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This is a thing I am attempting and I don't know if it's going to show up on hankschannel or not.  I'd like for it to.  I don't know how I would even find it, though.  Is Hankschannel live?  No, it is not live right now.  Hmm.  

Oh, I am live.  I'm live?  I'm kind of live?  No one is here, though.  It's unlisted.  Alright, so I think now I am--I may now actually be live on hankschannel.  It's probab--this is definitely not built for YouTube.  Helloooo!  I have to change my title here so people know what's going on.  

Hello everyone.  Hello, hello, hello.  I am now--so here's what's going on to all very few of you who are here with us right now.  I--secret live stream, secret live stream.  It's not really that much of a secret, but yeah, I've got--there's this thing called ROZY which is a way of like, selling products and it's being designed by Stage TEN, the same people who work with us on the Project for Awesome and I wanted to check out how it works.  

So what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna push this button and--okay, good.  Um.  Yeah, that's right.  I can put--I can put a picture of the product up.  I don't know if that--you can't like, do anything with that, though.  Good morning, everybody, and then like, I guess you just click something in the description.  Sorry, this is--just watching me, I should have set up a better camera situation.  This is gonna be, like, slightly better so that I'm actually like, looking in the direction of you, not, yeah, that's a little bit better, and oh god.  

So it's like, is there a link in the description of this video is the thing I'm trying to figure out.  There isn't.  There isn't.  I'd have to put it there.  So.  That would be  I think.  I should have checked it first.  And then you'd be like, oh, here we are at this place and there I am and I'm talking.  Okay.  And you can make a comment on this place.  Hello.  And into the chat, I can put my name in and it's me.  Hello.  Okay.  You can ask me questions about the product and I can buy the product.  Oh, Barnacle has made it all the way over and so has Jason and I can buy the product.  

I should have actually made this be a--a discount, so that people could have gotten a discount.  Can I change that from here?  I cannot.  I'll have to start it again, but I'm just gonna buy it to see what happens.  Buying my own shirt from my own self.  Oh my God.  Why is that happening?  Is that happening every time someone chats?  Is that why that was happening or what?  I don't know.  And then I just pay now and now I'm very cur--like, does something like, pop up that shows me that someone bought something?  You can see the chat on the thing, that's cool.  My order is confirmed.  Oh, there, thank you William.  That's me!  I just see white screen on Android.  Oh, so the website isn't optim--so you've gone to on your phone and you can't see it.  

It won't let me pick a size?  It let me pick a size.  Will it let anyone else pick a size?  I can pick a size, okay.  Okay.  Okay.  Also have the jumping automatically works on up-to-date Android on a Pixel, it keeps vanishing.  I did not make Rozy, no.  I'm busy, but I'm not that busy.  The drop down is a little tricky for picking a size.  It disappears when you try to select.  Uh.  Is that on--oh.  I had a little bit of that problem, too.  What!  Why is that happening?  Well, boy, that seems like a--you gotta be fast.  You gotta click, click, click quick.  

Chat is not auto-scrolling.  Oh.  The drop-down is a bug around the scroll live feed.  Signed, a web developer.  I only see a white screen in the chat.  Why is it just white?  Interesting.  Oh, hey, thank you, Andrew.  Look, we sold a shirt, everyone!  Wow, amazing.  

White screen, no auto-scrolling here either.  Weird.  Well, it sounds like this product is very much still in beta.  It would seem.  Oh, god, also my website keeps jumping down to the bottom, which is very annoying.  It was very annoying when I was trying to put my credit card information in.  Messages are going outside the bubbles.  Yes, they are doing that.  I agree with you.  Thank you to no one, who seems to have also purchased a shirt.  I wish that I could have more than one product available on this website, 'cause like, I see that there are lots of use cases where the ideal would be to have it be like we're having a sale on this product, but it's Pizzamas.  I want to sell all the things.  It's weird that people are buying so many shirts.  Oh my God, it--oh, so it jumped down to the bottom--and thank you, Katherine.

It's weird that it--is that when it's jumping down to the bottom?  When people buy things?  Just to be like, hey, make sure you're paying attention to this?  I can pick quantity 18 and still get--purchase in full screen.  That's okay, Sam.  There's far more than 18 of these available.  I mean, that's prob--that's okay for us.  It might not be okay for other people.  

Thank you Chelsea for buying a shirt.  Thank--I'm glad you like my hoodie.  You know, I am wearing a Pizza John shirt underneath the hoodie, just, just to be clear.  I am scrolled to the bottom of the page.  The chat auto-scrolls.  Yeah, the chat is auto-scrolling for me.  Is it?  No, I guess I have to scroll down.  Auto-scroll randomly stops.  Boy, I should be making a list of the bugs for the stage send people.  

Size picking thing disappears quickly, popping down to the bottom.  What did Rose say?  Hey, thank you, Shelby!  Oh, did Shel--oh, no, it's just--I'm trying to scroll but I can't.  I can search for Rose, right?  It auto-scrolls for me sometimes but sometimes it quits.  Yes, that is also my experience.  The chat bubbles are the same size no matter how long the message is.  That is true.  Yes.  Yes, that is definitely a beta thing, where they just created a safe, a safe solution for the meantime.  

Oh, and then the bubble covers up the rest of it.  Yeah.  Auto-scroll was working until I commented and now it's broken.  Yeah, it's not working for me anymore.  Did it just--did another purchase just come in?  Ahh, thank you, James.  We now only have 12 shirts left.  This is not actually a thing that is real.  There are more than 12.  I just, at random, picked 20.  I just inhaled a hair.  How did that happen?  There were two of them!  How did that happen?  How did I inhale two hairs at once?  That was very weird.  Can somebody play back--play it back, play it back, see how I managed to inhale two hairs at one time.  

