of very exciting new hires that I think people are going to get pretty excited about. 

Lizzie: Excited? About light bulbs?

Charlotte: Indoor illumination globs. But enough shop talk, I am here on a well deserved vacation. 

Lizzie: So you're not just here for the weekend? 

Charlotte: I've got some meetings in LA, but I should be able to pop in and out for the next month or so.

Lizzie: Wow! Hard to believe this is the same Mr. Collins who nearly didn't let you go home for Thanksgiving.

Charlotte: Mr. Collins and I have reached an arrangement.

Lizzie: Does this have anything to do with how much he's been tweeting from Winnipeg, Manitoba lately?

Charlotte: Can't say. [Lizzie give her a look of disbelief] No, I really can't there are NDAs involved.

Lizzie: Okay, level with me. Does the mysterious fiancé really exist? Have you met her in person? [gesturing to the camera] Because photographs can be faked. 

Charlotte: Lizzie! 

Lizzie: Pshh! Sorry! I-I'm struggling to figure out what my last independent study will be. I need the distraction. 

Charlotte: Still, ah, I don't think your viewers want to hear about Mr. Ricky Collins' personal life.

Lizzie: Do you think they want to hear about yours?

Charlotte: I think they want to hear about how things are between you and a certain gentleman who you've described many times in un-flattering ways. 

Lizzie: Eh, let's not bring that up.

Charlotte: Yeah, it's not like those aren't immortalized on video.

Lizzie: Well... there's nothing more to say about Darcy.

Charlotte: Ahh... Really? Nothing? You saw your videos from Pemberley Digital, right?

Lizzie: I will admit that there was a certain amount of-

Charlotte: Chemistry? Heat? Tension? 

Lizzie: -when I was shadowing at Pemberley Digital, but I bugged out of there and I haven't heard a peep from him since.

Charlotte: Have you tried calling him? 

Lizzie: We're not friends, Charlotte... I shadowed at his company, sure, but... beyond that... he's a guy I used to complain about on my videos.

Charlotte: Seriously? You're not friends? You really believe that? 

Lizzie: William Darcy is a force of nature. You don't just call him.

Charlotte: I think confessing his love for you gives you a good opener.

Lizzie: That was not a good day for either one of us, and... a lot's happened since then. 

Charlotte: Exactly! You both got a chance to get to know each other.

Lizzie: Yes, and his feelings almost certainty changed. 

Charlotte: Have yours?

Lizzie: ... You know, sometimes I wish I could still shove you out of frame when you bring up something that I don't want to talk about.

Charlotte: That's okay! I can walk out of frame. It's not like there are hills here. [pointed look].