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How to Vote in Every State

Find your polling place and more!
Every day of the year, the powerful have the power. They have the wealth, the influence, the relationships. But there is one day on which every eligible voter gets equalized, Election Day. Maybe you're thinking, "No, the corporations, the wealthy, the special interests -- they buy elections." And yeah, the amount of money in politics is a very big problem. But their money doesn't buy elections. Because an eligible voter gets more votes than Fox News or MSNBC, more votes than or Exxon, more than the NRA or the ACLU, and the same number as Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates or a Koch brother. They spend money not to buy elections, but to influence your behavior: to change peoples' votes, to get them to go vote, or to get them to stay home. They're hemorrhaging cash not because they are powerful, but because they know that you are. Believe them. If you have a vote, you have power. Use it.