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Edited by Tim Thomas

 Intro World 4-block Mystery House Mad Dash

Hank: Hello and welcome to games with Hank. I am Hank.

Katherine: And I am Haaank. Oh, sorry.

Hank: Trying to hide?

Katherine: Well, no, I was like, coming out of your... I'm Hank too!

Hank: Yeah, it's my second head.

Katherine: You're a starfish! Oh, this one's got coins.

Hank: You're not a starfish, you're a star!

Katherine: It's a house. Hmm.

Hank: Is it a starfish?

Katherine: Uh oh. Mystery house mad dash.

Hank: Quick, get in there. Quick!

Katherine: So mad!

Hank: I died.

Katherine: Yeah, you did. Where am I?

Hank: You did it. Me too.

Katherine: I got one star!

Hank: You got one star.

Katherine: It's never good if there's... No one cares about that, just give me the star.

Hank: Just give me the star. Good mad dash, Katherine. Oh, other way! This way. I died.

(Katherine laughs)

Hank: You're better than me. That was fun, except for the part where I was awful at it.

Katherine: Oh, dear.

Hank: Ohhh, man. I died.

Katherine: Oh, I left my crown behind.

Hank: It's OK, just keep going.

Katherine: I want my crown!

Hank: Alright, I'm out. I'm out, I'm here. I'm ready.

Katherine: Oh no, it's tiny. Oh god, oh god. Oh shoot! Yeah, Hank! Yeah, our skills...

Hank: Yeah we have different skills.

Katherine: Are complementary! Oh dear. Thank goodness.

Hank: You jump so far, you almost missed it. Alright. Uh oh. Nooo!

Katherine: How many stars do we got?

Hank: Noooooo.

Katherine: Bounce. Bounce. Bouncy-bounce! Bounce on me. Bounce on my head, bounce on my head!

Hank: I had a different plan I was going to try and go back on to the thing.

Katherine: Now we got six.

Hank: You went right over it!

Katherine: I know. Luigi time.

Hank: Luigi time, man.

Katherine: I still have my crown.

Hank: Oh, good. We can go back there if we ever need a bunch more stars.

Katherine: Six stars is pretty good stars.

Hank: Six stars is great, yeah. That's really awesome. I feel good about that. It was fun too. A little stressful.

Katherine: Boop boop ba-doo, boop boop ba-doo, boop boop boop ba-doop boop boop! Is there any part of this game that's not stressful?

 World 4-5 Spike's Lost City (2:35)

Hank: Uh, the part where you go into the little house and break a block and then there's coins?

Katherine: A bunch of stuff comes out. Sorry.

Hank: OK, trying to throw me right off!

Katherine: Brother-- (laughing) I wasn't!

Hank: Oh my god!

Katherine: I'm just pushing the run button, and you happen to be close to me, and it is also the picking up button... it turns out. Oh no! See?

Hank: Look at you, cleaning it up.

Katherine: (singing) Cleaning up the city, come get this kitty bell. Why would you want that when you could have a kitty bell? I mean, it's worth some points I guess, but really. Woah! Woah, woah! Woah no, I don't have the thing any more to kill them with. I don't like you, get away from me. I decided to go down this pipe.

Hank: I have a crown.

Hank: Yay! (?)

Katherine: (?) Alright.

Hank: Alright!

Katherine: That was worth it. We lost a lot of coins.

Hank: I died.

Katherine: Yeah.

Hank: Everything's worth it if you get a star.

Katherine: Get away from me! It's just coins? Stink that.

Hank: Why does it stop, it makes no sense.

Katherine: There's a little cup on the end that holds it on there.

Hank: Didn't see the cup. Go get it, yeah.

Katherine: Oh, thank god!

Katherine: I think I might not, but OK, I guess. Oh no, no, no, that's not going to turn out, no! Frickety!

Hank: Oh, I'm sorry.

Katherine: My hands are clammy again!

Hank: Re-clam-ified! Whatcha doing you little--?

Katherine: Why are you- (Laughs)

Hank: Oh! I thought that was a ramp!

Katherine: Oh my god. What? (Laughs) Oh my god, just miss all of them.

Hank: I didn't miss all of them.

Katherine: It's cool. I'll get these ones back here. Don't worry about it!

Hank: We were cooperating. Oh, this is going to be hard. This is not going to be fun, Katherine. Panic! Oh, I'm not coming back, man.

Katherine: Really? Yes you are, OK.

Hank: Oh I am. We got no more though.

Katherine: We're gonna watch it, see what's happening here. OK fine, let's just go.

Hank: Well once we're here, now we'll have more information.

Katherine: OK, yes. Hnng! Hnng-la-la-la-la-la! Fuh-fuh-fuh-fuh-fuh! Zigguh-zigguh!

Hank: Oh man.

Katherine: Oh dear. Yaaaay, we did the same bad thing!

