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Hello! You can click on the little tab that takes you to the Los Angeles event and I'm here to tell you about the Los Angeles event that's not actually in Los Angeles. It's in a place called Glendale because Los Angeles apparently, I've discovered, is a very big place. There are lots of places to do things and Glendale is kind of, you know, it's not like there's a big expanse of cattle farms - ranches - they're not really cattle farms. I'm off topic, I'm getting off topic. Hm.

So, Glendale! The Glendale Library has been kind enough to set me up for an event nearby Los Angeles, and the Glendale Library, if you are curious, is on East Harvard Street in Glendale, California, and that is very close to the 5 freeway, which is a strange name for a freeway but hopefully you will know what that means. So, just Google map East Harvard Street and you'll get there. The exact address is 

222 East Harvard St. 

The Glendale Library has been kind enough to put me up. This is the Glendale Central Library that we're talking about here, and it is a big room so there will be plenty of space for everyone, and there is plenty of parking right around the event space apparently - right across the street there is a big parking lot that everyone will be welcome to use.

So, time. Time, I should know that. I should know that. I almost grabbed my phone to look at the schedule that's inside my phone, but I don't. I don't, I should've, I should've looked that up. Why didn't I do that? Where is it? Where is it? Where is it? What time? What time? What time is it? Ah! 5pm. Um, so from 5 until like 7ish. Sorry that it's not a little later but it is the weekend so I think that you'll be able to get there without any problems. So 5 until 7 in Glendale Public Library - Glendale Central Library - in Glendale, California, and I have said Glendale too many times.

So this will be the second event on the tour. You will be the second group of people to ever see my CD, um, so that'll be awesome. I will have other stuff on sale as well. I'll have So Jokes, I'll have the DFTBA compilation, and I will have my live album, which, hopefully, after hearing me perform live, you will be interested in having to preserve the power of my performance. Or maybe not.

Um, so thank you all - everyone who's gonna come out. This is going to be really awesome. I'm very excited to meet all of you and to have a really great time. Generally, I am able to talk to pretty much everybody who wants to talk to me, and uh, answer lots of questions and sign foreheads and jeans. Oftentimes people want me to sign their shoes, so I will be glad to do that, and if you just want to high five me or punch me in the shoulder or in the face or just really you don't like me at all and you just want to come by and tell me that to my face instead of doing it in the YouTube comments, that's, that's fine too. I would rather that, frankly. But in all seriousness, it's gonna be amazing and I'm really excited that the libraries are helping me put this thing on and, um, I have a great time working with the libraries and you would not believe how much partying can get done at a library event, so thanks to all of you who are gonna come out and this is going to rock, and I will see you there!