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In which Hank finally saves Ron and then learns to fly a broomstick.
Hank:Yooooou with your nastiness. Shoot shoot shoot it's fun to be able to do that. I'm glad that I know. Okay, there's something here. Let's do it! Build it! There it is. Okay, why didn't I know how to do this? Why didn't I do this before?

Boom. Yes, and it comes with a blue bolt! And here I come, Ron, I'm saving you!  

I'm gonna shoot all of the stuff. I'm using the wrong..I'm using the wrong thing. Yes. Yes, drop my friend, you fiend!

Hooray! Lumos Solem unlocked! Yes. Yes, okay. So it's better than Lumos. It's Lumos plus.

Gold bricks! I can continue to gather my bolts.

A shiny door. Screw you guys! Wait I think I saw a thing. I think I saw a thing. I think I saw a thing. I didn't see a thing. I saw nothing. I saw no things.

Okay, now it's time to leave. Let's go! Now, I can be like "no you don't!" I want that blue bolt and I don't want to give up a heart just to get it. Eh? Also I can use thing, to be like "I'm targeting everything here!" Pow pow pow pow pow pow pow. That's fun.

Of course, I don't actually think that..I don't actually know if that does anything. It does. It does. Okay. Where are we going now? Where's my ghosty bolts? Die die die die die! Yes, what was that, poison? Why is there poison? That's weird. Herbicide, maybe? I don't know. Feels like I should be able to use that for something.

Ooh, now I've got my ghosty bolts back. Do it! Yeah, highlight everything.

(Imitates game sounds)

I'm so good at this. Wow that thing keeps going. I'm making it grow. I'm making it grow! Sweet. It was like "I love light. Make me grow."

What's this thing here? This thing is nasty. And I shot all my friends. Alright! Yessss. Yes I get to play Quidditch now! What is that? Oh it's a Remembrall. Remembrall! Oh look at his buck teeth. Hello Madame Hooch! I'm better at this....and a-whack!

Hahaha it's funny. It's true it is funny. Where are you going Neville? Neville where are you going? Wha...wrong....ahh you suck at this! Maybe if you'd given this a squeeze he wouldn't have fallen on his fat ass. 

Well that's not how it happened. I'm gonna go get that.

This is...hold A to fly upwards. And stop moving to drift up...hello blue bolt! Oh I missed that last one. Ohhh good job, blue bolt. How do I get it? I just flew right through it. What the frick, that's dumb. Only Harry can fly well on a broom. Of course. That makes perfect sense. Uh, it actually does.

Can I do stuff? I can! Oh. Well why didn't you tell me? Where are you punks goin'? What just happened? Where are you goin'? Where are you goin'?

Ooof. I can't...ah there we go. Gotcha. Gotcha. Gotcha. Yesss! Oh, come on! Come on, why does everything gotta be so hard? Look at Hermione she's like "I don't like this one bit! I don't like it one bit!"

Can I aim with this thing? I can't aim when I'm on the broom, that makes perfect sense. What am I trying to do? Everybody...nope. Oh, I got it. I got it, I got one of 'em. Got that one. Got a second one. Now it's just your turn, red flower! 

No! What made you think? Yes. Ping! Oh here I go. Ohhh is that Oliver Wood? Huh? Huh? Oh, that looks..yes that has a certain....I don't know what about it. Hmmm.

Broomstick flying, unlocked. Thanks to Hank Green's hard work I have 10 of 200 blocks that's almost 1%! Oh goodness gracious. No, it's 5% is that right? I don't know. I don't know!

What are we doin' now? Let's see..hey what are we doing now? Going..oh there's a, there's a blue one! Hello blue one. Oh there's another blue one here, hiding. I see you, you cannot hide from me.

Hi Lemon, hi honey! How's it going? I'm using a spell so I can see. What? Why do my pants smell so good? Sniffy pants. Anybody? Anything? No, I can't do anything without...not a surprise to me. I feel like jumping makes you go faster, am I crazy? I don't think I'm crazy. Oof! Ooh, you're sniffing me a lot!

Okay, I'm following...oh I didn't get this suit of armor. Hello, suit of armor, you are my nemesis! I hate you more than Voldemort! Yes, you contain so many little things! What is that noise? I don't understand.

(imitates game sounds)

It is not fun. What are you doing Fred and George? Oh, right.

I went right into the next part of the game!

(singing) I have to find something to make a potion with.

Uh, clearly there's bunch of stuff on the ground that needs to be turned into something else. And there's also... a bunch of... these things.

Oh, nothing went through. Good. I don't know what that...what just happened. Do that thing, good. Good good good, good, good. 

Shoot, now you shoot these. Nope, that didn't work? I don't know. I don't know what you're supposed to do with those. Ummm...I don't really understand.

Nope. Nope. Harry, you can do this! Thank you. Stupid suit of armor. Nope...yes. Sorry Hermione, I'm trying to kill my suit of armor nemesis. Okay I did it. Now, what are we doing?

Okay, now...oh I see! What did we make? It looks like a gyroscope of some sort. Nice. Uh, I need to be strong though, I am not. 

Is that a bunny? Hello bunny!

Oh, excellent. I have thus far not found any of the things I need to use to make this potion. Which is discouraging. Certainly discouraging.

Where...oh, well here's one! I don't even know where that came from. Nope...thanks! That was surprisingly difficult. Okay, I've got one. I've got one of the things. Oh I also need some other of the things. Oh, hello. This looks promising. And I will do it again! And...daah! There's no thing. Darn it!

Okay, shoot the things! Shoot the things! Aha! Aha! Yes, excellent. Where's the last one? Hello? I'm looking at this like Assassin's Creed, like these gold things sticking out of the building, I'm like...I should be able to climb on them! How do I climb on them? How do I get to them to climb on?

Come on, where is it? No, where are you hiding, thing? Aha, are you going to Nothing? That thing just grew out of the ground. Oh, come on! Come on! No, nothing? 

There it is! Good thing I didn't give up on that. I was thinking about it, too. Bloop! Making a strength potion! The potion is ready. Give it a drink, Ron. Give it a drink, Ronald! Oh yeah, doing push-ups!

Yeah, pull it. Pull it, strong man! Yes! It is some kind of gyroscope. Excellently done! And thus with that tremendous success, we're going to end this episode of Hank Green Plays LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4. You will not see me, I will not see you, but you will hear me next time. Goodbye!