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In which Hank and La Volpe do some killing and suspect Machiavelli of treachery.
(0:00) Hank: Last time on "Hank Green Plays Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 2.0", I totally owned a tomb of Romulus. And now I also have a new assassin, so that means that I can use the Arrow Storm ability which I am very excited about attempting to use very shortly, in fact, right freaking now. So here we go - Arrow Storm now!

What, that was sweet! These guys are like, "You are awesome," and I'm like "I agree". So I owned that tomb of Romulus and then while you guys weren't watching, I did a Borgia tower. That wasn't important.

(0:34) But man, Arrow Storm, holy crap. I was, I didn't have to work at all. ("You have saved this humble soul") Yes I have. ("Allow me to follow you") Yes I will. I, I miss having all my assassins be ladies though. Uh, that citizen just joined the Assassin's Guild. So. Um, that was the wrong button. Let's go to this one, this button. So see how far away my uhh exclamation point is. Not that far, but I would, I would call that a horse ride. So horsey! Horsey horseey! Come to me. Hello, it's so nice to see you.

(1:14) Uh, okay, let's go this way, this seems like the way to go. Don't run into things cause that's just embarrassing. Go go, go go go, go go go go horsey. Go go horsey go go horsey go go go go horsey.

(1:28) And I trample you... Oh geez. Okay never mind. Horses, horses are not helpful in these situations. Can I jump onto that thing? That would be uhhh! Nope!

(1:41) Okay, don't worry about me I'm fine my armour, uh while I was destroying the Borgia tower, got completely owned so, uh I need to get to a blacksmith's before I do anything big.

Um, unfortunately I haven't seen a blacksmith's in a while. So I probably should have called a new horse when I got here, um, but I didn't so I'm walking around. Like I'm number one and I went downtown and I got myself a gun. But don't shoot shoot shoot that thing at me. 

I, I think I just heard a blacksmith. Sarto, Banco... Hello? Yes! You! Fabro. That's great news. *reading* Repair. Repair all. Accept. Thank you.

(2:35) Is there a bank here too? A bank? Bank? There is a bank. I like how the bank has bars on it. It's like "Dude? For reals?"

I wonder when banks first started existing? I don't know the answer to that question. I don't know that it was this early, I don't think that there were banks per se. The uh, history of banking. Fascinating. I should do a vlogbrothers video about that. 

(3:01) Um... So armor, get myself some new armor. Oh! look at this! I got a whole new... whooo Seusenhofer. What! Seusenhofer plate! That looks nice. I can't, I need to complete the shop quest to get that. Plate, chest guards, vambraces, let's do that. Yes. Chest guard. I need a chest guard to guard myself from all those crossbows that people keep shooting at me. 

(3:31) Crossbow bolts, and some shoulder pads, I'm awesome. Look at me! I... you can't look at me. But look at me now. Look at me. Get in the sun Ezio you're beautiful, you're beautiful!

Ok, where am I? I'm not entirely sure where I am. Um...  But I'm gonna interact with that sparkly bit right there and begin my next mission, which I am unclear on what it is. 

(3:58) But here I am. There is a sparkly dagger in the wall here. That's interesting. Never see a sparkly... Is that the fox? ("It's time to pay a visit to Lucrezia's lover, Pietro.") Yes... excellent. Thank you, I forgot that that was a plot line. (La Volpe: "If I may..." Ezio:"What is it?") I can help with anything. ("Someone warned Rodrigo to say away from the Castello.") Uh oh. ("Do you have proof?") Oh man, we don't know if we can trust this guy but I think we can.

(4:31) ("The Borgia know the locations of our spies") Oh shoot. ("Maestro Machiavelli asked about our search for Pietro earlier today.") Oh man, oh man. No, it can't be him. We're buds. We're buds! *reading* Patching the Leak: kill the attackers to ensure they do not discover the location of the Thieves Guild, then accompany La Volpe to rescue the thieves in danger. Do not drop below five health squares. *normally* Uh, that should be easy now that I've repaired my armour and got new armour. I've got like 89 health squares.

(5:09) Umm. Get who? Oh geez. Ok. So we're starting now. 

(5:25) Yeah, yeah. I used my Arrow Storm, so what? 
Oh, right on the side of the Sarto. That guy's like "What's going on? This town's going to hell!" Get... Aww, shoot, where's... Hold on, there's gotta be another guy to kill. Uh, tree is not helping! Ohhhhh I chopped you down like a tree! Get, get, get... And now, now I'm just hitting you. You're too good for that, though. 

(6:04) Okay. Yeah, I poisoned you in the neck. What? Why do there keep being more people? Oh, why were you standing between me and that guard, and how come you didn't die when I did it? Oh, geez. 

(6:32) Two can play at that game. But aren't going to. Yeah, I did it. And then you, big guy, take that. Oh, that was sweet! *reading* Ezio did not kill civilians. *normally* Well, civilians did not stand in the middle of a battle zone, either, so... 

