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San Francisco!!!
Hello San Francisco people! This is Hank Green, informing you of the whereabouts and location and other stuff like that.
Whereabouts and locations are the same thing, huh. 

Anyway, San Francisco is fairly complicated, unfortunately. It's complicated for two reasons: one, because, um, They Might Be Giants is playing a show at the same night as my show. Now, if you bought tickets to the They Might Be Giants Show, go to the They Might Be Giants show. Like - there's like - there are no - there's no option there. There's no - like, that's not a question that should be in anyone's mind.

The tickets to the They Might Be Giants Show are sold out though, so if you didn't get tickets, you should come see me.

My show is going to be - my show is - I'm doing the thing where is restart the take even though this is going to be a one-take video so I shouldn't do that.

My show is going to be at a place called the Epicenter Cafe in San Francisco. Um, and it's gonna start fairly early. Um, I'll put an annotation with the exact time. Right now it's scheduled to be at 7:30 starting, but I wanna start it a little earlier than that because there's another show - the second reason that this is complicated - Pomplamoose, the amazing band with Jack Conte and Natalie Dawn that pioneered the concept of the video song - which I have several times ripped off - um, I love them and really wanna go see them. They're going on the stage at ten o'clock at the Brainwash Cafe, which is literally right down the street from the Epicenter Cafe.

So, what I'm planning on doing is having the Nerdfighter gathering, having it end at like 9/9:30 and then going to the Brainwash and seeing if we can get in to the Brainwash Cafe, and there's no guarantee that we're going to be able to fit in there because hopefully they'll have already sold out the show, but, if we do get in, then, uh, that will be really great and we can all see Pomplamoose together and hopefully, I'll get to meet them 'cause I've never met them before, I've only sort of talked to them peripherally.

So that's what's going on - it's a little bit confusing. More information about the Epicenter Cafe: you can just go Google it, or there's information in the sidebar. Um, let me look it up right now just to tell you. [keyboard noises] This was all created thanks to Morgan who is flawedartist on YouTube and on twitter and various other places and she has been hugely helpful, um, in setting all of this up.

The other - another complication of the San Francisco gathering is that it is kind of the release party for my CD and we're having it in a room that holds 75 people and there have been Nerdfighter gatherings that I've had a lot more than 75 people so it's possible that we will, uh, that not everyone will get in. So keep that in mind, when you're coming down to the San Francisco show, that it's possible that if you don't get in there early, that you might not get into the

The Epicenter Cafe is

764 Harrison Street
San Francisco, CA 94107.

So..that's exciting! I'm really excited to see all of you in San Francisco and if it turns out that it's really crazy, maybe we can try and uh, and find a park nearby. I don't know.

So thank you all and I hope to see you all there. It's gonna be super awesome and it will be the actual release: first time anybody sees my CD. So, you - if you're there - it's gonna be amazing.

So, uh, thank you to everyone who help set it up and apologies to They Might Be Giants and Jack Conte and Natalie Dawn for stealing all of your audience away because you know, I'm definitely pulling They Might Be Giants's audience away. [laughs] And that is all, so hopefully that worked.