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In which Hank discusses three bad things happening simultaneously, before promptly leaving town.


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A Bunny
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Good morning John, it's Friday, April 29th. There are people walking around upstairs. People I don't know! People interested in buying my house. Today has not been a good day. Today's not been a good day. It's been a bad day. And, I don't know what to do about it. Except, maybe, leave town, which is what Katherine and I are doing shortly. Hoo Hah!

Yeah, there's people looking at the house to see if they wanna buy it and kick us out. (knock knock people enter)

Retail guy: My first of my two stops. This is Hank.

Potential buyers: Hi, how are you? (talk about foundation and leave)

*sigh* bastards! I also had a conference call this morning with one of the websites that I work for, it didn't go exactly as well as I would have liked it to. Um, I would have liked them to have offered me lots of money. And they didn't.

But that's not really why I'm so upset. I design webpages, for a living. It's what I do, I make money, and it allows me to pay bills. It allows me to do Brotherhood 2.0. It allows me to make video blogs, because I don't have to leave the house every day to go to work. It allows me to be here with you. One of my clients isn't paying me. It's been a really long time and they haven't paid me. I just got an email from them, and they said that they're having trouble coming up with the money. Trouble? Coming up with the money? My money? That I gave them months of my life for? They're having a hard time coming up with the money. I WANT MY MONEY! I don't know how this happened, but I need that money, and if you know anybody who is a professional- you know, a professional. It would be nice if you could email me their contact information. Especially because then I would get to punish you.

But there's good news. There's good news. The good news is, that Katherine and I are leaving town, we're going to Helena. To see Neil Gaiman, who I am sure many of the Nerdfighters know. And I will do my best to get a little bit of Neil Gaiman saying hello to John. No guarantees though. Uh, we're also going to visit some friends, and it's very exciting. Other good news: I heard that the Yeti got a job. So did Katherine! And Katherine doesn't have to move to Indianapolis, Indiana to get it! You know, there's generally a reason why houses are almost free in a place. And that reason is generally because a place isn't the best place. Houses are expensive in Missoula because it's the best place. (sigh)

So, now you know. Not been a good day, looking forward to the weekend, congratulations to Katherine. She's gonna be doing weed research (mimes smoking) Yeah, this one's good. Mark that one down good in your notebook. (coughs)

Other good news: Tobias is amazing and made an album of our songs! I'm thinking of a new one for next week, I can't help it. Songs are fun! But, since we're about to leave town, I have to do a bunch of stuff. I have to get EcoGeek all ready to go. I have to pack. Katherine is making sure there's someone to take care of the cat, and the garden. And I need to write. I need to write a lot because I don't wanna lose my job, cause it's the only one I have now. So I have to go!

John, I will see you on Monday, and by then we will all know what happened at the LA Times Book Awards. We don't have any expectations, we're just curious. You can click on the link, down there. And at 8 o'clock Pacific Daylight Time, the winners will be announced and we will all be holding our breath until then. Hopefully John will have footage of the event on Monday, even though it is illegal to bring a video camera into the event, but I have confidence in his smuggling skills.

OK I now really have to go. John, I'll see you on Monday, Hoo Ha!