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Don't Starve, part 2: Today Hank Green plays Don't Starve again! Lets find some gold!
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Game Played:
Hello and welcome to Games With Hank. I am Hank, this is games with me. Today we're going to be playing Don't Starve. My friend, Wilson, I learned his name, got very mortally injured. Not mortally, he'd be dead. But he has like 14 health points left right now and I'm really scared and sad for him. So we're going to try and get back in the game and make it.

Here we are back with Maxwell. I've got my campfire going, I've got a berry bush, my sanity is 142, my health is 13, my hunger is 111. So we've got some work to do. Chop chop chop the wood. Chop the wood, Maxwell, do it.

Alright, that's surprisingly slow going, but okay. Now pick up every thing. I can plant? I can plant? Plant it! Okay apparently I can't. Oh gosh, this is extremely annoying. Okay. If I picked it up and then-- pick up pine cone. Can I plant it? Oh look at that, I can plane pine-- I didn't know that.

Oh you ate my seeds, you dang bird. Alright so in order to get health back, there's a number of things I can do. But one of the easiest is to get food, which is, I really want to do a lot. I would also like to have something to put all of my things in.

There's bees. Bees are a great way to get health. Except that they're impossible and they will kill you so fast. That's what I've heard, anyway. Alright so I'm going to have to do a lot of exploring so that I can find some new lands where my berries, where berries and and carrots will be to help me regain my health. There's a crazy flower.

Picking flowers I've heard helps you regain your sanity. My sanity is currently increasing, I don't know why. No idea. Let's look at where we are and where we can go.

Okay, there's not a lot. So that's definitely not good. But over here is a potential good place to go. So we're going to head that way. I don't want to attack a bee, that seems like a terrible idea. There's a wormhole. I could check out this wormhole. Let's just do that. Let's go down the wormhole. Jump in worm-- do it.

Alright, I've been devoured. That was not a sane thing to do. That hurt my sanity. Did that-- oh good, completely new area. That's excellent news. Hopefully there will be food in this completely area. There's definitely bees. Don't you attack me, we are friends. I am bee-friend. I am bee-friend Maxwell.

Oh I have two axes, I only just realized. Well throw that away. That one's got like 4%. Who needs it.

(singing) There is no food in this new laaaaand.

Oh there's a carrot, carrots are good. I'm going to grab a carrot. And I just have to basically not get touched by anything, because I've now got 13... I've actually lost health, just by I think being hungry.

So I could hunger myself to death. Let's try not to.

Pick the freakin' carrot Maxwell, geez. Oh man.

Hey, another one of you guys. I've come to the explored areas of the map. That's the opposite of what I want. Pick up some seeds, seeds are good.

Alright, let's truck it on this path here. Wait, what was that? Some sticks and a dead guy and grass suit. But I got a better than a grass suit, I got a puffy coat right now. Not sure what twigs are good for. Oh, no, I do.

It will not be dark soon. It will be dark in a little-- in a while. I think a while is the term you're looking for, Maxwell. Alright, there's another dead guy up there. Dead guys sometimes have good stuff! Nope, there's nothing there.

This looks like a good biome for food. Hello, food? That's an even better biome for food. There's gotta be-- there's a-- oh yeah look at these-- look at all these carrots! Yeah! There's only two actually. I thought there were more. Oh well.

There's a bunny hole, there's some-- oh look at all those berries, yes! Yeah, oh my god, I've never been so excited about berries in my whole life. Oh yeah. I'm going to have so much health, yeah, I'm not going to be dead at all. I'm gonna be the opposite of dead, I'm going to be so not starving. Yeah. Opposite of dead. That is the thing to be, everybody knows it.

I'm so hungry. It's okay, we're just waiting for the night to come so we can build a fire. Why can't I build a fire? Booooom! Wake up, blue mushroom. Ooh yeah. Thank you, alright. Pick up that log, Maxwell, I can't carry that. I can plant it, though. Plant that mu-- yeah. Does that make me more sane or something? It doesn't. It doesn't but I can-- I'm going to eat some berries, man.

Yeah, cook'em. Cook all the berries. I was afraid that I was talking on the fire, and I was going to burn-- No, stop eating them! You ate the berries, that's terrible!

Yes, yeah. Look at me, I got 19 health. That is slow going. 21 health. Dark petals, that doesn't sound healthy. I can burn them, but I can't...

Well that didn't sound like a great noise. Let's cook some carrots. Yeah, carrots, oh yeah. Apparently I have to do this one at a time.

Alright. Uh... How many health does that give me when I eat one carrot? Oh it gives me quite a bit. It gives me like three. That's not bad at all.

Oh I'm going insane. I'm starting to see some effects of my insanity.

(singing) Berry bush, berry berry bush.

I haven't run into any gold yet. That is, that should start to be high on my list of things that I need is gold, because I need gold to make a science machine, and I need a science machine to make absolutely everything that isn't like a freakin' pickaxe.

So, I don't think I've seen any gold yet. Oh but so many berries, I'm so exc-- whoa, what was that? I don't know.

I saw a weird shape, you guys. It might be that I'm going insane. I got plenty of sanity. There's a lot of this biome. Oh man. This is just -- It's a bounty. Oh a frog. I tried to attack to eat a frog recently, and I found out that they are pretty badass actually. You don't want to mess, apparently, with frogs.