(7:06) Well, that pole did me well. *reading* Mercenary Challenges. *normally* I don't know what that means. Said that, though. *reading and singing* Follow La Volpe to the thieves. Let's go! ("I still do not believe Machiavelli has turned traitor.") Me either. ("First the Villa attack, then the Castello and now this. He is behind it all.")

(7:28) Why can't, why can't you just trust each other. And why is my horse so slow. Speed it up. My Arrow Storm is not ready yet. I love the fact that the, that I have an Arrow Storm now. It's so sweet. People just die. They just fall... and I don't have to do as much (?~7:49). 

(7:52) Alright. I wonder how many people you can kill with an Arrow Storm. It seems like, it's like whatever guards are currently around. But, if there's like 25 guards around, a mass or kind of giant group of guards, would I be able to kill them all with an Arrow Storm? That would be amazing. So like, thank you, for all of your crossbow bolts, as I search you for the next twenty-five minutes. 

Alright. Following La Volpe and it's kind of boring. What should I talk about. Um, banking. The history of banking, of course. Why wouldn't I? Uh, I think it started out as pawnbroking, which was definitely around at this point. 

(8:34) Okay, wait. What's that? Are those, are those my guys? *reading* Rescue the thief. *normally* Get off the horse. Uh, Arrow Storm. Yep, killed everybody who was there! Love it! ("Cesare sent his butcher.") Oh, no. We must save Pietro. 

(9:00) Um, did you see how awesome that Arrow Storm was, by the way? ("Until tonight. Come on.") Yes, people. I mean, you could say he's the best killer in Roma, but, uh, I think that just by sheer numbers, Ezio Auditore wins that one every single time. Uh, I have... I can't imagine anyone has ever killed more people than me, personally. 

(9:31) Uh, I think that the person who, interesting fact I know, the person who killed the most people personally, on record, and is know to have done it, was a, uh, a sharpshooter in World War II on the Russian front. So that's a thing I know. *reading* Rescue the thief. *normally* Yes, sir. 

(10:01) Okay. Oh, in the helmet. Oh, no, you're so dead. Get him while he's down. Yep, did it. And then, that last one was just for fun. ("The man is an actor...") What? What? Huh? What does that mean? Pietro is an actor and is performing in a play tonight?

(10:32) Is there, is there some kind of duplicitousness going on? Why did you talk funny? That was a funny voice. *imitating previous character* The man is an actor, playing in a play tonight. *normally* Duplicitousness. ("I want no part of this.") Yeah, well, you have to be a part of it because I trampled you. Now you're a part of my horse's hoof, or at least my horse's hoof is a part of you. 

(11:02) We're back to the Coliseum, my favorite place! They just, they just wanna show it off, be like "Come back, check out the Coliseum, isn't it sweet?" We could have taken the tunnels and it would have been much faster. There was a tunnel, right there, and now there's one right there, and we wouldn't have had to do all of this walking around. *makes gibberish noises* Oh, so many tramples. 

(11:30) Oh, yes, um, I'm not... I think that maybe the, the person who killed people during a war, but you can, you can look him up. I think he was Swedish or Swiss, I'm not sure which, uh, sorry Americans get that confused, but we do. *laughs* I mean, I know the difference, but I can't remember which one it was. 

(11:54) *reading* Locate the thief. *normally* Do I locate the thief without being detected? Hello? What are you guys doing? 

(12:20) Oh, that guy somehow got... Ohhh nice! Oh geez. Oh geez there's a lot of people around. I was gonna trample that guy, but it didn't work. So I don't know why. Why isn't that happening. Okay. I cannot fight from a horse, I just suck at it. And now, I can't... Oh, cause I didn't have a weapon equipped, that's why I couldn't fight from a horse. 

(12:56) Yes! You are huge. ("What did you find out about Pietro?") Why do we keep having to ask? ("Micheletto will come for him with a spear.") What? I didn't catch that. Anyway, checkpoint reached. Where's my horse? Apparently, Pietro himself is the leak? I don't know. Hey, horse. It turns out I don't need a horse because this exclamation is right around the corner. 

(13:32) So, I'm still unsure of what the story is here. But here's... who's this? Let's talk to this person. Let's talk to him. Who are you. ("Terme di Traiano.") Baths of Trajan. 

(14:01) ("He will lead me to Lucrezia's lover.") I am... confused. This is a complicated story. ("But the truth is now clear.") No. ("Do what needs to be done.") No. I'm not killing Machiavelli. Because that's not how history went down. ("Without Volpe's thieves, I may require the help of my recruits.") Yes, well, I use them. 

(14:27) *reading* Tail Micheletto to the play's location. While following him, discover a way for the Assassin Recruits to infiltrate the play. I will do that! Next time, on Hank Green Plays Assassins Creed: Brotherhood 2.0. Goodbye.