On mobile, chat is unreadable sometimes when the messages overlapping the username.  That's not the case on Android--or, on iPhone.  The chat on iPhone is working fine.  My monitor resolution is 2K and I cannot have the entire video on screen at once.  It's too tall.  Oh, and you can't--it doesn't scale?  It scales for me.  Oh.  Okay.  

The lack of auto-scrolling makes this feel kind of un-usable.  Yeah, well, and it's not meant to be a chat platform.  I think most of the, I think, like, most of the use cases probably like, people will be asking questions about the product rather than doing what we're doing, which is stress testing the product, but thank you Kaylin!  

Super mobile friendly on iPhoneX.  Yeah, it's working on iPhoneX for me, too.  Comment render is broken on iOs 2.  I'm seeing an--oh, okay, you're using mobile Safari?  Yeah, I'm using an app version of it that's working just fine, but I imagine none of you are using the Rozy app.  Okay.  

Little Bobby (?~16:40).  Overlap happens on Chrome on a Macbook but it does scale.  I'm on PC, it doesn't scale for me either.  I can't see the whole video at once.  Changing zoom size of page does nothing.  Wow.  My--Whoever D is, are you trying to hack something over here?  Trying to inject some code?  

Okay.  Denyse, thank you for your purchase.  We've sold 10 shirts, which is silly, but fun.  Did you just get censored?  Oh, I got censored, too.  Wow.  Yup.  Now, okay.  Now people are having a little too much fun with the censoring.  Shiitake mushrooms works. 

Alright.  Um.  I got an idea of how well things are working.  I think.  Will it censor fuckshit?  Um.  Yeah, the chat does not auto-scroll.  Here are the bugs I have, let me know if anybody's noticed any other.  Autoscroll randomly stops or doesn't happen at all, size--the, when you're picking the size of the product, it disappears quickly so you have to be fast, popping down to the bottom of the page for me.  I don't know if anybody else has noticed that.  Can only sell one product at a time, that's just my concern.  That's not a bug, it's a feature request.  Text outside of their bubbles, sometimes text overlaps on Android, maybe on iOs as well.  Yeah, I should just say 'sometimes text overlaps', 'cause that has also happened to me.  Seems to be a lot of problems with the display of the website.  In general, specifically on mobile, seems like it was iOs and Android.  Messages will cover up other messages if the first one was long.  Video doesn't scale for everyone, it's too big for many monitors.  That's all the...text overlaps on Firefox, yeah, yeah, text overlaps seemed to be everything on desktop.  

The sizing chat--the sizing chat?  What's the sizing chat?  Chart is absurdly tiny.  Oh, the sizing chart is absurdly tiny.  Yes, that is our fault, not their fault.  Yeah, you should be able to click on that, though.  Product images should be clickable.  The text probably can, I'm sure, can probably be hard to see.  It's not outlined at all.  Sam, you don't have to be concerned about the security.  All the payment processing goes through Shopify, so I trust Shopify with security.

Doesn't auto-fill your card.  I also had that problem.  That t-shirt photo is the thing that I am currently selling through this app and I keep putting my head right underneath it, so, sorry about that.  The countdown is basically a sales--like, the idea is like, there's a sale!  There's only ten left!  There's eight minutes left in the sale kind of thing.  That's the idea.

I am wearing a Pizzamas shirt.  Thank you for noticing.  Countdown text is very blurry.  Hm.  It's not blurry for me.  Yeah, clicking on, like, I had a force scrolldown when I was putting in my credit card information, which was super weird.  God, try this again to see if it happens again.  So auto-fill worked there and then I'm--pick my shipping and then auto-fill is not working on the credit card, but LastPass auto-fill works and it does jump down while I do that, which is annoying.  I don't know, man, I don't know.  

Auto-fill worked for me.  Auto-scroll works if my cursor is in the chat frame.  Doesn't work for me when my cursor's in the chat frame.  Um, saying it's's not blurry on hankschannel.  It doesn't look blurry to me anyway.  Yeah, no, that looks fine, except that I keep putting my face right on it.  Okay.  You can't see the video at all on Rozy, only the chat.  Yeah, I have seen that problem.  

Man, software development is hard, I could tell you that.  Oh wow, ultimate--yep.  There is--Xan has proved that there is a limit to the amount of text that will even be--I should have let them know that I was doing this so that they can like, witness it in action, but they probably know about a lot of these bugs.  Alright, well, I'm going to end this now.  I think that we've gotten everything we're going to get out of it.  

What about the buy button?  What's the problem with the buy button now?  Can't click on the sizing chart.  Yeah.  The buy button would be--is grey for me until I choose the size, but maybe there's other problems.  Is the vertical height on the video on Rozy adjustable?  It should be.  It is for me.  I can just change the size of my window and it changes the size of the video.  I got that Narnia map poster in--at a thrift store and I was extremely lucky 'cause it's worth like $600 or people will pay $600 for it.  What is anything worth?  If you change from 'choose size'--still some glitches to work out.  That's a good place to end easy.  Thanks.  Alright, thank you for helping beta test this product.  Definitely still some glitches to work out.  Wow, okay, so we also have confirmed that you can totally spam the chat.  The thing beh--it's just Pizza John.  What are you talking about?  The red thing on the wall behind me on top of the books?  Oh, on top of the books?  That's a Pizza John pennant.  Pizza John pennant.  It's sort of droopy.  Pizza John pennant.  You know.  Okay.  Happy Pizzamas everybody, thank you for doing this and thank you for all ten people who bought Pizzamas shirts during this weird thing.  I will continue to attempt to use this, but it does seem a little bit janky.  Okay bye.