I can't believe I haven't found any of the rocky biome yet. Guess I'm gonna have to keep walking. And I've got plenty of food. Is there going to be-- is this... I saw a berry bush but it's too far away, I can't, I've got so many berries right now.

Oooh a fire dart. Well I can't currently carry that, so... I'm just going to eat this carrot. Okay, that's good enough. Alright, we're on a path, let's go on a path. Let's just keep on moving until we run into some gold, that's how you find gold. Oh, this may have actually worked. Hmmmm no. This is the type of land that has gold, but it isn't... that isn't gold. So... I found a cemetery.

I just found some freakin' gold on the ground. How did that happen? Oh, let's drop that and eat this freakin' mushroom. Oh dang that was a ton of health. Yeah! Yeah blue mushroom. And then I freakin' got gold, I just found some gold nuggets, I don't even need a pickaxe for them.

Am I going to, like, anger some evil spirits or something? That was awesome. I can't believe I just found gold nuggets sitting on the ground.

How do you equip? Equip equi eq I gotta equip my pickaxe, okay, now let's mine this gold. Mine it! Bang bang bang bang bang bang. Excellent. Keep picking up the rocks. Oh yeah, rocks, man, you know who loves rocks? Maxwell. Maxwell Tarrington. Tarrington? Carrington. Maxwell Carrington, that sounds good. That may have accidentally been a Grease 2 reference, which is maybe going to be embarrassing. But I'm going to leave it in, you know, gotta be authentic.

Oh two gold nuggets, so many gold, I'm just flush right now.

Hey birdy. Hey birdy birdy. Alright, gotta get some more berries.

Alright. My sanity is increasing right now, I don't know why. My sanity is increasing right now, or it like, it's decreasing, it decreases during the nighttime, during the dusk, and it increases during the day. I really don't know how this game works at all. I do feel like I need rocks though, apparently I feel like I need rocks very bad, because I'm picking up lots of them right now. There must be a reason why I think I need rocks.

I'm not going to pick up the nitrite, even though, you know, maybe it's useful. But I can't currently hold it, and I don't know what I would throw away. I have so many useful looking things in my inventory.

Oooh don't do that, that's going to be extremely confusing. Glad I figured out how to undo that.

Look at me, I got 48 health right now. Did something just pop out of that bush? Hello? Hello? I thought I saw something pop out of that bush. Uhhh maybe it's just me being totally crazy.

Uhhhh, uuuuuuuh. Maybe we should build a fire in the midst of these trees. Okay let's do that. Light a fire. Build a campfire. Why can't I build campfires in some places, but I can in other places? I don't get it. I don't understand.

Let's equip my axe. Where's my axe? Hello axe? Crank thing? Oh yeah, I forgot, right, I got that. I forgot getting that. But now I remember. I got a crank thing.

Okay, excellent, thank you. Chop down trees. Okay night has come. Night has fallen for Maxwell Tarring-- wooah. Okay. Pick it up, pick up that log. That was completely useless. Where are my logs? I have 20 logs. Okay, let's add some fuel to the fire.

Yeah, I know what wood is. I'm just-- whoa, did I just burn that tree down? I totally did. I caused a fire and I made ashes. Neat, neat, I caused a forest fire. Cool. I didn't know that was possible.

Pick up some ashes, Mr. Carrington, that's gonna be useful someday, I'm sure. Alright, let's eat some carrots, yep, yummy, those are super yummy, my heart is now... 65! I've done so well today. Yeah toasted seeds, that sounds delicious. Wish I had some toasted seeds right. Alright, daytime already? No, not quite.

Okay, what else. I wanted to do something else. I wanted to build a science machine. I can build a science machine now. Should I build it here though? I don't know. Why not?

Alright I can build so many more tools now! Let's build a-- I have a shovel! I can't carry it! That's too bad, alright. Let's plant some pine cones. Yeaaah pine cones.

Yeah, this is... does a body good.

Oh also, I have a freakin' beard now. Can I make a razor? What do I need? I need sticks and... why can't I make it? Oh, I'm not standing next to the science prototype.

Look at me I'm so smart.

Alright, build a razor. Yeah! I'm gonna shave. Oh yeah, that made my sanity way better. Oh man I need somewhere to put my stuff.

Where do I put stuff? Is there some kind of device that allows me to hold things? Can I use this razor to CUT THAT BIRD, CUT IT, CUT THE BIRD. Okay, that was mean and I don't want to do that.

Alright, just leave it on the ground. Who needs it? Who needs... that was a really cheap thing to make, I don't need a razor.

Alright... magic, ooh. Oh ooh ooooh it's magic, you knooow. Oh I can make rope, I can make boards, I can make cut stone, neat. Alright, I can make a pitchfork, that sounds like it would be useful at some point, but I don't need it right now. I can make... A BACKPACK! That's exactly what I needed! Look at me! Prototype. I was just saying how I needed a backpack and now I got one. I'm going to put my razor in there, and those seeds too, yeaaah. I'm... yeah!

That seems like a pretty good place to end. While I'm on top of my game. I got like half my health back, I got a backpack, I got a razor blade, I got a small fire, and a science machine, and I'm just basically weighted down with gold. It's a good day, here on Games With Hank, on Don't Starve. Maxwell Carrington is doing just fine. DFTBA.