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Hank finds his way to Hogwarts!
I'm back, and the last time, you may remember that I was a goblin. This one. Whose name I can't remember. And there were lots of other goblins stamping in the light, my friends.

And I have a key, and I'm gonna use it on this thing. You know, it's Gringotts. Hold Z next to a lock and open it. Z. Yes, I have to hold Z, not just push it. Only goblins can open these locks. That's important to know.

What are we doing? What are your special skills besides being able to open things? Ahh Hagrid knows what to do. Like blow things up. Push C. I have to push C. Oh, I was in a thing. Nope.

I'm in a thing I...ooh. Crashed it. Uh, what are you doing? Oh wow, look at that. Look at that, there were a bunch of...oh, more! Okay, good job, Harry. Turn into a goblin, though. we do something with this lock here? Can you, can you, can we do something? Can we do something. Nope. We can't. You can pull on this chain, Hagrid, because you're big. Pull it! Pull it! Titus pull-o!

Good job, now we can go in here. There was stuff hidden from me. Nope. Goblin. Oh, another one! Hello! I'm talking to Katherine. How are you doing? What is going on? Yes, all the animals got fed. Yep, she's just normal pathetic.

I'm building a thing! It's a...what? Some paintings will respond to your actions. Try waving at this one to see what happens. Okay...hello! Hello! Hello! (Imitates game sounds) Oh, you're gonna sneeze? Tinkle tinkle.

Oh, you opened. Just like the...just like the painting at, at Hogwarts. To let us into the Gryffindor common room. Oh, this looks fun. Yes, excellent. Weeee! 

That could have been longer. I didn't even really get half the fun that I feel like I shoulda got out of that. Shoot it! Shoot it, shoot it Hagrid! Good man, shoot these things.

Alright. Turn it! Yesss complicated goblin lock, unlocked! Not very much stuff in here actually. Uh, it's a vault, as you might expect it would have had more stuff in it.

Okay, we're doing something now, we're doing something now. Can't see what it is. I made a table. Oh, Harry, get on that table. Yess! Aw, yess!

Yeah! I can break stuff too! Not only Hagrid can break stuff. What is this? This is sparkly. Okay, what's going on? I don't know what's going on. Can you open this one? 

There's a fire-breathing dragon! Shoot it, Hagrid, shoot it! What is going on? How do I...what? Ow, ow ow! Hey, it uh, in fact, as you may expect, though I was unwilling to believe, uh, fire hurts. So that's good to know.

And I didn't do that over here...nope. You guys. Excellent! Making more bolts for myself. Okay good, I feel like I almost just..ohhhhh. Turns out you can't do that. Now I know, and knowing is at least a quarter of the battle.

Okay, somebody tell me what to do with this guy. Harry Potter? Oh, there's a chain in the freakin wall. Somebody maybe to pull on. Duh. Good, crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch.

Ah, that's what I'm looking for, my gold. I'm rich! Look at all of those doubloons. Oh, now we have very's a party. There's a party in the secret. That's not the one I wanted you to see! Oh no, sometimes we do have fun.

This is it. I wanna go to a goblin disco. Good job everybody! This person is levitating a wand shop sandwich board. Wand board. Okay. What is this stuff? What is it? It's goo. What's the goo do? Goo-goo doo-doo, goo goo doo.

Hmm, how about this one? Whapow! No, that was not it. Oh, poor, poor Ollivander. He's very sad, ah you keep breaking stuff. Hmm, I wonder. Oh, this one? Ohhhh, yes, curious. Very curious.

Oh I've got a wand, Hagrid! Can I do magic immediately? And a bird! And a hat. A wand and a bird and a hat. Thank you Harry...Hagrid. I'm..why were you angry?

I'm Harry fricken Potter! (sings with game music) I got one piece of the house crest. And I totally..I'm a true wizard. Did I get 100%? No I didn't I got 71. Sad noise. Stud total. Stud total maximum. That's right, you know it. That's what everybody always says. That was a lot of studs. Student in peril, he was on an awning! Gold brick 0...1...2! That is all.

I shall...I shall continue. I shall..nice floating head in the corner. That's nice to see, always nice to see a floating head. Oh and a floating cauldron now. It's good to have different floating things in corners while nothing else is happening.

Ah, platform 9 & 3/4. Look at all these happy men in bowlers. Can I steal on of their bowler hats? That doesn't make any sense. Hey! It's Gorge and Fred! Gorge? Gred and Forge! 

Oh. WTF. What is going on here? It's best to do it at a bit of a run. Good job. Nine and three quarters. Yes. Ready. And now, as always should happen, I don't know why that doesn't happen more often.
Oh, Oculus Reparo! Oh you broke so many things. That guy's hat turned into a frog. Oh Hermione will do it. Ohhh that's cute. I love my Hogwarts friends. On a train, chocolate frogs, Hogsmeade. Hagrid's lantern, do the thing, on the lake, lots of fun. Trevor's lost.

Yeah, Hogwarts school..why are you guys so fast? Introducing your characters of lame-ness? Was that Draco? I couldn't tell. It looked like little Draco head there.

Sorting hat! It's wiggly. Harry, you go first! Nice purple. Who's there? Grumpsters. Alright,, Quirrel's right there. I don't know what's going on.

Right, we start with the "W's." That makes perfect sense. I'm Draco. Grumpy Grumpety. You get to be snake house. No, I don't want to be snake house, I don't want to be a...yes, thank you. Great, it's beautiful. It's a wonderful story. Cheers to Harry Potter.

Oh, the staircases, they tend to move. It's awesome! I can't believe they made a movie out of this. It's just so cool. (Singing) Hogwarts School of Witchcraft, under the stuff and stuff. I can't go any higher, I want the purple thing but...

What? Hold B to target objects with the spells. B. B. Who's talking? Saying "mmm" to me? Why can't I get on that? Target the cuh..cast...good job! Excellent. Um, not entirely sure what, oh I'm leaving. I'm leaving.

Cool, cool, fun. I'm glad to know I can already do all of this. Are you talking to me? Who's saying "mmm?" MMM! Mmm! Yeah, are you doin' stuff too, Ron? You guys make funny noises. Just sayin'.

Aha. That was funny. Ooh I made that much bigger. Oh are we gonna play, gonna play some wizard's chess? Right here in front of me? Oh, but you're not destroying each other.

Oh! Wow. Checkmate. That was a fast game. Can I be Hermione? I can. What's that thing? Oh, it ate a thing. It's running around. Eat those things! I guess I follow the uh..Oh.

Oh, this episode needs to end. There's too much fun stuff going I, I don't remember to end the episodes. Uh, so, I must end this one. Oh, I just walked right into the fire. TIP! Do not walk into fire, ever, just uh...just so you know. Um, can I get this myself? Can I do this? No, I don't have that skill, yet? Nope.

Anywheres, I must end this episode of "Hank Green plays LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4." And uh, I'm looking forward to the next episode. Stop saying that, that is annoying!

And uh, so, much, much, much love. And uh, I will not see you and you will not see me but you will hear me, next time, on "Hank Green Plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0." I found a Gryffindor boy! Excellent. Ahh, goodbye!