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Announcer: With no further ado, give it up for Neil!

(later) Neil Gaiman: Good morning John, it's Tuesday, May 1st.

Hank: That was New York Times best selling author, Hugo Award winner, Nebula Award winner and all around awesome nerdfighter guy, Neil Gaiman!

Now I know that you're a writer and that you hang out with writers and that you always have good writers on Brotherhood 2.0. But now I've got one!

(footage) I may have had to wait in a very, very long line to get one... but I got one, and he's saying hi.

Congratulations to Coe! L.A. Times Book Award, that's a big deal. Congratulations to you John for getting nominated.
Since I know a lot of the nerdfighters are Neil Gaiman fans, and I know a lot of the Nerdfighters wanna someday be writers, I think I'm gonna share with you a clip from Neil's lecture that I surreptitiously captured. Someone asked him if there was really anything better than seeing your name on the spine of a book. And having watched you go through this, John, I can attest that he is right. I'm actually pretty sure that you fell victim to Gaiman's Law, which says that As soon as your first book is published you will go to the bookstore and open the book to a random page on which you will find possibly the only typographical error in your entire book. And then, you will want to kill yourself.

So here's Neil talking about being an author:

Neil Gaiman: There's not [...] It’s magic. [...] There's nothing else I would want to do. But, just like all of those things, that, when you're a kid, you think, "If I just did that once, who would ever need anything more, ever?" And then you're fourteen and you finally figure out what sex is, and you cannot for the life of you understand why adults do anything else.

Hank: So there you have it.

Thanks for challenging me to write more songs. As a commenter pointed out, it is actually kind of difficult and requires lots of creative energy. So... I can't guarantee anything. Sometimes you just draw a blank, right? So there were other reasons, besides Neil Gaiman, that I was in Helena, Montana..

(Hank, singing ominously) ♫ Helena Montana ♫

Hank: That was... weird. Did you-

♫ Helena Montana ♫

Hank: Whoa, oh. Oh, okay. I think... I think it's time for a song!

♫ Helena Montana (Helena Montana)
Helena Montana (Helena Montana)
Gold and cows and chopping trees
These are the industries
Of Helena Montana
They serve your eggs with butter
And there were Peeps in the gutter
Oh Helena Montana (Helena Montana)
We played Frisbee at the capitol
And looked at lots of belt buckles
Helena Montana
Please check your guns at the door
Fat guy in a candy store
Helena Montana (Helena Montana) ♫

Well, I don't know if that was anything like as catchy as the Helen Hunt song but maybe it'll bump it out of some of you guys' heads.

Still no progress on that me-not-being-paid-for-my-work front. I'm very excited that Coe Booth thinks I'm hot. And I'd like to say hi to Francesca Lia Block. And to all the other amazing people who said hi to me in the last video blog: Hello to you all!

We may not be famous, but we got famous people on the brotherhood. I'll see you all tomorrow!