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In which Hank performs some maintenance - sending assassins on missions, trampling some folks, and climbing the Colosseum to fill in a blank on the map. Because climbing is enough.
Last time on Hank Green plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0, I flew an awesome flying machine! I don't know what else you do with all the awesome flying machines but I flew it! And it was great. I hope you enjoyed it as well. And now I am just interacting with a pigeon. So that I can send my assassins on missions. ASSAULT A BEGGAR was completed successfully, excellent. And as I got a new assassin, now level 2. And uh my ASSAULT A PRIEST was also successful. And another assassin level 2, and another level 2, and a level 3! Very exciting.

I'm checking my assassins. I need one more. One more assassin. I've got some stuff to spend here. I'm gonna use it on armor, cause I wanna protect. I'm not gonna use it because I have no skill points to spend actually. I was wrong. Armor! It is very important to me that I protect them. They are very...I love them. They are my sweethearts. I will do whatever I can to save save their lives. 2 contracts available! Deliver false intelligence. Status: open. Sync Duration: 6 minutes and 30 seconds. Yes, yes, 94%. I'll take it all the way to 100% so you guys have a good freakin' time. Did I do it? I don't think I actually did it. I did not actually assign a mission. My goodness. Venice, false intelligence, deliver it, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and I pushed start. That is the wrong. But, I should push Y to start. Not start to start. That would make way too much sense. Accept Mission! It's going, in progress. Okay. Go back home, pigeon. We don't need you anymore.

Um, so what do we got on the map here? We gotta look. We got...a head of stuff on Borgia tower. Let's head over to that Borgia tower. And do something simple this time. Something nice and simple. Like destroy a Borgia tower. Uh. Eh, did you drop a box! I hate it when you do that. Oh I can't, I can't! There's...can't. There's this invisible wall that these people can walk through but I can't. Oh man. Frickity' frickity. Okay, well that's not what I'm gonna do. So wait a minute. Clear. Not that. There's that, a broken aqueduct, an empty faction, I'm going to go to this empty faction building, fill it up with a faction! Hate to see factionless faction buildings. It's just sad. 

I believe I've done some assassinating around here, before. But I can't--I can't, also got the thing! Ahh. Need to pay attention to what the dotted line is. Wrong button. Man. Jeez. That thing. Some pigeon coops. Assassin tower. Doctor. All the way over here is where my mission is. But I feel like I can't go that way because there's things. Let's go to this viewpoint. Let's fill in my gaps some, so that I know what's going on. Horsie! Ah, wrong button again! Jeez, bad. This game. 

Over this way. There you are! You were right behind that thing waiting for me. Where- hey! Where you going. It's good of you to wait for me. Thank you. Now. This is fun. This is what we call horsie fun. Trampling guards. Yeah, yeah, you were a little bit alarmed that I killed you. With my horse's trample. Out of my way. Out of my way. You are not my friend, and you are certainly not my friend!

I'm so glad that they do not give me a hard time. 62, 60, 58, 55. Wait no, it's right here. What? This is..I have to climb to the top of the--this thing? That's just crazy! I'm going to really enjoy this! Probably more than I should! Alright. Looking up Ezio's little skirt there, umm, if you guys don't mind. Hope you don't mind, Ezio, but I'm looking up your skirt. Um, back in the day, there was a skill that I had, that allowed me--whatcha guys doing? Did you just...? Fighting. Having a fight? We've got--I love the fact, the supposed fact, I don't know if this is true. Oh! No, wait! Ugh, jeez. That like, squatters moved into the Colosseum. I don't know anything about this, but it's a lovely, cool idea. Umm. But I assume that there's some truth... Ohh, really? You can't climb that? I thought you could climb that. 

I thought that you could, wow, I do not know how to climb this, this--it's obviously got a lot of...does nobody own this place? I would say that nobody owns this place, currently. Ohh. You guys are not going to enjoy watching me attempt to climb this, over and over again. Get the-what! Ezio! Just reach your hands out! Just, rea--pull, push your hands up! Here's, here' we go. This one I can definitely do. Noo, I'll only hurt myself. Don't be a fool.

I've only killed two people. Two innocent people, that's all. I think that's a pretty good record. You guys have a remarkably easy ti--whaaat! Why did-- (babbles)! Oh my god! I wanna hurt--I wanna hurt someone now! I forgot about that, that's embarrassing. Hello! How's it going, standing on nothing. Just walk onto nothing there--don't push me off. Kay. Uh, now, hopefully, that means you're out of my way. Uhh, there's a pole in my way. Kay, good. Over there. And...let's do the pole swing. Pole swing! And, jumpy.

No. There's no such thing as a decency law that applies to anything like what I do. Well, you know, like the laws against the murder and stuff. Aren't I a funny what? Mountie? You calling me a funny Mountie? Oh, man. It just keeps going! I'm already getting vertigo here. Already getting a little vertiginous. What! Oh, Ezio. You SUCK. Bucky-chakah! Kay. This looks like something I'm not going to be able to do. What? What are you grabbing onto now? That didn't make any sense! You just went right through a thing.

What's going on? Why did you do that? Okay. Climbing it. Do it, Ezio. Yes, this looks perfect. That looks like it's actually doing me good. Oh-ho, yes. Alright. Feel like we're getting somewhere. Oh! Still not high enough! Should be treasure chests up here! Because really, look at this! It just feels very treasure chest-y. Alright. Oh, my god. That is cool! View point is quite a ways away, still. I'm a little nervous about-- 'scuse me pigeons. I am--wah, god, Jesus, I keep feeling like I'm going to walk right off the edge. 

Okay. Narrow! Oh, oh man. That is a big, impressive thing that they did. Somebody put some stats about the Colosseum in my comments here. Oh, oh, okay. (singing) Why, isn't it gorgeous! It's Rome, it's Rome and the Colosseum and I'm standing up on it! So coooool! (stops singing) I wish I could assassinate someone from up here. It'd be like, BEEEWWWW! Pshhh! Right into their head. Okay. Right after I do this jump I'm going to end this episode of Hank Green plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0. Because, uh, climbing is enough for you! And don't feel like it isn't.

Isn't it gorgeous? Seriously, everybody. Wikipedia. Stats about the Colosseum. I wanna know how amazing this thing is. Cause it looks pretty amazing just looking at it um, obviously in a better state of repair than we currently know it though still in quite a state of disrepair. Uh, I'm going to jump off this thing now and end this episode of Hank Green plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0. Next time, you will not see me and I will MY GOD THAT'S REALLY REALLY LONG I WILL NOT SEE YOU but you will hear me. Next time on Hank Green plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0. Goodbye. Huah! Hoo. Huah! Goodbye.