Hank: It's really just asking for you to do that bad thing. It's really saying "Hey, this is the time to jump, jump now!"

Katherine: "Jump now, it's fine, you'll be fine. Don't worry about the big spiky rolling thing coming at you!"

Hank: It'll be fine, jump now! Oh, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!

Katherine: That's no problem, don't worry about it!

 Replay (6:28)

Hank: Spike's Lost City. Eh. Eh?

Katherine: Is that guy named Spike?

Hank: This little guy?

Katherine: Yeah, this guy, what do you think? Is his name Spike?

Hank: Did we just start the level over again?

Katherine: Yeah, because we DIED.

Hank: oooh. we super like full-on died.

Katherine: Yeah. I don't see how this is helpful.

Hank: Seriously. That's not what I want right now, I want some fire flowers. You were climbing on the side of it!

Katherine: Was I climbing on the side of it? I need to know If I was touching it and I wasn't dying.

Hank: I think you were. Alright. Oh, man.

Katherine: Oh shoot. Are you kidding me? I forgot to push the right thingy. OK, uhm-- Great, this is not (sigh) Now we're back in this bad situation again!

Hank: Where we're tiny?

Katherine: Yeah.

Hank: Yeah, it's not ideal.

Katherine: No it's really not. Can you not? I don't wanna-- I don't want to be with you.

Hank: I died.

Katherine: Great. Me too.

Hank: OK, good call! Let's do that!

Katherine: (laughs) OK just, yep, there you go, pause. Take a moment. aww shoot.

Hank: Well, I did the same thing as you.

Katherine: What?

Hank: I don't know why or how.

Katherine: I don't either.

Hank: Wow that is a big thing there, buddy.

Katherine: I should not have this because I cannot manage it.

Hank: Well, it's not useful. (groans)

Katherine: Oh god! (grunt) Why not?

Hank: Yeah.

Katherine: Should I go in here?

Hank: Yeah. Oh, man, this is so hard

Katherine: I was trying to come into the microphone (? 8:45)

Hank: I'll go to the right.

Katherine: See if I can just uhm-- well, great. I'm dead. I got his head, but the big spiky thing got me. And then I run into him and died, so cool. (sigh) Where am I? I did it again, great.

Hank: Not worth it!

Katherine: You kept your-- thingy.

Hank: Yeah.

Katherine: You're still a human-sized.

Hank: I am a human size person. For now. Well, see, not anymore.

Katherine: pffft. (laughs) They don't--

Hank: You can kick 'em. We have to get it together!

Katherine: OK. PAUSE pause pause. Look at-- I want to plan my run, here. OK, now I'm gonna go. Oh my god, I'm sorry. Jumped right on it, because of course I did.

Hank: Alright, well at least we got this now.

Katherine: I came back large? That's weird.

Hank: Yeah, that's been happening.

Katherine: It's cuz they're like "These kids can't play this game, let's give them an advantage here." Just over and then jump. Over it, then jump. OK. Oh crap.

Hank: (? 10:25)

Katherine: (groan) Fuuuuuudge.

Hank: (straining to not die)

Katherine: No! Oh no!

Hank: Really it's nice to have extra hit points on this level!

Katherine: Oh no!

Hank: Cuz you always land right on the roller thing, cuz it's always right in the middle right when you want to jump!

Katherine: Yeah. Why is it right in the middle of the jump? (singing) Panic party, panic party, panic party, party panic, panic. NO I DON'T WANT TO BE WITH YOU

Hank: Didn't mean to.

Katherine: Don't do it! No-

Hank: Oh! And I died!

Katherine: OK. I'm just gonna stand here for a little bit.

Hank: What!? How did I die?

Katherine: I don't know. I didn't mean toooo... pfft

Hank: We've now gotten to zero levels.

Katherine: This one's going fast! This one's going fast. Oh, OK get off! Get off!

Hank: Are you dead?

Katherine: I'm dead, there's zero lives left so (stammering) Hopefully no more of those things. Hopefully so-- oh my god. No good at jumping.

Hank: I know. Whatever. Whatever!  Who cares! Just head first, straight into that thing!

Katherine: 89 seconds, right in spike!

Hank: Alright. oh man, I got a cramp. Oh geez, that required thought. ugh.

Katherine: (laughs)

Hank: OK. Thanks for watching this episode of games with Hank, I'm Hank. The game has been Super Mario 3D World. uh.. Hanks has been us, and--

Katherine: Clam town!

Hank: It's clammy up in here. whooof. whoof. Our cat's very cute.

Katherine: Oh my god. Give it a look, look at it if you can see it. Look at it. Look at it.

Hank: It had its head upside down.

Katherine: Cameo! What are you doing? (snaps)

Hank: What are you doing?

Katherine: Cameo.

Hank: Whatcha doing kitty?

Katherine: chaba-cha-chow.

Hank: chaba-cha-chow. Thanks for watching. DFTBA.