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In which Hank discovers the lair of the followers of Romulus. The Romulan lair.
(0:00) Hello and welcome once more to "Hank Green Plays Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 2.0" in which I am infiltrating a Romulan tomb, which is what you do with Romulan tombs and I always call it Romulan, which *laugh* I'm fine with. I can call it Romulan if I want. Is this? Have I been here before? It looks, this looks like some place I've been before, but I guess not. That would be stupid if I'd been here before. No, that was different. Um, I don't, I don't know what's going on, but I'm going to check out this tress, trest, treasure chest. Oh, that's all? I wanted some totems or pomander or something. Something awesome like that. Is this a maze? It seems like a maze. I don't know where I'm, it seems very maze-y, which could potentially be really annoying.

(0:57) But I'm still not over, still not retracing my steps, so that's good. I think. God, it all looks the same. That is annoying. No, that's, that's new. Okay, is this? I don't know where I'm going. Oh. *Ezio falls and grunts* *Hank imitates Ezio's grunt* Yeah, I know how to use a lift, thanks.

(1:26) Um *singing* It all looks the same but it's not *speaking* Locate the fo- I reached a checkpoint, which is excellent news.

(1:36) Um, wow this is a creepy place. This is a creepy deep-y place. What's? I can't even see the bottom. Ezio, throw a stone. "Ezio, throw a stone" sounds like an improper command like "Ezio, pull my finger." I don't want that either.

(2:02) Ohh, geezle creezle. That seemed dangerous. Um, yes, so I'm locating the tomb. Lo-cat-ing *gibberish based on word 'locating'* Locating its depths. Heading toward this chest. I'm just going to call them trests from now on. Pomander! No, come on! I need stuff for those quests! Shop quests! Checkpoint reached? No? No? No? It feels like, what? I just saw a dude. I may have to fight.

(2:46) This place is crazy creepy! These chests are going to be the reason that I don't get full synch on this mission. Green jasper, yes! Yes, I don't know what that's for, but it's green and jasper-y.

(3:04) *singing* I can go forever in any direction except up and down. Up and down. *speaking* Why would I need to? How would you miss this? Maybe there's something cool down there. Ohh geez. I like how some of these holes are like, really little, like they just, like what kind of body could you fit in there? Uh, don't answer that question. I don't, that question disturbed me as soon as I asked it. Um, this doesn't seem like it's going anywhere, but maybe I will have to climb up. I could do that now, I got a climbing glove. Makes things so much easier. I can't. There we go! Love the climbing glove! It makes things much faster. Is there, is there a trest in here? Trest? Nope, yes! There is.

(3:54) Jar of leeches! I feel like I have a lot of those, but that's okay. You never know how many jars of leeches you're going to need in your life. Um. Okay. Should I go this way? I have no idea, no idea which way I should go, but it's, oh! It's approaching. I'm approaching it. Hoorah. Hooray! *gibberish based on word 'hooray'*

(4:24) "Hoorizzie horuzzle" is my new exclamation of joy like "Yah tah!", but "hoorizzie horuzzle". Oh, I don't think I actually am done. What is down here? Oh lordy, it's going to be a long way down. Ezio finally dropped a stone, like I told him to. Whoaaaaa no! Can I just jump?

(4:50) Is there a, is there a hay, haystack down there? Something tells me no. Oh, I have one minute and forty-four seconds left, but I'm, that's not going to happen. No freakin way. Ahhhh!... I died. I thought, I ran into a thing? I was jumping towards a thing and then I ran into, ooph. Maybe I should jump forward and try to grab the wall. That was death. That's what you call desynchronization, death.

(5:25) I am now notorious. Just drop and catch. Drop and catch. The last one I did not catch. Did not catch. Nothing I, nothing to catch on that last one. I thought the dropping and catching was working really well, turned out the dropping and catching was not working really well, embarrassed. *singing* Infinite grid of pink and blue fail. It's the infinite grid of pink and blue fail. *speaking* Okay, worked at first though. So let's keep it up, keep it up. Oh, there's a place, I can't go all the way down. That would be silly. Ugh, what happened? I thought it was right below me. I thought that's what the thing was there for. *singing* Infinite grid of pink and blue fail. The color of my fail is infinite grid.

