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In which John has pretty much everyone in the world say hello to Hank. (Thanks to M. T. Anderson, Sonya Sones, T. Cooper, Julie Strauss-Gabel, Coe Booth, Dana Reinhardt, and Cecil Castellucci.)


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Good morning Hank, it's Monday, April 30th. A lot of people wanted to say hi to you this weekend, so I let em. Tobin Anderson: Hey there, Hank, umm, this time I'm not hanging from a fire escape being chased by police, so this is really an improvement. Cecil Castellucci: Hi, Hank, how are you? John: Say Hi, Coe. Coe Booth: Hi, Coe Sonya Sones: Good morning, Hank Dana Reinhardt: Good morning, Hank Julie Strauss-Gabel: Hi, Hank! T. Cooper: Good morning, Hank (eats fruit) Now that my editor and a bunch of other authors have said hello to you, I have a surprise. Francesca: Good morning Hank, and good morning Kelly, this is Francesca, hi. Have a really good day. Hank, that was Francesca Lia Block, the author of Weetzie Bat, a book I know you like, and I know I like, and I also know that Brotherhood2.0 viewer Kelly likes. Speaking of Francesca Lia Block, Judy Blume might have just been knocked out of my Guilt Free Three. And now for our final introduction: Coe: Rootsy Hank, I think you're really cute, and I know you're married already, but- Hank, as you mentioned in your video last week, it was totally massively illegal for me to try to record the Los Angeles Times Book Prizes on video, so I had to do it really surreptitiously, and as you can see I did a really wonderful job with the camera work (shot of ceiling) I don't like to brag, but if they give out a Los Angeles Times Book Prize for the best bootleg recording of the Los Angeles Times Book Prizes, I am definitely going to win. (more footage) So first Jackie Woodson, the presenter, introduced each of the five finalists: The Rules of Survival, Tyrell, The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, An Abundance of Katherines, and Just in Case. And then came the moment we'd all been waiting for, and by we I mean the thirty people in the audience who care about Young Adult literature. (in footage) announcer: Coe Booth. John: Yaaaay! Coe: It is my hope that it will fall into the hands of those kids who really do not see themselves represented in literature often. (back in bed) And my hope also. Congratulations, Coe. Moving on. Hank, I have a challenge for you. The Yeti and I have both been singing the Helen Hunt song pretty much non stop for the last five days. I wanna give you a brief sense of what it's like to be at our house right now: (shot of home) aren't you nervous about trying to find a house? The Yeti: God, so nervous. John: (sigh, sings) Helen Hunt Helen Hunt (in bed) Anyway Hank we sing the song constantly. We can't get it out of our heads. The only problem is that we can't quite sing it in key because it seems to have been written in the key of awesome. And so Hank, that brings me to my challenge. I would like to challenge you to make more songs! Lots more! But what I need right now is for you to write a song that will replace the Helen Hunt song because it's starting to burn a hole in my head. (Brotherhood 2.0 logo) Oh hey, Hank, by the way, you know what's funnier than dogs in New York? (shot of dog in sundress) That's right. Dogs in Los Angeles. Look at it, Hank! It's a chihuahua that seems to be married to a 19th century plantation owner!