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Hank: Little hamster? He's got a hamster shirt.
Friend: He's a little hamster! Oh, here I'll take my shoes off...
Hank: More interestingly.. [laughs] babies- ohhh I like this one.
Friend: Oh look, how shiny is this wood? 
Katherine: It didn't used to be this shiny, but- now it's-
Hank: What's shiny? Oh the floor?
Katherine: Yes.
Hank: I thought you meant the pizza. Or the baby, shiny baby?
Friend: So who- who's salad am I eating? 
Katherine: You're sharing the big one.
Hank: Oh, there's one over here too.
Friend: Okay so, we'll deal with the money stuff afterwards
Hank: Whoa- ohh yeahhh.
Friend: It's expensive.
Katherine: 67. 
Friend: 67 and I left a tip.
Hank: Yeah, you left a tip!?
Friend: 75 total, and then people who had salads can then-
Katherine: Yeah.
Friend: Cool!