(6:22) *speaking* Sorry, I started singing way too early. *laugh* There was no song to sing while I was in the fail screen. Okay, again, with the "wee!" and the "weeeee!" and the "weeeee!" and now I'm going to go across. Down, across, across and down, and across.

(6:44) I can't just hit that, I don't think. Can I? It seems to think I can. Ahh! Hooray hoorizzle. Hoorah hoorizzle.

(7:02) Alright, let's go, Ezio, let's do this thing. So many ways to go! *singing* This is creepy, creepy creepy times! Trest of trestiness, tresty tresty trest. No fuh, fucking fricking stuff in the trest, just florins which I don't need anymore cause I'm rich! Because I get the bunch of money every twenty minutes! *speaking* Give me my green jasper. Give me my Buddhist prayer beads. Give me my tomatoes! Nooo. What is pomander anyway? Sounds like 'co-lander', I had a friend who, uh, had a friend who used to think colander was pronounced 'co-lander', not colander. Uh, in fact I think she still believes that and she's like "It's like tomato, to-mah-to" and I'm like "No, it's not like that at all. It's nothing like 'tomato, to-mah-to'. It's like, it's like colander and colander. Nobody says co-lander, except you" *time expiring horn* "and maybe your parents." Yeah, I didn't think I was going to make it. Spent way too much time looking for green jasper and pomander.

(8:20) *various noises to match Ezio's movements* But um, I think I can do it. I, uh, I mean it doesn't seem that hard. I just have to ignore the chests, tresties. Okay, where am I going? Hoorah hoorizzle. Where am I going? Hello? Hello. Trest? Trest. Hoorizzle hoorah. Hoorah hoorizzle. There, this is a fricking maze. Oh my god. Hooray cutscene! Nice, I want to examine this wall, that looked awesome. Can you believe some video game just, what, this is in a giant underground chuuurch. Whaaat? That's fricking awesome!

(9:11) Okay. Something tells me that I'm not going to get to talk to you. Yeah, okay. Great, thanks for, thanks for doing that. Uh, this looks convenient. Was that guy carving a statue or was he trying to deface it? Couldn't tell.

(9:32) Let's go. Let's do this thing, Ezio. I was just saying, I can't believe the video game designers who like, make all these elegant works of art for video games. Yes I see it, thanks. Apparently I didn't see it enough. *sigh* Yes, you can swing that. You are so good, Ezio. I'm so proud of you and I'm not going to fall. I'm not going to let you down, my friend. Let's do it. Swing-y swing-y! What, what are you making me look at? *cough* This? Yes. Well, that view that you gave me was really unhelpful actually, so.

(10:22) Oh! *imitates Ezio* That will help me if I fall. Great, a way back up if I fall. *normal* You're not even going to say it? There you go. There it is. *laugh, imitates Ezio* Perfect, a route up if I fall.

(10:44) *normal* But I won't fall because I don't fall because I'm Ezio Auditore. I'm not getting a clue as to which way to go, though, which I never like, so I'm going to try this way. At least I know I can make that. Uhm, that's where I'm going, so let's just assume that I can climb some of this stuff. Nope. Can't climb that. Not getting, I'm not getting any clues as to which way I should be able to go. Oh! Perfect, a route up if I fall. *sigh* Darn it, darn it, darn it.

(11:27) Oh, maybe I should climb that cross. Maybe I climb the cross, that would be sweet. Oops *laugh* too far. Too, no! What was that, Ezio? You just dropped. I did not tell you to do that.

(11:50) What are you guys cooking on the pots? Smells good, like beans. Baked beans, ancient baked beans, what are you? That was hilarious, Ezio. *funny accent* I'm going to climb onto this. Climb onto this. Right ov-, over the fire.

(12:06) *normal* Okay, this time I'm not going to be really stupid.

(12:15) I'm going to try to climb this. Yeah, probably, probably he was trying to steal those gemstones. Nice. Nice, nice, yes, keep on going, do it. Oh yeah, I'm at the top of a giant cross. Nice! *brief gibberish* Sweet! Okay, um, I know that I'm still in a tomb of Romulus, Romulans, etc. Uh, and there's all these dead people around and you aren't comfortable with it, but I'm going to end this episode of "Hank Green Plays Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 2.0" right here. So you will not see me and I will not see you, but you will hear me next time as I take on this tomb of Romulus once again on "Hank Green Plays Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 2.0". Goodbye.